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Top 5 Blockchain Projects for Students

If you’re looking for Blockchain projects for Students to get a hands-on experience with building applications on the blockchain technology, we’ve compiled a list of easy to get started Blockchain projects that you can start instantly.

#1 The Blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange script (Check HERE)

A blockchain based cryptocurrency exchange script has buying and selling capabilities where users can trade cryptocurrency against another cryptocurrency or for Fiat currency (USD, EUR, HUF, SGD).

Cryptocurrency is an aspect of the Blockchain technology. As a student, learning to code a Peer to Peer (p2) cryptocurrency Exchange platform would help understand the complexity of building a trading exchange software for the real world. The cryptocurrency Exchange script is well documented and has step by step instructions on the product.

blockchain projects for students

#2 Blockchain powered Decentralized Youtube Clone Script (Check HERE)

Youtube is a hosted on demand video streaming platform where anyone around the world can watch videos on the portal. So far, only certain content creators are able to monetize on the platform. If you ever wanted to run your own youtube like video on demand platform but didn’t know how to build one, with this ready-made blockchain powered decentralized Youtube clone script, you can finish your project in a short span of time. The script runs on the STEEM, a blockchain that rewards those who upload quality content and also for those who engage with the content. It’s a Win-Win for everyone. As a platform owner, you could also make a sizeable pocket money. You’d need to, however, know how to work on STEEM blockchain. This idea features as no. 2 on our list of Blockchain projects for students

#3 Blockchain powered Cross-Border Payments Platform script (Check HERE )

Another classic use case of the blockchain technology is the ability to make payments to anyone without the need for multilayers of mediators who levy charges to process these transactions. The Blockchain based cross-border payments platform script allows you to send/receive payments across the world, view transactions, there’s even an exchange where people can trade cryptocurrencies on the platform. Using the script you can even extend it to have more features than it already has. This script already saves you 459 hours of development time and is ready to use if you want to use it as it is and it comes with extensive documentation for installing and setting it up. This idea is our third favorite on our list of blockchain projects for students

#4 Blockchain based Cloud Mining Script (Check HERE

Cryptocurrency mining allows for the creation of new coins whenever there’s a block created. Mining is usually done on expensive hardware and the cost of electricity is too high. Around the late 2015’s the concept of cloud mining came into the picture, people didn’t have to spend so much to mine the coins. All the mining process happens in the cloud-based mining software which is hosted on the hosting provider. This way, there are not much costs involved and the coins that are being generated are sent to the wallets once it reaches a threshold set by you. With this Cloud Mining script, you can start a cloud mining business that allows others to pay and purchase a plan from you, so you can mine coins for them. This is one of the blockchain projects for students that showcases the capabilities of the blockchain and a perfect software to manage the customers and manage their payouts, purchases and plans.

#5 Blockchain powered eCommerce platform script (Check HERE)

Our final favorite idea on the list of blockchain projects for students to start instantly. While eCommerce portals are aplenty, there are still many smaller businesses that haven’t gone online due to the fact that the percentage of revenue needs to be shared with the platform provider for using their platform. This can change with the blockchain technology, it also opens up the trade to customers around the world. The script uses blockchain in two ways, one enabling payments across different countries, two creating a trust on the platform where all the product reviews are transparent and cannot be manipulated. There’s still a market for a new eCommerce players, as more and more people are opening up to the idea of purchasing on these e-commerce portals because of the convenience it offers. Packed with all the necessary eCommerce features, you can start a ready-made blockchain powered eCommerce platform script easily.

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If you have any other blockchain projects for students to start instantly, do let us know in the comments below.

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