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CS Cart Review & Comparision

CS cart is one of the finest runners in the market who have been in to the play for more than 10 years now and still being consistent and growing. Their progress has evolved continuously over the past 10 years undergoing and implementing all necessary changes and integrations. This has everything to provide you unlimited number of customization plugins that you need to build your own tailor made business application irrespective of it being used for a small scale or a large scale ecommerce site.Lets do a detailed CS Cart Review in this article.

Audience Choice!
Technologically best eCommerce script: eCommercemix

It’s 100% open source platform that follows a unique template driven design called Smarty template engine. Being built on php , mysql and Ajax its all easy technology for you to manage and maintain. You need not be an expert , you just have to be a beginner knowing the programming basics to do the customization and changes yourself without any major hindrances.

CS Cart Review

What they Offer?

CS cart likes to keep it simple with just 2 packages and offer the maximum under those

  1. CS Cart priced at $385
  2. Multi vendor priced at $1450

Question here is what is the difference between the two. You get almost everything in the basic package that they offer for $385. The only difference in Multi vendor is you get separately panel for vendors and separate shipping methods for each vendor. Not a major one but would definitely make a big difference when you plan for something huge with more than 100 vendors on board. Not something a start up would prefer although

Advantages of using CS Cart

  1. Highly reliable – It’s been there in the market since 2005 so the support or the software would not let you down
  2. Simple technology – You don’t have to be a technical person to run/maintain this application
  3. Vast options of customization and plugins to build a tailor made application to suit your business needs
  4. Minimal cost for a start-up
  5. Out sourcing is easy as there are so many vendors who knows in and out about CS Cart
  6. Availability of themes are more for you to choose the best one that would suit your business

Disadvantages of using CS Cart

  1. Technology has almost become stagnant without upgrades so a future with CS cart is questionable with the technological revolution as people are moving more towards technology that facebook,twitter use
  2. Will not handle much load when number of user base and products increase
  3. Though there are vast options of customization , version upgrade might affect the exclusive customization you made on the platform for your business.
  4. Again about the technology , since the technology is just PHP , hacking is easy and security becomes a big concern
  5. Cost of each customization plugin or feature is high , so you end up spending more than what you spend for the script to build a unique platform of your own

So to conclude , CS cart was/is good. But the big question is , “Will” it be good surviving the huge technological tide and serve you the best to stand tall against your competitors with a high performing website.

Hope you got a deep understanding via. this comprehensive CS Cart Review. Learn more about other essentials of choosing an eCommerce platforms here.

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