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Top 10 car leasing software solutions.

Lets take a look at the top 10 car leasing software solutions:

  1. Smart Car Tech: They provide an entire Car Leasing software suite that includes the Mobile apps ( IOS / Android ), an extensive Admin panel and a BOT.

The platform comes with 100% source code and an be deployed in your own servers. The software has tons of features to manage any ar rental business end-to-end. Comes with Airport booking, Car rental scheduling etc. The entire flow is made sleek and seamless as simple as booking a UBER.

You can download the entire the software HERE


2) Sofico: A dedicated industry in every aspect, Sofico provides with the best car leasing software for your car leasing, financing and fleet management.

  • The software that they hold for providing the services to customers is called Miles.
  • All your business needs that are highly complex or you need to deal them in other ways, Miles is here to get all your needs met from Business Intelligence System to Mobile Phone use.
  • Miles, was built by Sofico to get your job done in an easier way and efficiently. It keeps track of the entire contract life cycle and helps by fulfilling requirements in the workflow, functionality and getting aligned with other systems for exchange of data.
  • Provides numerous offers: handles the contract history completely, provides a wide range of products including financial lease, operating lease and many more.
  • At the end of the contract, Miles helps to settle all the pools based on the options:Penalty, extended or automatic.

2. Expert Lease Pro: Expert Lease Pro is another car leasing software solution provider, which is a bit costlier than other lease software solutions. It has various features:

  • This lease pro software helps to make decisions based on the lease if it may have any hidden charges or lease amount that is been overcharged to you. With this product you can save on a huge amount on your car buying options.
  • They have served almost over 14000+ customers.
  • This software product includes some amazing features including the online invoice prices for any new vehicle like autos or trucks that you buy.
  • You can easily calculate your lease amount and the loans taken using this software and get a good comparison of the lease and the actual amount that you need to pay if you buy the vehicle.
  • A lot can be saved with this software, you can get detailed analysis about your money being spent on the leasing process. Taking help then, you can make sure that the amount and terms are negotiated and you get in the best deal.

Car leasing software

3. Soft4leasing: This is yet another software that helps people to get their car’s leasing solutions met uprightly.

  • Serving internationally, soft4leasing software helps us to get the best deals in our vehicle leasing process. The requirement has certainly grown in the markets of Japan, Europe and North America.
  • The features they provide are: financial and operational lease. Even if you want to mortgage or get novated lease.
  • This software is built on the efficient Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform which gives this an extra edge on the quality like managing data for consistency, the software is multi-linguistic, can handle data in many languages and is accessed via mobile phones easily.
  • It is available on cloud as well as on demand.

4. Orix: A great approach of reaching out to customers is provided by ORIX by constantly innovating their services and not just getting stuck on a particular service.

  • They provide the great feature of transferring the lease from the company to your individual accounts. This can be referred to as one of the great features of TRANSFER OF LEASE, where even if you are no more the employee of the current company, you will still be able to get use your lease.
  • By getting this software you can extend the termination of your contract as well.
  • Orix, is providing the software to provide us with the freedom to even register the vehicle on the employer’s name.
  • The additional charges for theft and loss of the vehicle are also met by the software policies.

5. CRBMS: Yet another product that delivers excellence through its software services is CRBMS which stands for Car Rental Brokerage Management System. They deal with renting out your vehicle online on reservation demand.

  • Effective prices, is what CRBMS has to offer us. You can give your business a great deal, by getting their lease software solution and save a lot of time and money.
  • This software also helps you to manage your prices and also gain maximum profit out of the benefits that their rental rates are here to offer that differs from the demand.

6. EasyRent pro: Easy rent pro supports all kind of needs for your car rental business.

  • This enables to manage numerous vehicles under one software base. You can manage it from anywhere as it can handle the requests in many languages.
  • For so much data, you will need to be assured about the security and management. With Easy Rent pro, you are able to handle it easily as it is all managed on cloud.
  • Customers can anytime make their reservations happen and book it for a longer period of time. They can access the availability directly on line.

7. HQ Rental Services: This is one of the very famous product that provides solution for the car leasing software.

  • Enabled with numerous features, it can  make available to us, the number of vehicles that are currently ready to access services to the customer at that very moment and time. It helps the customer to access and keep a record of the vehicles that he wish to take on rent.
  • When a customer books a car/vehicle, you can easily keep track of the timely repair that needs to be done and keep the cost estimates handy.
  • This software has one time installation price. this price also includes monthly fee that can ensure the support to the product.

8. Car Rental Solutions: Filled up with various feature, this is one of the car leasing software solution provider for getting a car on lease.

  • It is well integrated with Paypal to make all your payments at ease along with credit card payment solution.
  • You get vehicles for your customers by the location you choose. Real time availability!
  • You have all the support to choose the drop off locations for your vehicles. You can either make it according to customer comfort or your own desired locations.

9. Reservation Engine: Skipping the business with one step ahead, this is here to provide the solution for car rental needs on cloud based system and on demand.

  • With a unique feature this provides you with the health report for your car that you plan to rent with its gas checkup, petrol status, temperature of your vehicle.
  • This will ensure that the billing and invoice making has been done according to the deal made up and done online and sent to the customer.
  • This is also OBD-GPS enabled.

10. DM Consulting Services:

  • Here to provide with various features, and able to manage a number of vehicles at any time.
  • This is for any kind of vehicle you ask for. Not only cars, but offers over 5000 vehicles that may include cars, trucks or autos.
  • With this software, you have the perfect arrangement for the CRM system. Once you get the product you have access to all the agents and clients and you can very easily keep on monitoring the performances of either of them with the CRM System.
  • Reservations and booking costs are easily managed.
9.2 out of 10
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