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Build an awesome Pinterest-like website with the Gentle Ninja clone script!

Pinterest is a great website for hobbyists. It’s a great website to all those who pursue hobbies since Pinterest allows you to pin photos related to your hobby or interest. From gadgets, oil painting, accessories, bags to fashion, you’ll find a variety of boards on Pinterest.

To “pin” a webpage means to simple take a photo from that website, turn it into a link and post it onto your board. Users can then view you board, click on that image and be transported to that webpage.

It’s free and allows users to add any number of pins to their board. Pinterest is organised and users can create different boards for different topics or hobbies. Pinterest builds friendships and it’s great to network with other people who have the same passion as yours. Any number of people can follow your board and you it’s great to share ideas and creativity through Pinterest.


Pinterest has great advantages to businesses as well:

Pinterest allows you to demonstrate your creativity and expertise though your online pin board to customers. For example if you run an online clothing business, then you can showcase your clothes through Pinterest and you can create different pin-boards for casual wear, designer wear, party wear, formals etc. Customers will be attracted to your brand when they look at your pinboard and would want to buy your outfits and clothing.

Longer lifespan:

Content posted on Twitter and Facebook do not have a long lifespan due to the clutter. But when content is posted on Pinterest, it has a longer lifespan of more than a week and hence this will help businesses to talk about their products and services for a longer period of time.
Pinterest increases traffic and visitors to your website:

Pinterest can really help drive traffic to your website. Create a cool pin-board with some attitude showcasing all your products and services to the customers. This will enhance the interest of the customers in your products and services.

Businesses can install a “Pin It” button to their bookmark toolbar and use it to pin their images from their own website. They can also install a “Pin It” button directly on your site.

Pinterest can give you much needed insights:

Pinterest can give you great consumer insights. It can tell you what the customers are talking about and sharing. You can also gain an insight by looking at your competitor’s site and trying to find out how your products services compare. You can also use your followers to find out the current trends.

Pinterest helps you to build new contacts:

Pinterest can also help you to develop strategic relationships with new contacts that will help your business to grow and expand further.

From Gentle Ninja comes a Pinterest clone script that will leave you spellbound and now you can build your own Pinterest-like site.

Here are three great reasons why you should but this superb Pinterest script:

20% discount is given for the first 20 users.
This awesome Pinterest close script comes with all the coolest features that you can possibly ask for. Much better than all the other scripts available in the market!
The script comes along with SEO elements which help you to get more traffic to your website.
You get the full source code.

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