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6 ready-made dealer management software to automate your business today.

Lets take a look at the top dealer management software’s available in the market.


Automate is one of the leading provider for dealer management software. They are maintaining a good customer relationship through their easy contact structure. Their main advantage includes 30-day cancellation notice and free upgrades for life. Auto/mate’s dealer management software is integrated with all the mandatory modules needed for a business. DMS allows users to filter/modify data based on respective categories .This allows dealers to track their records end to end using a single login system. Starting from sales, each and every module like vehicle inventory, finance, BHPH, customer information,overall expenses are all handled securely. Automate’s DMS follows the slogan of “by car people, for car people”.


Ramco’s Dealer management software (R-DMS) is a cloud-hosted, integrated solution that helps dealers to achieve better customer satisfaction.This system covers the entire activities of a dealer through the following modules:Sales management, service management, spares management, dealer development, finance, CRM and analytics.The DMS is very much flexible for Multi-Franchisee Dealership Outlets management.The main advantage for this dealer management software is accessing ERP screens on mobile.You can download their mobile applications from stores. Ramco’s DMS follows the tagline of “Empower your dealer to be a leader”.

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Each customer is unique and they would like to have a customised DMS software according to their business needs. Having this in mind ,Wipro offers customers with a build or buy solution model. Wipro initially gets the requirement from customers and tries to process the development on top of Wipro’s DMS framework.The core system includes all the mandatory modules like pre sales, vehicle sales, vehicle support, financial accounting, workflow automation, reports, utilities, spare parts and customer management CRM. All the functionalities and key features of this DMS are really simple and they focus more on user friendly approach .



Agn-soft mainly focuses on user satisfaction and a valuable product for customer’s money. Agnsoft’s dealer management software is hassle free and handy for everyone.This is a GST compatible solution and all the modules of various departments are tightly coupled.This integration helps in avoiding data repetition and gives you the detailed output for minimum basic input. All core activities of a dealer are covered within the system. They have an inbuilt financial accounting system with a strong CRM and a well controlled inventory .

Dealer management software


Success of any organisation mainly depends on its strong software system. Excellon’s dealer management solutions are very much flexible for handling all the organisational needs irrespective of its size.This system is capable of managing all the modules effectively. Their lead management capability allows staff to collect the complete details from the system.They can make note of all the follow-up reminders too. DMS automatically assigns the leads to corresponding team based on priority. DMS’s customer management module ensures, customers have a seamless experience with the system. Same like lead and customer management, the system is feeded with various functional capabilities.


Jagbros renders personal attention to serve custom needs. Their DMS system achieves the basic goal of satisfying their dealers ,by tracking their complete business records end to end within the system.They have all the basic modules integrated within their DMS. The following are few mandatory modules required for any DMS system: Pre Sales Management,workshop management,vehicle sales, SMS manager, Inventory management. The system helps in safe integration of dealers data with company’s ERP system.

Envent Soft

Dealer Management Software is playing an important role with Indian two wheeler and its dealers. Envent’s DMS is capable of serving dealers’s daily operational requirements. This software deals with the complete requirements of an automobile dealer business. This DMS is 100% Web-Based with a centralized database with easy configuration setup. Dealers can easily view and access information anytime without any difficulties.This is a GST enabled friendly system which helps dealers in effective monitoring of their business.

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