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Top 5 Crypto bot trading platforms that exceeds expectations

In this article let’s take a quick look at the top 5 Crypto bot trading platforms in the market. To write this article we have employed Crypto experts to rigorously use the best Crypto trading bots available in the market for the past 6 months. They have spent hundreds of hours analyzing each and every feature of every Bot. They have done a deep comparison between the efficiency of each one of them.

Cryptohopper trading bot:

So far this platform has proven to be quite satisfactory. It’s a well built SAAS platform with all the required bells and whistles. Though it has minor drawbacks, it stands out to be the best among the chosen top 5.

1 good reason to use this platform: The strategy marketplace available in Cryptohopper is unique. You can choose a winning strategy from here and embed it into your Crypto trading bot. Also you can read customer reviews for each of the strategies to make an informed decision.

The Drawback: Cryptohopper is expensive compared to the competition. Lower priced plans lock you out of certain critical features.

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3Commas trading bot:

Considered one of the intelligent and beginner friendly Crypto bot trading platforms in the market by many. 3Commas is a European based SAAS tool. Comes with a suite of interesting features and holds the 4th position in our list.

1 good reason to use this platform: Seamless integration with ‘Trading view’ is one of the salient features in this crypto bot trading platform. Connecting this with a web hook, your bot can receive signals and alerts from TV in real time and execute the trades. This helps beginners to base their bot strategy on the technical indicators from TV.

The Drawback: One of the pressing issue on 3Commas is the very short trial period ie. just 3 days. Even before you start using the platform, you notice your trial period is over. Also one can notice small bugs pop-up often that needs quick fixes.

Click HERE for a more detailed 3Commas review. trading bot:

This crypto trading bot has been in the scene for quite some time. They have recently acquired other similar services to improve the capability.

1 good reason to use this platform: crypto bot trading is tweaked for maximum performance. It’s fast. Can run to execute multiple trades across various exchanges quickly.  The trades get executed in a smooth manner with near to nil friction of any sort.

The Drawback: It’s only available as a desktop app now. One of the biggest disadvantages of this Crypto trading bot is the un-availability online. This means, you can’t check things on the go. This is a big deal breaker and hope the team at does something soon.

Click HERE for a more detailed review. trading bot:

This crypto trading platform has some really unique features that are not available on other bots. I personally love this as it makes newbies friendly. While for sure there is some serious complicated tech powering it behind the scenes.

1 good reason to use this platform: No other crypto trading bot fetches you the best prices across exchanges as Shrimpy does. We call it smart routing. While the bot executes trades on your behalf, it also buys and sells for the best price. Across connected exchanges. So in a way it also does arbitrage trading for you.

The Drawback: Does not have a Mobile app. And if you wanna get your hands dirty, the options to totally customize the bot is limited.

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The best thing about this artile - The way the entire article is structured. - A quick view to understand the best and worst of each bot. - Makes it easy to choose 1 trading bot out the top 5 in the market. - A drilled down review of each trading bot. Its nice that this detailed review opens up only if you want to read it. - The experts look to have spent a lot of time and money testing out each of the bots they have reviewed. Where this article needs improvement - Would be nice if the article had more bots covered ie. instead of just the top 5. - Would be nice if they also had a video review of each of the bots. - Also would be great to get some discount coupons here. The Bottom Line Its a splendid piece of article. Saves the reader time and money. Helps us to take a much more informed decision. As it is really tough to choose between the final chosen 3 bots in hand :)
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