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Top Companies that Help you Hire a BigBlueButton Developer for Installation

Video conferencing has always added a dimension of convenience in the virtual communication space. It helps organizations set up meetings, trainings, product demos, knowledge transfers, and more remotely. To facilitate affordable video conferencing, setting up a reliable open-source software application like BigBlueButton is necessary. The BigBlueButton install is one such process that helps organizations get ready for seamless video conferencing which can be done easily by a BigBlueButton developer.

To get BigBlueButton platform installed by experts

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To execute this process, however, you’ll need an expert BigBlueButton developer who is a certified integration expert and can set it up on your servers.

About BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton is an open-source web conferencing solution that is predominantly used for online learning that provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, whiteboard, chat, and screen. It also allows participants to join the conferences at any time with their webcams and invite guest speakers.

It is a robust platform for collaborative learning and skills development at workplaces, schools, and universities.

The essential features of this platform that a BigBlueButton developer can help set up for you include:

Video – Helps record lessons or meetings, and share them with your peer groups.

Audio – Specially built for the users of Chrome and Firefox for high-quality, and low-latency WebRTC audio.

Whiteboard – An important feature to consider during your BigBlueButton installation procedure is annotating the critical parts of your presentation and displaying them to participants in real-time.

Desktop Sharing – Helps the presenter broadcast his/her desktop screen to all the participants in a web conference meeting.

Session Recording – This feature allows the host to record the ongoing session using a recorder and save the file in the cloud for later reference, access, and download. It also helps integrate the recorded video to social media feeds or share data with other authorized parties.

BBB is an Open Source, and synchronous web conferencing tool that was started in 2007, under GNU LGPL explicitly built for online learning platforms. It provides a wide array of video conference functionalities mentioned above (and more) on a simple, user-friendly, and intuitive UI for your e-learning needs.

A BigBlueButton developer can help leverage its features and compatibility with various Learning Management Systems (LMS), such as Moodle, Canvas, Jenzabar, Sakai, or Schoology.

During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, this platform is handy as it helps faculty and organizational management to conduct continuous learning and development remotely. The simplified BBB scripts can be easily installed on your public cloud instance and easily integrated with your proprietary Learning Management System by an adept BigBlueButton developer. A BigBlueButton install can increase resilience and ease of maintenance.

A good BigBlueButton developer can help you achieve the following:

  • Avoid the need to install software locally (installed via Web browser).
  • Perfect audio and video quality with no latency.
  • Make your learning platform more user-friendly.
  • Introduce various interactive modes like a whiteboard, group management, slideshow sharing, etc.
  • Easy integration with learning management software like Moodle.

A BigBlueButton developer can also help you integrate BBB using a plugin to WordPress. This would help bloggers to create and manage meeting rooms to interact with readers. The best part of BigBlueButton is that participants don’t have to install the app but can join the conference directly on the browser when the link is shared.

If your business is looking for a good BigBlueButton developer to collaborate with, here are the top three companies you can rely on to hire not just one but as many developers as you need.

Castasy ( contact them HERE )

Castasy offers ready-made videoconference scripts that help integrate great features into your learning management system. They can help you start a video conferencing website using the zoom clone. With a team of technically sound developers, Castasy helps you easily host meetings with multiple users, conduct virtual classes, and support learning and development tasks, all with the touch of a button.

You can easily hire a BigBlueButton developer from this company to set up the software on your server and get limitless access to great video, audio, screen-sharing, and other web conferencing features.

A BigBlueButton install from a Castasy BigBlueButton developer also helps with Live Stream Controls over a secure channel. The company provides you a powerful administration console to control everything from managing users to activating revenue streams.

Smart-Car Tech

Smart-Car tech offers ready-made CLONE SCRIPT solutions for on-demand ride-hailing businesses that have limited time and resources to do so. Smart Car is one of the leading mobility software solutions providers in the industry that specializes in clone script development.

They offer customized solutions for your videoconference business needs. The company houses a seasoned team of a script, front-end, and back-end developers who can also do the BigBlueButton install on your enterprise server. Hire a BigBlueButton developer of your choice who can install the app based on this procedure.

BigBlueButton developer

Gentle Ninja

Known for their web-savvy development team, Gentle Ninja dishes out compelling clone scripts for web conferencing. They offer high-end technology at attractive prices with usability features that are top-notch.

Performing the BigBlueButton installation on your servers is a piece of cake for this company that will let you hire a skilled BigBlueButton developer on-demand for the duration you require. They offer a gamut of software-related services that will help your business stay on the cutting-edge of technology.

The company has been proactively helping businesses sustain and excel with its futuristic web solutions and web application development services.

Gentle Ninja can help you stay at the helm of learning and development with the BigBlueButton software for seamless remote presentation and learning.


It is crucial to collaborate with leading technology service providers to install and set up your BigBlueButton web conferencing software. That way, you need very little troubleshooting or software rehashing later.

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