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6 techniques Corporate’s use to STOP you from doing a STARTUP !

Caution : If you are an employee in an MNC or a Corporate this post can be disturbing . This post is strictly for those who are working in a company for a salary but have the burning desire to start their own company .  For those who are content with their day job and dont have any thoughts about entrepreneurship etc. this post is not your you :) Keep doing the wonderful job you are doing .

Corporate Job

Corporate’s need talented people like you :) and if they know you are talented its really hard for them to fill your space , as its very difficult to find a more skilled person . So they definitely need to have ingenious strategies to keep you locked to your seats . The smallest idea you have in your mind to jump out and start your own venture is the biggest fear for Corporations and companies :) Who knows you can start out to even make something bigger than them !

So how do these MNC’s and corporations keep you away from thinking on starting something on your own ?

What are the elements they have created to keep you locked ?

Here are 6 well known powerful stealth strategies that have been devised cleverly to get you far from minding your business .

Certifications :

A friend of mine used to work for a leading organisation as a JAVA architect back in 2007 – he is an entrepreneur now owning a successful WEB 2.0 firm .  I still remember the words of my friend when he submitted his resignation letter to his company . We met in the coffee shop outside the Software park back then …

Me : Dude , whats this ? All of the sudden you are quitting your job . Whats happening man ? :)

Friend : Dunno man . Just feeling bored of the daily work . The people inside also make me feel sick …

Me : Hhhhmmm not getting well along with your Team leader huh ?

Friend : No Dude …its the aspiration and attitude of my colleagues that Am frightened off .  I spoke to couple of my Team mates and asked them what their ambition is …. they say ” To become a SUN certified professional and keep completing all the related certifications ” …. it just gives me a feel that I too will start developing a low mindset like them man . So quit the company for good to try doing something on my own .

Just think of all these certifications ( MCP , JCP , OCP etc. ) as a very cleverly engineered way to keep you occupied in a very competitive manner for years an years . Be it a Microsoft certification or an Oracle certification etc. have you ever seen an end to any line of certifications ?  When you finish the last certification in a particular line , all of a sudden a new paper pops out for the latest version of the software and as you spend months to finish it the next pops out and it keeps going . So all in all you keep writing certification after certification for years and finally become a project manager , only to write another stream of Project management related certifications .

Corporations know this science very well . By the time you have finished writing all your certifications you will be in your MID or late 30′s and you are married and with a kid probably . With such personal commitments for sure you cant take a big risk of quitting your job to chase your dream ( unless you have some solid financial backing -or- you are a man of true guts ) .

The point to think here is : Is it really worth a LIFETIME to just prove that you are a certified master of a technology which someone is owning and minting money on ?  Who are these people to certify you ?

– Team lunch and Tours :

Have you heard of the word getting “ Institutionalized ”  ( If you have seen the movie Shawshank redemption you will understand it better ) . For others here is the meaning of the word :

Refers to someone who has been in a institution for so long that they no longer remember how to live outside of the institution, be it a jail, mental hospital or whatever  🙂

Enchanting huh ?  Well to make you get Institutionalized – these Team Lunches , Office Tours , Ethnic days etc. help a lot . The science behind it is very simple . As you keep enjoying hanging around with your office buddies in such fun events , Outings etc. your brain slowly starts to make that ring of friendship as a Family . The more you start to get into it , the harder it will be for you to even think of quitting your JOB . Here you start to enjoy the community around you more than your salary .

This is one of the main reasons you see many not quitting their job even if they get a better package outside . This technique is infact one of the most powerful MIND techniques used by Corporate’s that even the thought of quitting your job can bring you a very un-comfortable feel . Even in the rare case one decides to QUIT , a small counselling session is enough to make him change his mind .

– Easy access to Loans :

Man – believe it or not , this is the KING of all techniques that has been very cleverly planned and executed by Companies through out the years that it has become part of the environment :)

There is no better way to LOCK someone from starting his own company . Committing him to 2-3 loans can make him committed and locked for his entire lifetime . All it requires is a HOME LOAN , a CAR LOAN and the thought of quitting your job will run a spike of fear down your spine !  The more financially committed you become the more your dream goes out of reach . If you are in plans of jumping out in the wild and doing your dream startup say NO to such commitments . You can easily earn much bigger fortune and own this HOME & CAR very soon .

– Perks , Hikes and Promotions :

The aim here is to make these 3 words the only schedule in your calender called LIFE:)  Every year just goes by making you perform better and planned for the next years hike or promotion .  The truth here is the time period between a promotion or change in designation keeps increasing the older you become . If you notice carefully between your early 20′s to mid 30′s you will be able to get atleast one promotion a year ( along with a HIKE ) . But as you start crossing your mid 30′s this year gap keeps increasing .

The science here is after you cross your mid 30′s ( and get married with a child etc. ) your risk taking mentality decreases slowly and seems impossible . So after that you have no other way than to heed to what your employer tells you .

I have seen many startup founders who have earned a heavy salary while they worked , but had the guts to shake themselves out of that comfort zone and come out and start their company with nearly no salary at all for months . You definitely need this material in you to explore the WILD !

So dont get locked in this rat race of running behind these Perks and hikes . Give yourself a promotion . Make yourself the CEO from day 1 in your own startup !

– Social status & respect :

This is again a sentimental factor that has become a part of our community . Working in a world class organisation by itself gives you a happy feeling and all the respect and status in the society :)  Did you ever notice that all this respect and status is not for you but for the name of the company behind you ?  Now how many would like to sacrifice this for starting their own Startup ?  well I have seen many just enjoying the pride of wearing their companies ID card around their necks even when they are on their way back home :)

” If you need to get a full view of everything – you need to JUMP ! “

and last but not a least …. employing a LOT of PRETTY GIRLS to make the workplace a heaven on earth .

Its like a GYM without girls and with girls … which workout area would you prefer ? This science has been used again and again – and also in Companies  🙂


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