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Top 5 Blockchain Projects that you can start instantly

If you’re looking for Blockchain projects to start instantly, we’ve compiled a list of easy and business-ready Blockchain projects that you can start instantly. Hope it helps!

#1 The Blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange script (Check HERE)

Cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of users in a short span and people need a place to trade these in exchange for another cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Most of the exchanges that are present have stopped accepting new users; this gives the perfect opportunity to start a new exchange for people who didn’t have the early bird advantage. Blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange script allows you to start your own cryptocurrency exchange easily. These are ready-made solutions that are available in the market and can save you time and cost spent on developing it from scratch. You’d still need to know the technical side of things to set it up or if you have no idea how to setup, you could always purchase the installation service they have. This idea features as the first on the list of blockchain projects to start instantly.

Blockchain projects to start instantly

#2 Blockchain powered Cross-Border Money Lending Script (Check HERE)

Lending money to people who are in a financial emergency or have financial goals that haven’t realized because of the financial hurdles, makes it easier for them to reach their goals. So far, the business of lending was restricted to a region or within a country, but with the advancements in the blockchain technology, cross border lending has never been easier. You can use the blockchain based cross border money lending script to lend money to others in the form of bitcoins so they can cash it out through cryptocurrency exchanges as fiat currency. The script has all the ready made feautres right from accepting know your customers documentation, easy lending process and borrowing process. It’s one of our favorites on the list of blockchain projects to start instantly. With this script, you would have saved 675 hours of development time.

#3 Blockchain powered Cross-Border Payments Platform script (Check HERE )

This idea features as our third most favorite on the list of blockchain projects to start instantly. A Cross-border payments platform enables sending and receiving of money between people from different parts of the world, without the need to have a mediator (FOREX), when sending amounts of higher value to other countries, there are restrictions and a huge FOREX charge attached to it. Using the business-ready blockchain powered cross-border payments platform script you can start a payments platform with only little effort. Understanding the technicalities while setting up is necessary, to operate it you just need to know the basics and the concepts of lending.

#4 Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform Script (Check HERE

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds from early adopters (general public) rather than waiting for the investors to invest in the idea. Many entrepreneurs who are still ideating or have a basic Minimum Viable Product built to validate the idea get reviewed by investors who may not see the potential in the idea. Crowdfunding eliminates the process and directly puts you in front of large pool of an open-minded audience who are interested in finding and supporting projects that they find interesting. This allows the entrepreneurs to raise funds faster so they can get their project started or expand it. A Blockchain based Crowdfunding platform enables all of that plus empowers people from different parts of the world to invest in the idea without additional forex fees that will get added on and the full amount will reach the entrepreneur. Since everything is on Blockchain, it adds another layer of transparency as to see how much amount was withdrawn from the platform and how much was the fee the platform levied (if any). This idea features as our fourth most favorite on the list of blockchain projects to start instantly.

#5 Blockchain powered eCommerce platform script (Check HERE)

Our final favorite idea on the list of blockchain projects to start instantly, but its no less important. eCommerce is one of the key concept that transformed how we interact with the internet. People have started using ecommerce portals because of the convenience it offers. Platforms like Amazon have always ensures that users on their platform get the best experience while using the site, it, in turn, builds trust in the customer base. Blockchain powered eCommerce platforms go a little further where some of the flaws in the present day eCommerce platforms. Packed with all the necessary eCommerce features, you can start a ready-made blockchain powered eCommerce platform script easily.

If you have any other blockchain projects to start instantly, do let us know in the comments below.

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