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Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies

Blockchain Technology is revolutionizing the world. It not only empowers the field of cryptocurrency but also has lot many applications also. Let’s take a look each blockchain development company and the blockchain development services they offer.

BitExchange Systems ( Click HERE )

This is an experienced and solid Blockchain Development company that offer a variety of interesting blockchain development services. BitExchange is mainly into developing Proof of concepts and Smart contracts for Banking and Financial institutions. They have a prestigious clientele. Their Home page currently sports one of their flagship products, a turn-key Cryptocurrency Exchange Software ( which is considered one of the most secure exchange scripts in the market ). BitExchange has a team of highly experienced Blockchain developers very well versed with all essential Block chain development tools which include Solidity, Script etc. Their team can often been seeing contributing to the blockchain community on github. This company has developed one of the first Smart Contracts for Auto Insurance in the Autonomous Cars industry. They are also into cryptocurency creation service and a lot many famous Exchanges around the world run on their secure platform.

Blockchain development company


Prolitus is a certified blockchain development company that has been investing in futuristic technologies. They aim to develop simple software to solve real business problems. They have designed Fintech solutions for NBFC & BFSI companies. They have a team of Blockchain experts who examine and review different use cases of applications for web and mobile as per client’s requirements. Their team also creates Private Blockchains which is based on Hyperledger Fabric for different departments like Finance, Healthcare, Retail etc.

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Techracers is a blockchain development company who are transforming business by delivering innovative solutions. This company was founded in 2012 by a group of Indian Engineers who later moved its headquarter to U.S due to its expanding business.  They have a team of experienced members who are building permission-ed and private blockchain applications which are helping healthcare, legal and other industries in reducing their infrastructure cost and operational expenses. Techracers has been awarded for being the most promising Blockchain company. They also offer a variety of other blockchain development services.

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Tokyo Techie

Tokyo Techie is Blockchain Development company with its headquarter in Delhi. They have a team of experienced Blockchain developers who give solutions for maintaining easy and fast records of transactions. They provide full security and transparency for your business. They help in adapting and installing any blockchain software. Tokyo Techie is specialized for creating dynamic blockchain applications according to client’s needs.


CoinFabrik is a 20-year old technical company of Argentina which is expert in blockchain development. They have designed new protocols related to bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.  Their team develop blockchain and implement cryptography based technology which helps in storing immutable data. They help the clients in choosing different processes which are suitable as per the technologies. CoinFabrik develops blockchains in different sectors like financial, health care, retail, manufacturing, etc. on hyperledger. They offer service of implementing blockchain in your company or organization. They also excel in Crypto based blockchain development services.

Sofocle Technologies

Founded in 2016, Sofocle focuses on developing solutions based on Blockchain. It is a group of researchers, managers and consultants whose main goal is to revolutionize the concepts of Blockchain and convert them into solutions to solve the real business problems and specialized in developing Proof of Concept (POC). They develop completely new Blockchains from Bitcoin Blockchain open source code and convert complex transactions and sequence into simple codes. They offer the feature of “track & trace” which safeguard transaction and the information present on the Blockchain. They also provide transparency on their platform where each transaction is visible to all authorized users.

Oodles Technologies

Oodles Technologies is a Blockchain development company who are specialized in Smart contracts. It started in 2009 with headquarters in Gurgaon. Their blockchain development services help different organisations in simplifying their cost and transaction processes. They built decentralized apps running on blockchain. Their blockchain technology gives secure solutions in business developments.

Blockchain App Factory

It is a good blockchain development company. Blockchain App Factory always comes up with innovative concepts regarding Blockchains and converting them into real world solutions. Their team is specialized in helping different organization in creating new protocols to fix vulnerability in Blockchain. They provide Blockchain-as-a service (BAAS) which has the ability to protect data with the highest form of security hash functions. Their experts help clients from all the areas in solving problems related to blockchain development services.

Bacancy Technology

Founded in 2011, Bacancy Technology is a squad of software engineers and strategists who are committed to deliver high performance every time.  It is a web and mobile based app development company famous for developing most advanced Blockchain architectures in the market. They have a group of skilled Blockchain developers who have specialization in Bitcoin wallet app development and have built best cryptocurrency wallets that are running perfectly on Blockchains.


Mindinventory is a leading web,mobile and blockchain development company of India having experience of 7+ years. It has headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The expert team of Mindinventory is developing Blockchains and is ready to take economy forward. Their blockchain development services include smart contract development, cryptocurrency wallet development, multichain development, cryptocurrency exchanges, hyperledger and Bigchain DB. They have some of the best blockchain developers in the industry.

Colan Infotech

Colan Infotech is one of the leading companies in the field of Blockchain development with headquarters in Chennai. This company adopted the trend of Decentralized blockchain app. They deploy cryptography centric technologies to store immutable data. Their blockchain development services include launching of ICO using Ethereum platform, secured wallet transaction, hyper ledger and private networks, trading platform to buy/sell cryptocurrency, creation of minable coins, face recognition and biometric wallet features etc. They offers high quality technical assistance and most secured cryptocurrency wallets.

Hope the above article gave you clear review of each blockchain development company and their blockchain development services. If you have any other query or feedback, do share with thus in the comments below.

Good pointers on each blockchain development company and their services

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