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How to create a Laravel UBER Clone using Php Laravel

Note : If you’re thinking about building a Laravel UBER Clone, have a look at ‘Smart Car Tech’ they have a fantastic & Ready-made uber clone app script. You can get it HERE

Since 2015, Uber has grown significantly to provide services in over 55 countries and 200 cities globally. Once considered an innovative idea as the business didn’t own a single Cab yet their platform had cab partners who signed up to get ride requests from customers.

This proven model was easy to replicate and in many countries, Entrepreneurs are either building Apps like Uber or using the business model to create On-demand services marketplaces for different use cases like Uber for Trucks, Uber for Boat rentals, etc. Commonly called Uber for X.

This course specifically has resources compiled for you to learn more about PHP Laravel and how you can build a Laravel Uber Clone easily. Once ready, using the software you can start your own Laravel Uber Clone based website in less than 48 hours with all the business processes in place. You could even learn at the comfort of your home and at your own pace. This gives you ample time to finish the course without any rush.

The advantage of using the Laravel framework for the Laravel UBER Clone is that it comes with all the basic security measures in place and enables you to create a world-class script that respects global security. You can easily follow the steps given in the tutorial and execute them in real-time. Building a Laravel UBER Clone is now easier as most of the basic functions are covered and don’t have to rewrite them again and can be invoked using few directives while coding. From this course, you will get in-depth learning of laravel framework and PHP programming tutorial.

Php Laravel UBER Clone

Programming skills

The key programming concepts focus on cookie SOAP, object-oriented programming, namespace, class session, Ajax and PHP authentication among other things. The Laravel UBER Clone tutorial includes Video, Course materials and fully functional sample code. Practising it hands-on using the sample code would improve your coding skills significantly over time making you a better developer. Also, by the end of the Laravel Uber Clone Tutorial, you’d understand how business logics work and how to build a consumer-facing product that is business-ready.


Creating an uber like web app isn’t easy task. It needs a group of extraordinarily talented coders to work for months to provide the end product. But you can get the web app running in one day or the max 48 hours. This saves your time and the cost you need to invest to a world class web app. And moreover you can learn by DIY, rather than paying huge amount of money. You can easily cut down this cost and you use it for other promotions.

Who can take this course?


Entrepreneurs who are interested in building their own Uber-like Business that is scalable and can help them secure customers and funding in the near future. This course can help a Rookie developer to become an All-Star in a short span of time (Provided they practice consistently). There are programming techniques, tips and tricks on making your perfect Laravel UBER Clone. It includes video tutorials, Ebook, installation guides and examples. There is a frame by frame explanation to help you better.


Freelancers looking to ‘up their Ante’ can take this course up to improve their skills. There is a need for developers who can build On-demand services for companies that are looking for it. The course teaches basic concepts and complex concepts with ease, it should be relatively easier for you to pick it up quickly.

Learning this will let you take up projects in the On-demand space. You could even show a working demo of the product as a reference once you get it up and running.


Picking up a new skill this summer can be a great way to spend your time. The Course is easily organized step by step making it easier for them to learn. The Do-It-Yourself approach offers a handheld experience through hours of video content and course material.


You can learn by experimenting with the code of the Laravel UBER clone app. There are example files that help you practice more and improve. Packed with unique coding approach, you can learn a thing or two from the course.

Here’s a How the Laravel UBER Clone demo would work.

7.3 out of 10
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