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Top blockchain fintech courses for beginners

Blockchain is the future and understanding how it compliments the Financial industry and the technology enables it is important. Here are a few Blockchain fintech courses for beginners to get started.

The list of Blockchain fintech courses are not in any particular order, so feel free to pick one that suits you.

1. Hongkong University’s Blockchain fintech course:

The course aims to be a primer in understanding the basics of FinTech (financial technology), cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, AI and Big Data, and the impact that it has on the fintech industry. By taking this course, you would understand the design rationale of the blockchain technology, the technical components that make up the blockchain technology, the ability to choose and apply the right blockchain or distributed ledger technology for different use cases. There are 3 courses in this program with an average length of 6 weeks per course (If you put in 1 – 3 hours per week to finish it). There are no deadlines and it is self-paced. The course is offered in English, Chinese and is available on EDX.

Blockchain fintech courses

2. Fintech and Transformation in Financial services Blockchain fintech course by Copenhagen University

Taught by associate professors Jonas Hedman and Stefan Henningsson of Copenhagen University on Coursera, this is one of the sought after blockchain fintech courses on the platform. This is actually a sub set of the course, financial Transformations in the Digital World. The course specifically focuses on the positive effect the blockchain and other technologies that surround the fintech industry. It gives a detailed outline of the various concepts behind the technology, the value it offers and how even lending and crowdfunding works on these technologies. The course has three sections that are again divided into 12 readings & videos for each week and it is well supplemented with quizzes that one can take after completion of each milestone the course makers have set.

3. Blockchain Specialization – Blockchain fintech course by University of Buffalo 

Professor Bina Ramamurthy of the University of Buffalo sets out to explain the basic concepts of the Blockchain technology, right from the fundamentals to discussing various cryptography based technologies that can be applied to different use cases. This one of the blockchain fintech courses that covers all the basic details, which is great for a developer with intermediate level skill or anyone wishing to brush up their fundamentals. The course is split into four modules essentially the basics, smart contracts, Decentralized applications, Blockchain platforms. By the end of the course, with all the help received through the course, you could enable decentralized applications on a private Ethereum blockchain platform. It would take almost 4 weeks to complete each module.

4. Blockchain and Fintech – Basics, applications, and Limitations by HKU on EDX

Hongkong University’s Associate Professor, Siu Ming Yiu teaches and is one of the finest blockchain fintech courses on EDX, the blockchain technology is new and Professor Siu Ming Yiu breaks down every topic in fine detail before moving over to the next one. The course takes the student through all the basic concepts that they need to know, applications of blockchain in the fintech industry and also the extent of the implementations as well as their limitations. The course takes almost 6 weeks to complete, that is if you devote 3 – 4 hours per week. The course is offered in English with Video transcripts in English and simplified Chinese. The course is FREE.  This would be a good course to take up if you want to build some interesting fintech products on the blockchain.

5. Fintech Prodegree – Blockchain fintech course by Barclays

Barclays, one of the leaders in financial services across the world drafted this blockchain fintech course to get professionals and students up to speed to the blockchain technology. This is one of the professional blockchain fintech courses available on the market. It even offers an industry level certification for those who complete it. The blockchain fintech course covers Fintech as a Primer, Blockchain as a depth study, Implementation of Machine learning and analytics in fintech, AI-based process automation, design thinking and experiential learning. All the modules are well documented and are accompanied by an instructor-led 125 hours of video course content. Once the course is completed, the students are also presented with real-world fintech problems to which they have to apply what they learned and build solutions based on blockchain technology.

7. Blockchain Strategy Program – Blockchain fintech Course by Oxford University

Oxford University’s Said Business School believes the future is blockchain and hence it is offering this 6 module course for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the blockchain based fintech university. The course covers the essentials, the overall ecosystem of Blockchain, Innovations in value transfer, the advantages of smart contracts and its applications, Implementing blockchain in real-world enterprises. You can enroll in the course online, the overall time to finish the course would be 6 weeks and requires you to spend anywhere between 12 to 14 hours per week to complete the course. Associate professor Nir Vulkan and Associate fellow David Shrier, both from Oxford Said Business School put the course together in an easy and comprehensible format.

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