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Top 5 crowdfunding scripts

Crowfunding is a great way to raise funds for ideas through anyone on the internet who believes in them. If you’re planning to start a Crowdfunding platform where innovators want to raise funds for their ideas, you can do so using a white labelled ready-made crowdfunding script. We have listed some of the best crowdfunding scripts available.

#1 CrowdFund Crowdfunding script (Check HERE)

Crowdfund is a futuristic crowdfunding platform script that is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Just like the regular crowdfunding platform, there would be a platform owner who owns the crowdfunding site (you), Campaign owners who want to raise funds through the platform and users who want to invest in the projects they like.

Users who want to fund ideas/ campaigns would need to purchase the platform’s native cryptocurrency for a certain price (set by you) with that they can go through different campaigns on your Crowdfunding platform and fund whatever amount they like. Campaign owners would then receive the funds in the form of cryptocurrencies under their account. If they’d like to cash out in fiat currency, they can do so by selling the coins back to you, the platform owner. Crowdfund features three different revenue channels built into it, through which the site owner can generate revenue quickly. It has all the features necessary to run a powerful crowdfunding platform.

Top 5 Crowdfunding scripts

#2 FS Crowdfunding script

FS crowdfunding script is a PHP, MySQL and Jquery based script. The script allows you to start a crowdfunding platform just like kickstarter with its basic features. The script has features where Backers and fundraisers can register on the platform, image approval module (where NSFW images would be moderated), a place to embed / display a Youtube video on the platform, post latest news etc. The script is pretty straight forward, though not many theming options are there, it works fine. It would fit your bill if you are on a really really tight budget and want to start a crowdfunding site.

#3 Equity Crowdfunding script

The makers of the Equity crowdfunding script have thought about and implemented the little details that is commonly overlooked in crowdfunding scripts. The Equity crowdfund script is based on features that made the crowdfunding concept work, social media. The script has social media, newsletters and multiple payments gateways integrated into it. They do have the basic growth hacks that create the urge to fund in place. The only important thing you (the site owner) need to do is literally get your first batch of awesome creators and funders, the user experience of the script will generate enough buzz and would help garner more users in the future. The script comes with all the bells and whistles required for a Crowdfunding platform to run.

#4 CrowdPhp Crowdfunding Script

The amount of detailing that has gone into building Crowdphp crowdfunding php is really great. The feature list seems to be granular and has everything right from the feature filled listings page to keep the users hooked onto the platform to shipping details and management in the admin panel. This fully functional crowdfunding platform has everything to make your platform a hit. It even has customisable referral section where the admin can configure the referral percentage to boost the rate of user acquisition.

#5 HelpUs Crowdfunding script

HelpUS Crowdfunding script is built on Php Laravel framework, has Paypal and Stripe integrated. The makers of the script claim that you can start a crowdfunding platform within 5 minutes using HelpUs. The script has social login, bank transfer option, CMS Pages, ability to share to social media from the campaign pages, Editor’s pick where the site admin can feature the project they like. The overall script is easier to use and is backed by a powerful admin panel which allows the administrator to have control over the entire site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Crowdfunding platform?

Crowdfunding is a marketplace where people with ideas but no fund and people with funds but have no idea what to do with it, meet. The platform enables allows anyone to fund any cool idea on the platform that has potential to become a business and in exchange, they get some goodies as promised by the project owner.

What is a ERC20 Token?

ERC20 is a technical standard for tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments and each of the ERC20 tokens are backed by a compliant smart contract that allows them to be compatible with all the wallets that accept Ethereum based tokens.

Why should you start a crowdfunding platform on the blockchain?

Blockchain is still evolving but has shown immense potential in it’s initial stages itself. One key impact that blockchains and the tokenized crowdfunding would have is that the cryptocurrency token payments are borderless and since there’s no third party exchange fee involved to bloat the cost, there would be more investors across the world who might find it easier to invest in different campaigns.

What is the difference between an ICO Dashboard script and the blockchain based Crowdfunding script?

The basic difference is that ICO Dashboards are solely for running / promoting one campaign but crowdfunding is a marketplace of multiple campaigns run by different campaign owners who wish to raise funds.

The advantage of having a Crowdfunding platform is that your chances of earning revenue, For example, people have to purchase the tokens to invest in campaigns, the prices of these tokens are set by you. Your site would be collecting Fiat currency (USD, UK or any currency of your choice) in your bank account to issue the tokens. Everytime someone’s campaign reaches a goal and they want to withdraw they would have to return the tokens back to you for conversion, just like how Forex works, you can charge a conversion fee. Since a lot of people would be creating campaigns on your platform with the intention to get funds, they would be spreading the word about their project on your platform; This in turn helps you acquire more users without putting in much effort.

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