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Differences between a mobile app and a web app!

Ever wondered how a mobile app is different from a web app? There are plenty of differences and they are listed below in order to help you gain clarity about how they are different and how they can be used.

Mobile app Vs Web app in access methods:

In order to gain access to a web app the user requires a computer, a mobile device or a tablet and internet connection. The user accesses the web app by typing the URL of the website into the navigation bar of an internet browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla etc. A web app does not require installation and downloading.

A mobile app on the hand has to be downloaded from online stores such as the app store or Google Play. The app is saved on the user’s smartphone or tablet and does not require an internet connection to open and access it.

Mobile app Vs Web app in intent and purpose:

A mobile app is generally created with a specific purpose and is usually used frequently and repeatedly. For example an app created for photo editing will be used whenever the user wants to edit a photograph by adding new filters and effects or by changing the colour. Hence a mobile app increases customer loyalty.

A web app or the other hand is created to inform the audience about some event or product. Usually a web app is used for communication with the customers.

Mobile app Vs Web app in update process:

A web app also known as a website is usually updated without the user realizing it since only when he opens that particular website, will he be notified about the updates. It is an automatic process.

Every update for a mobile app however has to be downloaded on the smartphone or tablet.

Mobile app Vs Web app in availability: A web app or a website is immediately available for the user since it requires only a browser and internet connection. A mobile app however needs to be first downloaded and installed before the content can be viewed by the user. This can be a roadblock for initial engagement.

A web app is compatible across all devices ranging from PCs to smartphones to tablets. A mobile app however has to be developed for different types of devices.



Mobile app Vs Web app in upgradeability:

A web app or a website is more flexible and hence easier to update than an app. After the website has been edited and published, the changes will be automatically visible on the website. When a mobile app is updated however, this update has to be pushed to the users and downloaded on different types of devices for them to work.

Mobile app Vs Web app in shareability:

It’s very easy for a website URL to be shared among users via an email or through a post on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter etc. Publishers can guide users to the website by sharing a link on a blog post or a website. Mobile apps however simply cannot be shared this way.

Mobile app Vs Web app in reachability:

A web app has greater reach since it can be shared among users, are easily found via search engines and can be viewed on all platforms, they have a greater reach and access to the customers than a mobile app.

A web app has a longer lifespan than a mobile app. This is because unless an app is really useful and frequently used by the user, it has the possibility of being deleted from the smartphone or tablet. A web app however is always available for the users to view and browse through and can never be deleted.

Mobile app Vs Web app in cost-effectiveness and sustainability:

A web app is more cost effective since it’s more flexible and can be adapted to almost any platform. It is also easier to sustain over a period of time since upgrading, testing and developing a mobile app is more expensive than maintaining a web app or a website.

Mobile App Vs Web app in Personalization:

If your target customers are going to be using your mobile app in a personal and frequent kind of way, then a mobile app is better than a website.

Mobile app Vs Web app in Offline functionality:

If you have to provide content or information offline that does not require an internet connection then a mobile app would be more appropriate.

These are some of the differences between mobile app and web app.

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