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Top 5 bitcoin wallet script in php

Bitcoin has earned a lot of adopters who have purchased the cryptocurrency over time and have stored it across various exchanges and wallets. If you’re planning to start a secure Cryptocurrency wallet, you can easily start one using a bitcoin wallet script in Php that is readily available in the market today.

BitExchange Bitcoin Wallet script in PHP (Check HERE)

BitExchange’s business ready bitcoin wallet script in php enables the wallet owner to store, send and receive the cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency wallet script features an easy to use interface, where even users who are completely new to purchasing and storing cryptocurrencies can use the script easily, courtesy the Step by step help text that is available on all the important pages where people transact. The wallet is also a multi-sig wallet that securely stores the private keys as well. Apart from storing the cryptocurrencies, the wallet has a simple cryptocurrency Exchange where your users can buy or sell the cryptos. The cryptocurrency wallet also has Trezor cold wallet integration, which allows your users to store the cryptocurrency wallet. Out of the Box Bitexchange’s cryptocurrency wallet script supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC and BCH. You could also have other coins of your choice added to the crypto wallet script.

Overfeat Bitcoin Wallet script in Php

Overfeat bitcoin wallet script in Php stores bitcoins safe and secure. The Overfeat Bitcoin wallet has the basic functionality of sending and receiving bitcoins from the users panel. The bitcoin wallet script in Php offers a easy to use interface, responsive design so your users can use the site anywhere. Overfeat claims that their wallet scrip is easy to customize for developers who are planning to build newer features over it. The script comes with a year of updates and easy to tweak theming system (you’d need to be a developer) or they could customize it for you.

Bitcoin software company bitcoin wallet script in Php

Bitcoin software company’s cryptocurrency wallet script in Php offers a slick script that is reliable and secure. The cryptocurrency wallet script features a simple send and receive functionality and a transaction history. The API layer which the script offers could help you build a mobile app for it or integrate it into your already existing ecommerce application. Bitcoin software company has other products as well that is into developing consumer facing applications that make a difference.

Bitcoin Wallet platform bitcoin wallet script in Php

The company behind this script in Php has built cryptocurrency exchanges and multi-currency wallets earlier. Their product supports storing and sending of multiple cryptocurrencies to other users on the platform and to other wallets on that support the respective cryptocurrency. Bitcoin wallet platform has the experience in developing various Php, nodejs based products for other industries namely ERP, CRM etc.

Peer up Peer to Peer Bitcoin wallet script in Php

This Peer to Peer bitcoin wallet script in Php is built by the team at Peer up a development agency that works on custom blockchain development and cryptocurrency related product developments like a Cryptocurrency Exchange script, Multi-signature Multi-crypto wallet. The product the team offers is firmly built on the belief that cryptocurrency is for everyone and anyone should be able to use it. Thus the firm has built the wallet from ground up in Php7 and use the latest optimizations.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ )

What is a cryptocurrency?

A Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is created by solving complex equations to verify a transaction done on the network. Cryptocurrencies derives value based on the time and energy spent to create a unit of the coin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the native cryptocurrency that is generated by the bitcoin blockchain for every successful verification of a transaction as a reward. The reward is given to the systems that are involved in solving a cryptographic equation to verify the authenticity of the transaction.

What is a Bitcoin wallet script in Php? 

A Bitcoin wallet script is a software that allows anyone to start their own bitcoin wallet business easily. Once you have installed and the bitcoin wallet script is live on the main blockchain, your users can store their cryptocurrencies safely in the wallet.

How do you make money using a cryptocurrency wallet?

As the admin of the wallet, you can charge your users a small fee for the withdrawal of funds and sending of the cryptocurrency. Apart from this, if you have any eCommerce platform or any On demand business on the internet, you can integrate a cryptocurrency wallet to accept and store cryptocurrencies inside the platform.

How to choose the right Bitcoin wallet script in Php?

Choosing the right bitcoin wallet script in Php ensures that your users have a smooth experience using your platform. When they have a great experience, they are bound to use your wallet more to store the cryptocurrency. An ideal Cryptocurrencny wallet should be easier to use, flexibility to transfer the cryptocurrency in and out of the wallet, should be easier for the users to use your wallet to pay for services, a detailed history of the transactions done through their account and in some cases. As an administrator of the Wallet script, you should be able to manage the wallet script easily, view details of all the users, collect their KYC documentation etc. Above all, the script should be secure and have security measures in place to thwart any attacks.

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