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Difference Between Admire, Wanela and Shopsy Marketplace Scripts

1. Admire – Admire is a social marketplace. It has all the in-built features like theme customization, layout customization, comes with mobile apps for consumers and sellers both. It is a flag ship marketplace and I would suggest this if you’re going to start a marketplace business and social is the next big thing – so it has got both.

The major difference is Social elements in Admire – Admire has lot of viral social elements that brings lot of traffic to your site through social platform. For example – People can use the marketplace as Pinterest + ECommerce marketplace – Tag their social friends – Their friends get notified inside the social platform and visit the site – They can create collections, wants etc. We have a social element where users can follow others, share their interest socially etc.

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2. Wanelo – Wanela is aggregator of shopping sites. If you have used Pinterest, it is similar but specially for eCommerce shopping sites. So has user generated content aggregated all the products from the world and displays in a nice UI with few social elements.

3. Shopsy – Shopsy is a ETSY clone – which is a community marketplace. If you’re going to start a hand crafts, jewel marketplace – then this is a right choice. Along with the marketplace – it has a community feature where people can blog, start discussion boards, forums, communities, teams etc.

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