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Best Video Streaming Software to quench your Broadcast desires

Live streaming or live video streaming is not something the world is new to. The practice of telecasting an event to another place all the way across the globe has been around since the early 90s – the period where watching sports events became a craze and the term ‘live’ was more appreciated and welcomed among sports maniacs. A live telecast has a great audience and a platform a big audience obviously provided the best marketing arena.

Companies were interested to advertise their products at the live feed of events more than the normal programs and were willing to pay huge sums just to secure a small commercial spot at the live feed. ‘Live telecast’ has then been replaced by live streaming events over the internet, where the telecasts can now be broadcasted to a wider audience over the internet at a much lower cost. Just a desktop and internet, a viewer can view the telecast from anywhere in the world, be it Kalahari or the Alps. And not just a trendy sports event or a ceremony; even your normal house party or your kid’s soccer game can be telecasted to your friend in another state or country.

And with several of advantages, ‘live streaming’ doesn’t come for free. Broadcasters require their customers to subscribe to their channel and they charge a few hundred dollars for monthly subscriptions. Even with the high subscription charges, several corporate and religious organizations use the channels to hold a meeting or telecast an event to a wide audience. But not everyone can afford to pay the subscription charges and video streaming software has now come as a great relief to their broadcast costs. With best video streaming software, anyone; not necessarily a channel or a corporate organization can start a video streaming business and channel, on their own quite comfortably right from their home.

Here is a list of few of the best video streaming software in the market available for all those interested business enthusiasts.

Best Video Streaming Software to quench your Broadcast desires



Castasy is one streaming software that is new on the block, but with its features and pricing is fitting to not just secure a place but to head our list of the best video streaming software as well. Named with the acronym to ‘Cast a sea of data’, the software comes as mobile app versions for both iOS and Android platforms. Create your own broadcast channel subscribing to which, the broadcasters get a high definition streaming platform and several features from inviting their friends through social media to commenting on the live steam. The software is designed to invite the broadcaster’s twitter followers automatically when he/she starts streaming an event, eliminating the need to invite viewers individually.

And depending on the number of viewers and the comments on the video streams, broadcasters can challenge their friends or fellow broadcasters to beat their ranking in the leader board. And as the owner of the software (admin panel), you have full control of the software and can alter or modify any feature of it anytime. Own a smartphone? Start streaming.

Not just mobile or other hand held devices; the software comes as a web version as well, to facilitate all those desktop users. Each video stream comes with an unique URL that can be pasted to the browser, enabling access to the video on a much bigger screen. With all the features coming with the mobile applications, the viewers can view any number of streams at the same time in their browser with the URLs.

And if having both mobile and web versions do not convince you as reasons for having Castasy at the top of our best video streaming software list; there is yet another reason. The live streaming server. As a package, the software comes with a streaming server as well. The buyer gets an NGINX-RTMP streaming server with the software and a separate dashboard to monitor the server. Not just that, the software comes with full source code and grants future upgrades for free.

For a full package of just $399, the buyer gets both mobile versions – iOS and Android and the web version as well plus the NGINX streaming server, full source code, free future upgrades and free support for about three months. Does installing a software return your nightmares? The experts at Castasy would love to install the software in the server for you for just $199. For $699, the software comes with all the above mentioned features, versions and installation with the WOWZA streaming server.

A pretty good choice to head the best video streaming software list, isn’t it?


This software provides as both mixing and streaming application for videos and is most commonly used in gaming applications.

The software comes as two products – Xsplit Broadcaster and Xsplit Gamecaster. The broadcaster product from Xsplit acts primarily as a video mixer, where videos or images from several sources can be mixed together and framed as a single video file that can be either saved and broadcasted or broadcasted live. Use all features and create a great video mashing several images and info graphs. A great software for creating presentations, webinars and more interactive videos.

And with the Gamecaster, gamers can either record their game play for future telecast or telecast their game play live to several of their viewers. The software can be used for almost all the games and is compatible with all the desktop computers. With a simple shortcut to call the software, you can now record or broadcast your game play live at all times.


Yet another software worthy enough to secure a spot in the best video streaming software list. The software comes as mobile applications for iOS and Windows devices and allows the users to capture and broadcast their content to a wide audience all over the world. From concerts or sports events to educational events, the software can be used to stream almost any event and the buyer can choose to purchase any version of the software that starts from $495. Try out their free trial before purchasing.

Still depending on other broadcasters to make your business shine? Get your own software and run a broadcast service exclusively for your broadcasts or run a live streaming business providing broadcast solutions to all those broadcasters in need.

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