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6 ready-made Cryptocurrency Exchange Scripts to start your Bitcoin business today.

Lets take a look at the top cryptocurrency exchange script and software’s available in the market.

BitExchange ( Get it HERE )

The cryptocurrency exchange software provided by Bitexchange has a suite of essential features to run a full fledged Coinbase or Binance like global exchange. The product not only supports a general marketplace for traders to post and buy their altcoins, but also helps in running an authentic bitcoin exchange ( along with various other crypto coins available in the market.

Using this powerful Bitcoin exchange script your users can Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from the exchange, Transfer cryptocurrencies from another exchange to this and vise versa, Store their Bitcoins in a secure warm wallet, Trasfer funds from their bank, credit card etc. to their account and purchase Bitcoins via. the funds. Also this cryptocurrency exchange script comes with the regular bells and whistles like: Bitcoin calculator, Charts and visuals showing the current market trends across the globe, Transaction management. The best part about this bitcoin trading cosftware is the builtin module that helps in converting your Bitcoins to any altcoin like Ripple, Ether etc. within the platform in self.

Tip 1:  Question you need to ask any Bitcoin trading script vendor before deciding to employ their software:

Can I see a DEMO of your Bitcoin exchange software running on your servers? ( as many a times people can just google up a small exchange in some country and claim they are a customer )

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I wouldnt call BlickTrade as a cryptocurrency exchange script, but rather a Bitcoin exchange agency program. We had many questions in their business model and tried contacting them, but still haven’t received any answer. In our understanding from the text they have on their sales page: BlinkTrade does not offer you a complete software suite to run your own Cryptocurrency exchange independently. Instead they enable you to run an affiliate agency representing them in your city or country. They have integrated the API’s of other exchanges and once you signup with them, you would need to promote the instance they have created for you. If any user does a transaction from your instance, the profit is split 50%-50% between you and Blinktrade.

Apart from the above information, we were not able to understand much about their model. We will keep this section updated.

Tip 2: The next question to ask any Bitcoin exchange script company before deciding to employ their software:

Does you provide 100% source code of your cryptocurrency exchange software? Will it be installed in my servers? Post installation Can I run my Cryptocurrency exchange business independently, or should I be dependent on any of your services?

Coin Joker

Coin Joker is a Bitcoin exchange script from Osiz Technologies. They offer a standard solution where in your users can trade the bitcoins they have with other users in the system like how operate. Its more of like a marketplace where in users who would like to sell their Bitcoins can post and other users who want to buy the bitcoins can contact them and buy it. They offer an escrow system to do the transaction and also a dispute management system if there is any disputes in the buy-sell process. Coin Joker also speaks about the Offline trade facilities they provide ie. a forum where users can post their wish to trade bitcoins and can coordinate with interested people and meet offline to buy-sell.

Tip 3:  The 3rd question to ask any Cryptocurrency script vendor before deciding to employ their software:

Does your cryptocurrency exchange script has the provision for users to BUY bitcoins directly from the platform. ie. Does your exchange software employ Blockchain to provision things and does it run a Bitcoin Server? If Yes, can you please show me the Blockchain installation and the Bitcoin server running separately?

Bitcoin Exchange script


The Cryptocurrency exchange script provided by Merkeleon seems to have all the essentials any Bitcoin exchange should have. The biggest confusion we had when trying to understand their product is if that it is a SAAS product ie. the software runs from their server. Moreover the DEMO provided on the page HERE seems to be more of a general Buy-Sell marketplace software. So at this point we have many questions on the actual features the vendor provides in their Cryptocurrency trading platform. If you have in anyway checked out their demo please post your comments, so others can take an informed decision.

Tip 4:  The next question to ask any Bitcoin exchange script vendor before deciding to employ their software:

Can my users directly Buy / Sell bitcoins from the system? Or can this cryptocurrency software only be used as a general marketplace to post items for sale ie. Bitcoins for sale.

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BitDeal is again a cryptocurrency exchange script from Osiz Technologies. The product uses BitGo Multisig API to power their wallets.  They also claim to have integrated Ethereum Smart Contracts solution. The sales page speaks about the provision for users to Buy / Sell bitcoins from the system directly. But we were not able to test any DEMO yet to see if the features mentioned are as per our expectation.

Hope the above article gave you a clear picture on the Pro’s and Con’s of the different cryptocurrency exchange script’s and softwares present in the market. To take an informed decision, I would recommend you to spend some time and have a detailed look at the DEMO from each of the above vendors. As setting up a Bitcoin exchange can be very tricky and you need to be very careful on the platform that suits your need.

Please let us know your comments below 🙂

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