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How can you dominate the used products market

You have always wanted that antique wooden chair! It’s looks perfect in your living room! You have searched for it for a long time now and you want a particular model and size. You just found one on a used products site and you are happy as can be!

These businesses are using scientific pricing mechanism that make use of various metrics like the age of the product, wear and tear and demand for the product.

Putting second hand goods on sale: When you have excess old merchandise, the best way to get rid of them is to put them on sale. You can notify customers visa RFcebook, Google Plus and Twitter and send a newsletter to them as well. You might make a profit on the goods that you are trying to sell since the prices have been marked up a little or you could make a very small loss.
Give customers the option of renting: Customers should have the option of just renting an old car or an old computer for a few days and then returning it to the store. This will help scale the profits and keep your business going even if the customers don’t buy the products from you.
Get an edge by coming up with an app: If you want to take your used products business to a whole new level, then get a mobile app for your business. It’ll create greater visibility for your company and customers can have direct access to you round the clock. You can also expand your existing customer base with a mobile app as it creates a unique image and brand for your business.
Have a browser bookmarklet: A browser bookmarklet will enable users to add any product into your marketplace easily from any other website almost instantly. This gives them greater flexibility and they can use your website with ease.
Create an automated payment process: Payment needs to be smooth and efficient process and having an integrated automated payment system will help your website to function smoothly and help you to split the commission between the seller and the user easily.
Give customers a dispute management system: Sometimes during the buying and selling process, tempers can flare when the customer is unhappy with the product he received or if the delivery is not made on time. In order to prevent your company from getting a bad review from a dissatisfied customer, a sophisticated dispute management system should be put in place so that they are resolved quickly and peacefully.
Bring in the SEO tools: Let’s face it! You need traffic for your website in order to succeed in your business. You need to have people coming in and checking out your website and your business. How do you get this done? You need a team of growth hackers who can make your script SEO friendly at all levels.
Think location and geography: Sometimes customers would like to have a look at the second hand product that they are buying up close and personal in order to make sure that it is in good condition and there isn’t too much wear and tear etc. You can help users to search for products with a smart search system which pin points the location where the products are sold.
Enable social sharing: In order to have more traffic and people interested in your online business you need to create social sharing buttons through which users can share the products they like with their friends.
Create good communication channels: The user should be able to communicate and interact with the seller quickly and on the go. Create good communication channels so that this is easy and you reach your sellers on time.
These are some of the ways you can be the leader in the used products market. I have always been a fan of flea markets and yard sales as you come across some unique products in such places. More so because I’m particular interested in artistic handicrafts and creative items that are not found anywhere else. Recently I came across a Yard sale script which I found pretty interesting. The script allows you to set up your own online yard sale almost instantly and the pricing is very reasonable as well. Have a look at the product here

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