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5 Instant-Hit Business ideas during Covid19 pandemic & Beyond

Attention please: The ideas identified and discussed here are based on these criteria,

  • Instant growth: We all realize the current situation this Covid19 crisis has created globally. This has favored certain types of business models to gain unfair momentum without any push. So, the idea should fall under such a model.
  • Cash rich: The model should be a burning need. So customers pay without second thought.
  • Ever green: Post lock-down, the idea should blend in to become part of everyday life of customers.

Here we go,

(5) Online Food Delivery Business:

I dont need to say the significance of this idea in the current situation. Majority of us are already using existing food ordering services like Ubereats etc. to order food. Most of the world is in a Lock down. Even after the lock-down, people would be scared to go to restaurants. At least for the next 2 years, almost everyone would order their food online. The demand for food ordering is already going over the roof. To a magnitude that every city in the world right now needs at least 50+ Food delivery services. You can start a niche food delivery service and scale up quickly!

Tip: Analyze and start for only a very micro niche Ex: Pizza, Low Carb Food, Vegan etc. You will be easily able to market to the selected target audience and build a specialty around this niche. Like how earlier people chose and went to specialty restaurants, they will love to order on specialized apps in near future. Once you attain a critical mass in orders, you can slowly keep adding more categories. This is a sure-shot path to massive growth!

Ready-made software: You can get a turn-key software solution to start your own food delivery business HERE.

(4) Video Conferencing/ Webinar Business:

Nearly 90% of the worlds population is inside their home during this Corona virus pandemic. Analysts say that ‘work from home’ will become the new norm in the post Covid19 world. We will see millions of self employed professionals emerge. There will be a new wave of experienced individuals who will be sharing their expertise and knowledge online to make money. This would be the best time of the century to start a Webinar platform. Your platform will help anyone go live online via. Video conferencing to start an online meeting. There are already millions who are now using Zoom. But again the demand is so huge, the space begs for atleast 100 competitors in each country! Imagine the number of people who want to conduct just casual business meetings with their peers. Employees who want to conduct team meetings etc.  With the recent issues and security threats on Zoom, everyone are looking for alternative solutions.

Tip: If you have a particular expertise ( farming, guitar, finance, marketing, technology etc. ), now is actually the time to create a brand for yourself. You can launch a video conference portal under your name. Start enrolling people for webinars and teach them. Now is the time to put any knowledge you have for sale online. They will for sure pay you, as everyone now are looking to upgrade their skills online. As there is no other way!

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Covid19 business ideas

(3) Online Grocery Delivery Business:

Not just restaurants, all type of shops are out of business. No one wants to walk in a crowded shop in fear of contracting the Corona virus. Visionaries believe that ‘social distancing’ will become the new norm after the lock-down as well. You, yourself might have by now ordered something on Instacart, Amazon prime etc. Shopping slots are over booked already in existing grocery delivery platforms like Instacart. People globally are desperately looking for alternative portals to order their everyday items. On the other hand, such gig platforms also provide employment for thousands in each city. You will also be able to easily attract investment for your startup, as VC’s are very keen to invest in such business ideas.

Tip: Start a Grocery deliver app only for your locality or county. Call and tie-up a few shops in your neighborhood ( and they would gladly agree ). Just do a little hyper local marketing with SMS, Social media etc. In no time you will need to build an army of delivery boys to meet the demand 🙂

Ready-made software: You can get a turn-key software solution to start an online grocery delivery business HERE.

(2) On-Demand Ambulance and EMS booking App:

Experts say a vaccine for Covid19 is minimum 18 months away 🙁  until then there is possibility of multiple waves hitting every country. One of the essentials that will be on high demand but less in supply are ambulances and emergency medical services. You can help in this situation while also run a profitable business by starting an ‘Uber for Ambulance’ service. You can easily market it using local Facebook and Google Ads. People will badly need it and you will see thousands of downloads over night.

Tip: Once you get your app installations, you can also keep contacting your customer base with push notifications. You can give them the latest news on whats happening. You can also supply them with innovative medical packages ( like an essentials bundle with off-the-shelf medication ). Also if you just stick on to being an aggregator only, you dont need to get an ambulance business license.

Ready-made software: You can get a turn-key software solution to start your own ‘Uber for Ambulance’ business HERE.

Coronavirus lockdown business ideas

(1) Gig based Inter-city Courier Service:

Even before the lock down happened, there was a big need for inter-city pickup-drop delivery services. Now, the demand is crazy. It can be anything: Flowers, Food, Keys, gifts, laundry etc. I have used these services to buy me cigars from the retail outlet. This model can also be designed to deliver essential commodities from point A to point B within the city. People want to move zillions of small items quickly. It can be as simple as submitting some paperwork from a house to an office. Our post a courier with the local postal service. This is infact a highly addictive business and any user will be using it again and again.

Tip: Start a 30 minute delivery service for items related to certain niche events Ex: Birthday, Wedding Anniversary etc. You will gain quick traction and people will become fans of your service. Imagine a birthday party where participants get together over live streaming and you help them exchange physical gifts and cake etc.

Ready-made software: You can get a turn-key software solution to start inter-city delivery service HERE.

We will keep adding more to this list 🙂 If you have any specific idea, please mention it in the comments below.

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