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Update : Check out this ready made Photo sharing community app HERE. This turn key mobile app script contains nearly all the features present in Instagram and Vine . Since most mobile app ideas revolve around the camera , community , pictures , Video etc. you can use this ready-made script to build your customization’s on top of it . This can save you a lot of time & money and get you market ready instantly . Also you get an app that is solid in the way its built ( international standards ) – so you can use it as a good foundation for your innovative mobile app idea.

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When it comes to  mobile apps – some of the best apps are those that make use of the camera very innovatively . Unlike other devices , mobile devices have two great advantages : The camera and location. Many many combinations of creative and innovative apps can be built involving these two elements present in the mobile .

The market already has powerful and highly popular apps like Instagram , Vine , Snap chat etc. That make use of the mobile devices camera as well as the location . All these apps makes photo sharing incredibly easy and fun . Infact we can say that these apps have created an entire social network around photos and pictures . Not only do these apps help in sharing the pictures and photos, but also have fantastic photo editing features using which one can add multiple effects to pictures via different sophisticated filters present in these apps .

The next hot niche surrounding the camera feature is videos . Like photos .. Videos are also a very intuitive and an interesting area which has been handled innovatively by various apps like Vine etc.
Even photo apps like Instagram , Snap chat etc. have included video sharing in as a new feature looking at the tremendous popularity of Vine .( eg : The latest Instavideo feature by Instagram has a similar time based video sharing module like the one present in Vine ) .

While many think that Instagram is the only monopoly in the photo sharing app space and its difficult for any other new apps to enter this space – they are completely wrong ! as there is space for even a thousand more photo sharing apps – all it needs is a different approach and a bit of innovation for even a small and new photo sharing app to overtake a big brother like Instagram .

Apps that are created around the features of pictures , location , time etc. are readily welcomed by the masses as pictures and location are some of the areas mobile users love a lot – and they would love to try out the app to see what is new in it . Un-like the web apps that constantly get tangled in the chiken and egg issue ( ie. need many users for a user to stick on to ) – Mobile apps have an interesting characteristic property that makes even the first user to stick on to using the app ( as it satisfies his personal need of the moment ) . There are tons of app ideas on which people can work on and make it a big hit … but care should be taken to construct the model around the app to make it really intriguing and should have the required sweet spots to attract atleast one emotional aspect of the user for him to stick around .

When building a mobile app that operates around the camera , location space – nearly all the apps have a set of features that are common ( eg : Snapping a picture , Sharing it , commenting , Filters , collections etc. ) . Infact such features nearly makeup 70% of all apps that are based on the Camera , location etc. . A lot of time can be saved in building these apps if the developer can make use of these components that are already built by and tested many times . There are many ready made clone camera apps present in the market – which can be purchased and deployed instantly and the remaining innovative niche features can be built on top of this solid framework .

We will keep this post updated on the various ready made app scripts present to make your mobile app development a breeze .

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