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Trust worthy Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Companies

Expert discussion on the Pro's and Con's of the services offered by each Cryptocurrency exchange development company.

Finding a good Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company is hard. The main reason being, the Blockchain technology used is relatively new. The possibilities of the company having expert developers is less. In this article lets take a look at some of the best companies in this niche.

Cryptocurrency exchange development company

BitExchange Systems is a Blockchain development company based out of Singapore, Houston and Bangalore, India. They have been into Cryptocurrency development since 2016 and have an impressive track record.

Some of the reasons to have this firm in this list:

Proven Expertise: BitExchange Systems have been consulting some of the best known financial institutions for long. They have been doing new age payment systems. They are well known in the market for the Proof-of-concepts they have done for a coupe of multi-national banks globally.

Rich suite of products: Apart from doing high-end service based Blockchain projects, this Cryptocurrency development company also has products. They have gone a step ahead to create ready-made scripts for deploying complex projects. The variety of scripts they have for various blockchain use cases is amazing.

Positive reviews: A quick search for customer reviews shows promising results. The company has been servicing many small and medium customers very successfully. Many seem to be thankful for the turn-key products they supply at extreme low costs.

Cryptocurrency expertise: This cryptocurrency exchange development company seem to 360 degrees expertise in this sector. They help customers to create coins and tokens as well using a myriad of blockchain protocols. They have also deployed artificial intelligence and an automatic token creator to serve this purpose.

Cryptocurrency Exchange development

Alphapoint is yet another good Cryptocurrency Development company. The firm has offices in New York and India. The company has been into blockchain development services for quite some time. They have serviced many traditional Fintech customers. The company has been active servicing customers in commodities, structured finance and exclusive goods. With the crypto proliferation, they have also entered into doing Cryptocurrency related projects as well. One thing about Alpha point is the high cost it comes with. They cater their services to more big ticket projects.

Cryptocurrecy Development Services

R3 is a good enterprise blockchain development company. They also sport their own blockchain protocol by name Corda. Having worked more in the Financial domain, this firm launched the Corda open source blockchain to solve certain complex issues. This company has expertise servicing customers prominently in the Energy, Capital markets, supply chain sectors. They became a full fledged Cryptocurrency Exchange Development company with opening services in Digital Assets. It is a well funded company with offices in Dublin, London, New York, San Francisco, Brazil and Singapore. Building a Cryptocurrency project with this company can yield high quality outcome, provided you have the proper budget to spend.


Cryptocurrency Development company


RootQuotient is a Toronto, Canada based Cryptocurrency development company. They also have offices in Montreal, Quebec. They seem to be more into core blockchain development. So, they definitely need to be experts in Crypto as well. Apart form Blockchain, they also have hands on experience in Inter-of-things ( IOT ), Data Analytics, Machine learning etc. This gives a clear picture that any crypto work they do will have abundant intelligence built inside. In their portfolio they have interesting customers like Eeco, Concordia, Spot Brew, Bridge etc. One of the advantages of this company is while they have enough skillsets to handle enterprise customers, they can also be a good fit for small and medium sized companies to outsource projects. One of the main advantage with them is that have their presence in Canada. So, customers in both Europe and the United States of America can be served easily.


Cryptocurrency development company India

BRD is a Switzerland based Blockchain company. It has 50+ employees. The company started as a decentralized financial services provider by providing a nice Bitcoin wallet ‘Bread’.  BRD is a venture funded company with customers in more than hundred countries. Adam Traidman and Aaron Voisine are the co-founders of the company. BRD has recently launched an enterprise grade Blockchain service by name Blockset. The aim is to help Blockchain developers develop applications more easily. This Cryptocurrency development company envisions this service easily handle data integration, security and any kind of on-chain development operations. The platform provides API access to developers to easily integrate coins and different crypto blockchain protocols. Also they provide a kit that can handle cryptographic functions and blockchain communications. This kit can be used for developing blockchain based mobile apps. Your project can get instant push notifications and sockets along quick sync of wallets using this platform.

This blockchain platform seem to also have many more features when compared to Infura, Blockcypher, etc.

Industry News

As Bitcoin Struggles, ‘COMP’ Token Has Soared 250% To A Massive $2 Billion Valuation

Last Updated: 01-Jul-2020

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors, feeling bullish amid a broad post-coronavirus crash rally, are seeing massive gains from some smaller cryptocurrencies.

The bitcoin price, under pressure since its latest attempt to breach the $10,000 per bitcoin level last week failed, is stuck on a downward trend—but other digital assets are soaring.

Following its launch just this week, decentralized finance protocol Compound’s Comp token has surged around 250%, giving it a market value of around $2 billion, according to some calculations.

Users of the Compound lending platform began earning comp tokens this week, with the cryptocurrency getting a boost from major U.S. bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announcing it will begin listing the token.

“Once sufficient supply of comp is established on the platform, trading on our comp-U.S. dollar and comp-bitcoin order books will start in phases, beginning with post-only mode and proceeding to full trading should our metrics for a healthy market be met,” Coinbase said in a blog post here.

Comp has this week become the 25th most valuable cryptocurrency, according to CoinMarketCap data, with its price surging to over $200 per token, up from around $60 at the beginning of the week.

Some early calculations, which are inconsistent due to comp’s immaturity, have put the total value of comp’s combined tokens in circulation at a little over $2 billion.

Others, that count fewer Comp tokens in circulating supply, put the cryptocurrency’s value at around $500 million—in comparison bitcoin’s market capitalization is just over $170 billion.

Comp, a so-called governance token that allows holders to influence the Compound protocol, are awarded every day to users of the decentralized finance platform.

Comp is currently only listed on a handful of smaller cryptocurrency exchanges, prompting some bitcoin and crypto market watchers to warn the sudden price surge could be short-lived.

“Most of Comp’s price fluctuations are a function of the tiny float. I wouldn’t read too much into the current price,” Haseeb Qureshi, managing partner of Dragonfly Capital, told bitcoin and crypto industry news outlet Coindesk this week.

Decentralized finance, often known as DeFi, has emerged as a popular growth area for bitcoin’s blockchain technology, sparking a frenzy of speculation that echos the 2017 cryptocurrency and initial coin offering bubble.

DeFi platforms, blockchain-enabled systems and Cryptocurrency Exchange Software that are often based on the ethereum network, allow for the lending and trading of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets without the need for centralized intermediaries like banks and exchanges.

“DeFi is hitting its stride and this space will continue to accelerate,” research firm Delphi Digital wrote in a report out this week.


Cryptojini is a cryptocurrency application development company which offers white label bitcoin exchange solution. It provides protection against DDoS attacks, Sql injection.


Technoloader Pvt LTD. is a certified Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company. They offer great services related to Bitcoin management. They offer services like Bitcoin Wallet Development, Bitcoin MLM software development, cryptocoin development, crypto coin mining and development of exchange software. They provide crypto currency development services for bitcoin, litecoin, z cash, monero, ethereum etc.  They deliver bug free project in short period of time.

Induji Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Induji Technologies is a private company that started on March 22, 2016 with headquarters in Kolkata. They provide cryptocurrency development services and exchange software solutions. They develop crypto paper wallets and Bitcoin wallets. Their cryptocurrency platform includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Monero.

Gems Digital Media

Gems Digital Media is a web designing company specializing in Crypto exchange development. Their cryptocurrency developers and programmers have wide knowledge and experience to meet any blockchain based exchange development requirement. This company provides a one stop cryptocurrency exchange solution. Their services include wallet of fiat and supported currencies, integration with blockchain of supported currencies and payment gateway for transaction of fiat currencies.

SK Web World

It is a Kolkata based IT firm which provide high quality service in the field of Cryptocurrency exchange development. It started in 2012. Their team of developers provide highly customized cryptocurrency development services and exchange software solutions. Apart from it, they also offer crypto paper wallet and BitCoin wallet solutions. Their cryptocurrency exchange platform allows smooth transactions over normal communications channel by converting your mobile handsets into crypto wallets.

Sara Technologies

It is one of the leading companies in cryptocurrency exchange development. It provides quick and effective solutions for any technical issue. Sara technologies offer end to end cryptocurrency development and management services like cryptocoin creation, mining, wallet development and cryptocurrency exchange platform. They provide ultra high security, regulatory compliance, AML/KYC integration and modern user interfaces to support mobile and web apps, CRM and payment integration.

Gati Technology

Gati Technology is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company which offers services like cryprocurrency wallet development, cryptocoin creation & mining and cryptocurrency exchange platform. They develop high tech cryptocurrency wallet web and mobile apps for secure and easy transaction of cryptocurrency. Their cryptocurrency softwware enables the users to process unlimited transactions online.

Hope the above list of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Companies helped you make an informed decision. Do let us know of any questions.

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