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Top 10 Bot development companies

There are many AI Development companies available for all of us to grow our businesses in a variable way. Let’s see the top 10 Bot development companies:

  • PREVUE: Prevue offers a compelling product based approach to Bot development. The biggest advantage of working with PREVUE is on Day one your BOT is live & running! How? Basically they have BOT that can be downloaded instantly with full source code( they also install it for you ). The BOT already has builtin features like Cab booking, Hotel booking, Food ordering, Music, Artificial intelligence, Hotel booking, Shopping etc. It also comes with a beautiful Dashboard using while you can train your bot at will. From there you can hire them to add as many features you want in the BOT 🙂

You can download the BOT from Prevue HERE.


Bot development company

  • PullString: This company provides us with a chatbot development environment combined with design and technology together. They make it happen for every company and startup possible. So, you can be any industry viz. running a travel agency, an entertainment startup or dealing with health care business. They make sure the chatbots are ready to fulfill all your business needs instantly. They provide you with direct support on all conversational platforms like Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa or Slack. PullString holds the first position in our list of Bot development companies.

Bot development companies

  • Botsify: Botsify is one of the leading companies that deal with the development of chatbots for businesses. They have various plug-in options that will allow you to run it on various platforms according to your need. With Botsify, it becomes really easy to teach the bot about the sentences that it was unable to answer or some new additions that you would like to make. No special worries to learn coding, just go with the ease of the platform. We get 100% accuracy and a lot of time in our hands.
  • ChattyPeople: As the name suggests us some cool features, Chatty people is available to us on all platforms but works wonder with the Facebook messenger. Like a friend in need Chattypeople offers us a bot that can easily understand the various levels of word transformations, phrases that are not easily identifiable. For business purposes, it also integrates our options to various payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. All you need to do is simply login to your messenger and order with comments. So whether you are an owner of an ecommerce business or own a restaurant just go with the simplified Chattypeople’s chatbot. Holds the 3rd position in our list of amazing Bot development companies.
  • Telegram: With the uber easy application, we have telegram app, helping us to create bots for our businesses. So with private solutions and cloud based development, they have all the features to offer. Handling is easy, you can connect from any remote location, coordinate almost 5000 people at one go, synchronize your chats for sorted out work, you will be eligible to transfer any kind of document through it. All the data through Telegram gets saved on cloud and you can have an access to the feedback and services very quickly.
  • Helloumi: There are many smarter ways to get connected today when you live in the digital age where everything needs to be based out of technology and needed real quick. You have your needs met up very easily. They create chatbots for businesses, this helps them to be easily connected in a team. With this, you can create all the different instant communication on a single platform. They give you alarm options as well and help you raise a ticket for each customer. The important conversations always include the exchange of important documents, so transfer data with csv format and keep working. Heloumi sits in the 5th position of our list of Bot development companies.
  • FlowXo: All you might need for your business! There have been times when typing messages and searching for answers for the same problem becomes hectic. Flowxo helps you with the biggest problem of letting a robot handle the conversation part with utmost ease and integrity. With flowxo you have around 100 integrations and over 100 templates to start with. You need to just use it, and no coding versions required from your side. Marketing of any type of need becomes super easy with its in built options of broadcasting the messages to all the users. No hustle over messaging individually.
  • Chatfuel: With Forbes and Bloomberg as clients already using the super amazing chatfuel for development of bots, we know it is easy to handle. It doesn’t matter whether the business you handle is small or big in terms of revenue or growth but with chatfuel’s supernatural bot your business needs are simplified. Just feed the bot with recurring frequent questions and with info about your business. You can also set up event assistant that can poke each time for any event or parking info coming up! Bot will recognize the similar phrases and help you with the random answers that you input into it. Not only this but it also integrates with all the services that you use. Chatfuel holds the 7th position in our list of Bot development companies.
  • Motion AI: With the ease of use and artificial intelligence taking over our businesses need to handle work using chatbots. Motion AI, helps us to build chatbots for our very own business on any platform that we like to choose from. It works with Fb messenger as well and helps us to chat and share documents over a simple chat option.
  • Digital Genius: To help you increase your customer satisfaction and needs to be met you need a chat bot to ease out things for you gradually. It brings up learning practical applications and with AI development and analyzes the messages and accordingly routes messages or provides proper assistance with the automatic responses. They have a deep learning of the words by converting them into numeral representations called word vectors. With the help of word vectors they help us to know the answers by extracting the meaning and context in which it was written. The AI here tracks and learns how do the agents deliver fast and quick by correctly tagging the incoming cases.

  • Spixii: This has been specially designed for financial and insurance industry. This is a specific chat bot working for insurers who want to make deals with their customers with ease. Insurance companies have offers and services that fall into repetitive category if explained. So for their ease, Spixii will help to provide them with chatbot options so that the service options reach the customers easily without any manual assistance. Similarly with banks. The schemes and custom options provided are similar so why not just get artificial intelligence take over a part of your business easing out things for you. Spixii eases out our business deals and helps us to provide customer assistance at its best.
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