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DoorDash Clone: Top Driver App Features required in a Food Takeaway Script

Reliable drivers and delivery partners are at the heart of food delivery businesses around the world. It is crucial to ensure that your Food Takeaway Script or DoorDash clone has the necessary and primary features that make delivery convenient for drivers.

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Drivers and delivery partners are connecting points between a restaurant and customers. A driver app must help drivers accept or reject orders, navigate to the delivery point easily, provide order updates, suggest the best route to get to the destination, and more. 

A driver app in a Food Takeaway script like Doordash, one of the leading food delivery services, adds convenience, and improves the drivers’ performance.

DoorDash – Connecting Businesses to the Best Delivery Partners 

DoorDash implements technology to network with drivers/delivery partners to deliver food from restaurants to customers reliably. In the process, they help dashers (drivers) become financially independent while working at their own convenient time. 

The DoorDash Clone has some attractive features in its innovative driver-focused food takeaway script that offers flexibility and earning opportunities.

Food Takeaway Script
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Here are some of the top features you must include in your food delivery script.

Easy Signup & Sign in

To simplify signup, asking & auto-capturing only the necessary information (from social media accounts) is very important. A food takeaway script must have an intuitive & user-friendly user interface that makes it easy and quick to operate on it. The app must encrypt the password entered or incorporate a retina scan-based or PIN-based sign in so drivers can log in on the move without stopping. 

This feature also helps in preventing login errors due to spelling errors or typos. It also offers a high level of security against unauthorized login, similar to the DoorDash Clone.

You can also connect social media accounts for instant successful login. 

Profile Management

A food takeaway script like the DoorDash Clone must make driver profile management easy and secure. This includes changing only the variable fields like address, phone number, and email ID. Every time the delivery associate changes one of these, they are notified via SMS alert and an email notification to their registered phone number and Email ID.

This data can be helpful in case of an emergency. Making profile management complicated may lead to delays, miscommunication, and confusion. We thus recommend a simple workflow for profile management on your food takeaway script.

Trip/Delivery Management

Delivery Management helps drivers with order details, location, payment method, and fare information. The delivery service can be accepted or rejected by the driver based on their location or time it would take for them to fulfill the order delivery.

This feature helps drivers manage their trips and keep track of their performance. Drivers can make informed decisions on taking up a delivery task based on their daily, weekly, or monthly financial targets. The DoorDash clone helps manage trips efficiently in the app with statistics on the driver’s performance like deliveries accepted, completed, rejected, earnings history, etc.

Online & Offline Mode Setting

This feature offers drivers the flexibility& convenience to go online when he/she is ready to accept delivery tasks and go offline whenever he/she is off duty. A food takeaway clone must implement this feature to help drivers perform deliveries to meet targets and avoid unnecessary trip cancellations. 

The DoorDash Clone helps businesses switch to alternate drivers nearby if a designated person is not available to avoid delays.

Earning History


Earning history information helps a driver keep track of his/her payments, completed trips, canceled trips, delivery efficiency, and more. This feature on a food takeaway script provides insights into the earnings accrued over a week or months and helps track any pending payment. This is a useful feature on the DoorDash Clone script that drivers rely on to meet their financial targets.



GPS-enabled navigation using Google Maps or other services is necessary for any food takeaway clone script. It helps drivers reach easily and quickly to the delivery point.

Additionally, it lets drivers find alternate routes to the destination in case of traffic congestions or detours. A navigation feature captures the pickup spot and delivery spot automatically while assigning a delivery task.

This feature displays details like distance, time-taken, real-time traffic updates, landmarks, delays, and more.



You can improve the Quality of Service your delivery partners provide customers with these basic yet integral driver app features. If you want to develop a reliable food takeaway app, an experienced app development company can do it for you.

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