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10 Things to look for in a Digital marketplace script

Ecommercemix has an illustrious pool of ecommerce business consultants who are equipped with intellectual depth and breadth of ecommerce industry. While Ecommercemix has already been in the limelight for its perfect and tailor-made ecommerce turnkey scripts which serve as the ultimate choice of all marketplace enthusiasts, a new variant of its marketplace script called Admire Digital has ushered in the affectionate awe of its loyal customers. This has lifted the team of Ecommercemix to heaven. In this insightful article, I would like to throw some light before you setup buy and sell digital products marketplace store. This is certainly truer of Admire Digital as it is jam-packed with a host of rewarding features. Before ferreting out the features of Admire marketplace, let us understand the meaning of Digital product marketplace.

Understanding Digital Product Marketplace Script:

To put in simple words, digital marketplace script is a marketplace script that delivers digital products with an instant download. These digital products are also called virtual goods. It allows you to buy and sell digital assets online that wall in a wide range of categories. For instance, as an owner of digital marketplace script, you can sell website themes to millions and billions of software solutions. If you are selling CAD designs, you can start a digital marketplace for CAD designs.

Note: We’ve recently launched our client’s marketplace that sells CAD designs to customers. They basically create digital designs for physical products.

Features to look for in a digital download marketplace:

themeforest digital marketplace


What exactly does it mean to have a scalable digital marketplace at your disposal? To be clear-cut and unambiguous, scalability is the ability of an ecommerce marketplace platform or a digital marketplace platform to change and grow as per the requirements- be it an increase in demand or an increase in traffic or any other fruitful endeavor. Your digital marketplace script should support load balancing feature where data and traffic are spread over multiple servers. It all boils down to having a robust network infrastructure on which your digital product marketplace has been built. Caching and indexing are proven techniques that enable higher frequency of transactions. Demand on hardware resources can be effortlessly reduced by relying on caching and indexing. If you are looking for a digital marketplace script that is scalable, Admire digital marketplace script stands second to none.

Handling the deliverables:

Your digital marketplace platform is all set to eke out a digital shopping revolution only if it can effectively handle all the deliverables. It behooves on you to ensure that it has the following inbuilt constructive and meritorious features:

User groups and the associated permissions: As a proud owner of your freelance marketplace script, the digital marketplace platform should allow you to create umpteen numbers of users and categorize them into several groups. Apart from this, it should allow you to grant access privileges to each and every seller.

Listing digital products: What thus is truly an absolute must have is a robust upload system that allows different sellers to upload their digital files and digital assets with maximum ease and minimum effort. For instance, there may be many authors who wish to sell their recently launched e-articles and white papers. In all likelihood, your digital marketplace platform should support uploading such e-documents and e-assets at the drop of the hat.

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Digital coupons: This can be best explained with an example- Let us assume a scenario in which your digital marketplace platform is the center of activity of various online coaching institutes. Whenever students wish to avail festive discounts on e-books and e-materials, then can do so by redeeming the coupon code of the digital coupons of their respective online coaching institutes. What thus is the key takeaway is that your digital marketplace should be programmed to generate genuine digital coupon codes.

Service Cart: Service Cart keeps track of all the orders and their validity of the orders. This can be eloquently explained by taking the aforementioned example into consideration. If a student purchases the coaching material (say CAT coaching material) of any institute, the validity of the coaching material is always kept in the loop.

Seller subscription plans: Sellers can opt for one of the many subscription plans available on the marketplace. In a typical low-end subscription plan, sellers have to pay a reasonable amount to avail the features such as customized dashboard, e-inventory tracker, templates and layouts, designs etc. In a typical med-level subscription plan, sellers can avail all high end features such as advanced smart search, latest templates, access to discussion boards and community forums etc. In a typical high-end subscription plan, sellers can avail all the features for life-time. To know more about various seller subscription plans in detail, do visit this article.

Subscription revenue model for marketplace script

When it comes to satiating your thirst for the aforementioned features, Admire’s Digital marketplace script surpasses your expectations.

Pecking order of categories and sub-categories:

Your digital marketplace script should accentuate the feature of ‘Categories and sub-categories.’ Published assets must be separated from those of yet to be published items. Also, seller specific easy categorization should always be the shimmering feature. If ‘Books’ is one of your many categories, the sub-categories that come under this category are ‘Fiction’, ‘Fantasy’, ‘Romance’, ‘Politics’ etc. If any seller intents to add a new sub-category called ‘Humor’, your digital marketplace script should undeniably permit. Proper segmentation, easy categorization and pecking order form a streamlined and an indispensable trio.

Instant seller payout options:

Your digital assets business may go against the grain if your digital marketplace script doesn’t support PayPal adaptive payment gateway. While it is not uncommon for many digital marketplace script owners to aggrandize their payout options, what distinguishes Ecommerce-mix’s Admire Digital marketplace script is its flawless and seamless support to Braintree marketplace payment and stripe connect payment gateways. Needless to say, these payment online payment systems are swift, robust and secure.

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Integrated Multi-lingual translation module:

While this feature is present in many digital marketplace scripts, what distinguishesAdmire Digital marketplace script from other digital marketplace scripts is that Admire Digital marketplace script is ‘least error prone’. In addition, it is cost-effective and does justice to every penny you pay for. As the administrator and owner of your own digital marketplace platform, you can vouch for the ‘one-size-fits-all’ scheme. In other words, several language modules can be integrated into a module repository. Your content can be translated into as many languages you prefer. All the changes that you make should get reflected on your ‘Admin panel’. To have a comprehensive view of this feature, please visit our Multiple language ecommerce plugin.

Integrated Multi-currency module:

If you want to take your digital marketplace platform to the arena of global trade, an integrated multi-currency module is indubitably the need of the hour. If your digital marketplace script is devoid of this feature, more often than not, global target audiences end up ridiculing your digital marketplace platform. Admire Digital marketplace script is integrated with currency converter API. Integrated multi-currency module ensures a more judicious approach to global audiences shopping sprees. It will be easier for them to make payments. API takes care of the ever changing currency appreciation and deprecation. This way, your digital marketplace platform shall be in a hyper-elevated state of bliss. In other popular digital marketplace platforms, this feature is available as an add-on. However, in Admire Digital marketplace script, it is present as an inbuilt feature. To have a comprehensive view of this feature, please visit this link.

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Multi-level affiliate system:

This is one of the most promising marketing gambits that can do a world of good to your digital marketplace platform. If you have an influencer(s) who can vouch for the beauty of your own digital marketplace platform, this feature comes handy. As the title suggests, multiple levels of referral networking are supported. If your global audiences are consummately content with your digital marketplace platform services, in an impromptu display of unabashed excitement, your loyal customers will spring to their feet, throw their hands up in the air, scream at the top of their lungs and fall harmoniously into a thundering ovation. Just imagine this happening…sounds music to ears and resembles divinity to eyes! Doesn’t it? Do visit this link for a complete understanding.

Customer Support:

If you are dealing in licensed digital assets such as licensed software, customers may request their corresponding sellers to guide them on activating product licenses, code customizations etc. What thus becomes necessary is a customer-seller discussion board. All the concerns and queries of customers can be addressed at the earliest. Disputes can be resolved. Remember, providing 24*7 customer service is tumultuous. However, Ecommerce-mix, the team of heroic personages does round-the-clock exemplary service to its customers. In Admire Digital marketplace script, there are several discussion forums apart from dedicated community forums. Customers can express their opinions (approvals/disapprovals) on the genuinity and quality of the services of the digital marketplace platform.

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Live preview of digital marketplace platform:

Gullible audiences are becoming prey to the devious marketing gambits of charlatans and fraudsters. More often than not, these target audiences are being driven into the state of oblivion. Many Janus-faced digital marketplace platform vendors convince customers to buy their products. What ensue thus are a litany of complaints and a catalogue of grievances. To do away with such awful scenarios, Ecommerce-mix has come up with an amazing ‘Live preview’ and ‘Free-trial’ features. Customers can make the payment only if they are satisfied with the performance of Admire Digital marketplace script. Other important feature is ‘Ratings and Review’ where customers and third-party ecommerce experts express their opinions, write reviews and rate the features of the digital marketplace script.

Note: We recently customized our marketplace script for selling eBooks. The digital marketplace has two awesome features –

1) Automatic watermark on the preview pages of the eBook. Once the seller uploads the full ebook – first 4 pages will be automatically shown for user preview with watermark.

2) Download time of 24 hours. If the purchaser doesn’t download it with-in 24 hours, the download link will automatically expire.


The so called age of vaunted technology can convey the notion of the age of haunted technology when cyber criminals flex their ugly muscles. Cyber criminals may indulge in several undesirable activities such as making fraud payments, sending spam mails etc. Also, it is not uncommon to find dubious registrations. To prevent such malicious attacks, Admire Digital marketplace script is built with a robust HTTPS (HTTP+ Security) framework. In addition, it complies with TLS protocol regulations. ‘Account Authentication and Verification’ feature will prevent bots into your digital marketplace platform. The default status of any registered user is set to inactive. An authentication mail is sent to his/her registered mail. Whenever, the user clicks the link that is sent to his/her registered mail, his/her profile is activated. Every purchased module is given a license that is in an encrypted form. The key to decrypt this encryption is sent to registered mails. Do away with the fear of spammers.

Admire Digital marketplace script is integrated with several spam checking tools. If there are any unknown links on your digital marketplace script pages, these unknown links will be automatically dispatched. Also, tools such as Disqus and Akismet are integrated into Admire Digital marketplace script. They prevent spam from reaching your web pages. Thanks to the presence of high-performance SEO centric module and Honeypot trap implementations, black hat SEO or negative SEO can be minimized to zero. Any automated spam mail can be prevented by incorporating CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) and RE-CAPTCHA. The distinguishing feature that allows all genuine registered users to report spam to the digital marketplace owner is “Flag“ feature.

Sell digital products online:

Cruising ahead with a host of incomparable features and mind-blowing attributes, Admire Digital marketplace script can shift the equation of your digital marketplace business. The glitterati of Ecommercemix believe in spreading smiles and simplifying lives of its customers. Team Ecommercemix has a retinue of helpers and a legion of dignitaries. We can do the needful and help you in every step of your digital marketplace journey.

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