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Top 10 car leasing software solutions.

Lets take a look at the top 10 car leasing software solutions:

1. Smart Car Tech: When it comes to car leasing software, smart car by SmartCar Tech is the most complete solution out there. They provide an entire Car Leasing software suite that includes the Mobile apps ( IOS / Android ), an extensive Admin panel and a BOT. Smartcar as a package has gone a long way in evolving as the best provider for car rental/leasing Business.

  • The software doubles up as a car rental system as well as a taxi dispatch system, making it a full blown car rental platform. They keep innovating in their approach with support for driverless cars, being their latest addition.
  • The platform comes with 100% source code and can be deployed in your own servers.
  • The software has tons of features to manage any car rental business end-to-end.
  • Comes with Airport booking, Car rental scheduling etc.
  • The complete installation process is given step by step in a well documented way. The entire flow is made sleek and seamless, as simple as booking an UBER.

You can download the entire the software HERE



2. Soft4leasing: This is yet another software that helps people to get their car’s leasing solutions met uprightly.

  • Serving internationally, soft4leasing software helps us to get the best deals in our vehicle leasing process. The requirement has certainly grown in the markets of Japan, Europe and North America.
  • The features they provide are: financial and operational lease. Even if you want to mortgage or a lease.
  • This software is built on the efficient Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform which gives this an extra edge on quality like managing data for consistency, the software is multi-linguistic, can handle data in many languages and is accessed via mobile phones easily.
  • It is available on cloud as well as on-demand.

3. Fleetio: This is one car leasing software that has some unique features that set it apart from other providers. Rental vehicles require a lot of maintenance since they fall on multiple hands. Fleet managers need to keep track of all the maintenance schedules of vehicles in different locations. Fleetio has sorted this out with a comprehensive maintenance data at one place.

  • In addition to the usual leasing system, Fleetio integrates features that make the Business sustainable in the long run.
  • Fleetio has fuel card integration which lets effective management of running costs of individual vehicles and the entire fleet.
  • Telematics data from the software using GPS hardware enables fleet owners and managers to have a real-time check of the maintenance data. This ensures preventative maintenance and faster resolution of issues on powertrain.
  • Remote vehicle inspection module gets inputs from drivers to prepare a repair order. The fleet Manager can get the problems addressed completely, thereby ensuring unexpected delays.

4. EasyRent pro: Easy rent pro is a car leasing software that supports all kinds of needs for your car rental business.

  • This enables to manage numerous vehicles under one software base. You can manage it from anywhere as it can handle the requests in many languages.
  • For so much data, you will need to be assured about the security and management. With Easy Rent pro, you are able to handle it easily as it is all managed on cloud.
  • Customers can anytime make their reservations happen and book it for a longer period of time. They can access the availability directly online.

5. Rentrabbit: Rentrabbit is a fully customizable leasing system for cars, boats, scooters, bikes or anything that can be rented out.

  • The software has support for integrating various payment gateways, multiple currencies, many languages for ease of use.
  • The platform has a built in wallet for easy transactions and easy commission tracking system.
  • Rentrabbit is a white label product that comes with ios and Android apps, a feature packed admin panel and an easy to use customer dashboard.
  • The software gives an overview of the complete contract and transaction history in an instant.

6. HQ Rental Services: This is one of the very famous product that provides solution for the car leasing Business.

  • Enabled with numerous features, it can  make available to us, the number of vehicles that are currently ready to access services to the customer at that very moment and time. It helps the customer to access and keep a record of the vehicles that he wishes to take on rent.
  • When a customer books a car/vehicle, you can easily keep track of the timely repair that needs to be done and keep the cost estimates handy.
  • They provide the software with free installation, configuration and training. A monthly subscription has to be purchased for support of the product based on the fleet size.

Car Leasing Software

7. Thermeon: Thermeon is one of the best car rental software provider that provides high levels of customization tailor-made to cater every aspect of car rental industry. Their car leasing software called CARS+ can be scaled to any size of the fleet and budget.

  • One platform that connects your customers, partners and brokers enabling better reach and profitability.
  • Features easy change in bookings, wholesale tour bookings, multilingual interface, etc.,
  • Mobile Apps for easy vehicle and rental management with fuel management, vehicle damage records, rental calculations, payments and receipts.
  • Comprehensive Admin Panel to make price amendments, managements and reporting.
  • Features support for different classes of vehicles, multi-currency support, multiple payment processing etc.,

8. Reservation Engine: Skipping the business with one step ahead, this is here to provide the solution for car rental needs on cloud based system and on-demand.

  • With a unique feature this provides you with the health report for your car that you plan to rent with its gas checkup, petrol status, temperature of your vehicle.
  • This will ensure that the billing and invoice making has been done according to the deal made up and done online and sent to the customer.
  • This is also OBD-GPS enabled.

9. DM Consulting Services:

  • Here to provide with various features, and able to manage a number of vehicles at any time.
  • This is for any kind of vehicle you ask for. Not only cars, but offers over 5000 vehicles that may include cars, trucks or autos.
  • With this software, you have the perfect arrangement for the CRM system. Once you get the product you have access to all the agents and clients and you can very easily keep on monitoring the performances of either of them with the CRM System.
  • Reservations and booking costs are easily managed.

10. Rent Centric:

  • Rent Centric is an on-demand car leasing software that has a very simple and clean interface to manage your car rental industry from reservations to reporting.
  • In addition to an exhaustive fleet management skills, the software can also keep track of vehicle service reminders, damage assessment records which adds value to the package.
  • The most interesting and cool feature of Rent Centric is its Apple Watch integration called SELF-SERV. Customers can track fuel level, distance run, lock and unlock the car, right from their Apple Watch.
  • The software maintains customer details with scanned copies of drivers license and passport, past rides etc.,
  • Rent Centric can work on customers own website by integration of a WordPress  Plugin.
9.2 out of 10
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