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Best Video Streaming Software to start a streaming platform

We’ve handpicked some of the best video streaming software that you can use to start your own platform that streams content.

They are readymade, easy to set up, and run as a business considering the monetization channels included.

Castasy Video Streaming Software ( click HERE )

Castasy is one of the latest streaming software that is built with great features and pricing that is affordable for entrepreneurs. For this reason, it’s among our list of the best video streaming software as well.

Castasy’s name is synonymous with the term ‘Cast a sea of data’. The video streaming software comes with a Web and mobile app versions for both iOS and Android platforms. On the software, anyone can create a channel of their own, stream content through their account page, the platform also supports social commenting and reactions for the live stream.

When a live stream is started, users can invite the broadcaster’s twitter followers automatically when he/she starts streaming an event, eliminating the need to invite viewers individually.

The script also incorporates a community leadership board where the most active live streamers are displayed at the top, this gamification encourages users to stay active on the platform regularly. And as an administrator, you have full control of the software and can alter or modify any feature of it anytime. The streaming is also available on mobile devices through the app.

Each live video stream has a unique URL that can be accessed Via. a browser, enabling access to the video on a much bigger screen. With all the features coming with the mobile applications, the viewers can view any number of streams at the same time in their browser with the URLs.

These are some of the reasons for having Castasy at the top of our best video streaming software list. When you purchase a package, the software comes with a streaming server as well. The buyer gets the license of Darwin or the NGINX-RTMP streaming server with the software and a separate dashboard to monitor the server. It comes with a year full of updates to features and unparalleled support.

Also as an additional option at a nominal cost, the software comes with all the above-mentioned features, versions, and installation built with the WOWZA streaming server.

Xsplit Video Streaming Software

This software provides both on-demand stored content and streaming application for videos and is most commonly used in gaming applications.

The software comes as two products – Xsplit Broadcaster and Xsplit Gamecaster. The broadcaster product from Xsplit acts primarily as a video mixer, where videos or images from several sources can be mixed together and combined as a single video file that can be either saved and broadcasted or broadcasted live.

The software has all the features necessary to do color correction, minor editing and a few other tools to enhance the quality of the video output. It also features a built-in marketplace for purchasing graphic elements, templates etc. You can even use this for creating engaging video content on the fly.

And with the Gamecaster, gamers can either record their gameplay for future telecasts or broadcast their gameplay live to several of their viewers. The software can be used for almost any game PC and is compatible with all the desktop computers. There’s even a feature to connect a VoIP service that you can use to call others and include the conversation into the live video stream.

Telestream Live Streaming Script

Yet another software worthy enough to secure a spot in the best video streaming software list. The software comes as mobile applications for iOS and Windows devices and allows users to capture and broadcast their content to a wide audience all over the world. From concerts or sports events to educational events, the software can be used to stream almost any event and the buyer can choose to purchase any version of the software that starts from $495. Try out their free trial before purchasing.

I hope our handpicked software can help you with your broadcasting venture. Instead of relying on third-party solutions, you can start and run a broadcast platform that would cater to your audience exclusively for your broadcasts.

Know of any other Video Streaming software? do let us know in the comments.

Best Video Streaming Software to start a streaming platform
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Best Video Streaming Software to start a streaming platform
We've handpicked some of the best video streaming software that you can use to start your own platform that streams content. Ready-made and easy to set up.
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