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Creating Uber Look Alike Using Php Laravel

Note : In our sources ,we have heard that the folks at ‘Smart Car Tech’ have a fantastic & complete uber clone app script. You can get it HERE

Uber is the famous mobile based transportation networking app, where users can book a taxi using the android or IOS app or web app. In 2015, the service of uber is available to 55 countries and 200 other cities. This is the best innovative idea for the year 2013. The idea is cool and has wide range of advantages helpful for the day to day people , then Why not we use the Uber look alike for customizing our own specifications. This course helps you to learn more about the php video tutorial and about the Laravel php framework. This will help you start your own uber look alike website in less than 48 hours. And tutorials are easy way to learn at home at your own pace, which makes learning interesting.
With the advantage of php and laravel framework tutorial, it is now quick to create your own world class uber web app from scratch. You can easily follow the steps given in the tutorial and execute them in real time. Creating this web app or learning this course will be a new experience in the world of web computing.
The laravel framework can be helpful like you don’t need to rewrite the codes and when you can create highly reliable code. From this course, you will get an in-depth learning of laravel framework and php programming tutorial.
Programming skills

Uber look alike using php Laravel

You will get more ideas about the programming skills like the cookie soap, object oriented programming, namespace, class session, Ajax and php authentication. The tutorial includes much about php video tutorial and laravel php framework tutorial. These are advanced web developing skills and you need to master it to be become a pro.This would guide you to be better web developer. You will be able to understand the business logic and the server side programming after completing this course.
Cost Effective

Creating an uber like web app isn’t easy task. It needs a group of extra ordinarily talented coders to work for months to provide the end product. But you can get the web app running in one day or the max 48 hours. This saves your time and the cost you need to invest to a world class web app. And moreover you can learn by DIY, rather than paying huge amount of money. You can easily cut down this cost and you use it for other promotions.

Who can take this course?

Entrepreneurs who are interested in making huge impact on their sales in a short period of time can buy the course. This course is the secret ingredient to transform a Rookie to a Pro. It all has the things to do it on your own. It includes video tutorials, Ebook, installation guides and examples. There is a frame by frame explanation to help you better.
Know the pre-eminent things

There are some basic things; you have to understand before starting a new website. The complexity of the web app is much more than any ordinary app. You need to be strong with the basics in learning the php programming tutorial and the laravel framework. The things you will know can help you learn and built any website and the tricks include on how to promote your web app and get more traffic.

Easy writing

The contents included here may not be available in other courses and not easily explained as we did. We have included step by step for laravel framework and Php video tutorial to clarify the subject and avoid any hindrance from learning. This is DO IT YOURSELF guide written in simple language, easy to understand by all and you can do it!


We have included every part of the source code, you can learn to program and also you can use this code to create the better uber look alike web app. There are example files that help you practice more and learn more. You will get every part of the source code and we have let the secrets out, which no web developer wants to reveal. Now you can create the best uber like web app you wanted to in less than 48 hours. If you have learnt the basics, you can build the app in one day!


7.3 out of 10
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