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Deliveroo Clone: Top Four Similar Food Ordering Scripts in the Market

Food Ordering Scripts similar to the Deliveroo Clone have been catapulted to new heights because of the recent trend of ordering in food. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, food deliveries have surged owing to social distancing and isolation practices.

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Many food delivery services are implementing contactless delivery and improved hygiene practices for the benefit of food lovers.

Customers can order their favorite meals with just a few taps on their phone. These meals are delivered within minutes from their preferred local restaurants. Most food ordering scripts like the Deliveroo Clone also customize meals based on preferences.

Restaurant businesses that are hit hard by the current economic slowdown face the challenge of delivery staff shortages. Business is also dull when there is no one dining-in. 

Food joints have leveraged food ordering scripts to find new business opportunities in doorstep food deliveries. Customer outreach & online branding can also improve with online food delivery services like the Deliveroo Clone.

Deliveroo Clone
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About Deliveroo

Deliveroo, an online food delivery company, operates in more than 200 cities. Deliveroo provides delivery services with their delivery team as well as marketing and order taking. This allows restaurants that do not normally offer a delivery service to improve the business while getting food delivered to customers.

Restaurants that Deliveroo partners with may have dine-in options or maybe delivery-only kitchens. The Deliveroo Clone helps restaurants sign in and manage their customer orders, finances, deliveries, customer queries, and more.

The Deliveroo Clone for the customer app helps browse restaurants and menus, view prices, select and manage food items, place an order, make a payment, track order and delivery status, and more.

This blog discusses the top four food ordering scripts in the market other than the Deliveroo Clone.


DoorDash is a popular food delivery script in the market today that is connected to over 3 million restaurants in over 400 cities worldwide. This food ordering script has a user-friendly interface with a simple, easy-to-navigate menu that categorizes food based on the type of cuisine. It has a plethora of options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. 

Customers can choose a restaurant or meal based on rating, pricing, distance, and estimated delivery time. The app displays restaurants that offer no delivery fee for your first order, local favorites, & the fastest delivery under Featured National Partners. Menus can be split by popular items or viewed as a whole, including appetizers, meals, and desserts.

You can subscribe to the DashPass service where delivery charges are waived off, and service fees are the lowest from thousands of restaurants.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is known for its fast delivery and a wide network of more than 3.2 million restaurants in more than 500 cities globally. The average delivery time is less than 30 minutes. 

This food delivery app sorts the order of restaurants based on your order history. You can also view a sorted list of restaurants based on popularity, rating, price range, estimated delivery time, delivery fee, and dietary needs.

Categories like Popular near You and National Brands are also featured on the app. Real-time tracking of your order, quick order cancelation, and secure payments are the other attractive features of Uber Eats.


If you’re looking for the best food deals in town, Postmates is one of the most reliable apps in the market. Postmates operates in more than 4,200 cities across the U.S. and has more than 5 million restaurant partners for delivery or pickup. The Clone script has a good variety of options, with a clean & simple interface.

Restaurants or meals are sorted based on the categories popular, recommended, fastest, or type of cuisine. Postmates charges a delivery fee between $1 to $10, and a variable percentage on the service fee during the busy hours.

The app offers a feature called Party where an order is eligible for free delivery if there are other people in your area also ordering at the same time. Postmates also offers 24/7 service where they deliver from restaurants serving 24/7.


GrubHub (a.k.a. Seamless) operates in over 2700 cities across the U.S. By partnering with more than 1.4 million restaurants, this food delivery clone lets you place orders based on food type, and sorts results by rating, distance, price, delivery time, and delivery fee. 

It also lets you place orders based on past order history. The app also lets you pre-order a meal. You can find some of the updated features on GrubHub here.

Share your food delivery service experiences with us in the comment section below. 

Contact us if you’re planning to start a food delivery business yourself. We can help you develop a clone script similar to these top-rated apps.

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