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Top 10 eCommerce app templates

Running a blog and handling multiple sites for various genres of customers leave no room for doubt and complacency. When you have customers coming up to you all the time and asking for advice on various topics, you have to be precise. This is why we try to keep ourselves as updated as possible on the topic of ecommerce app templates and how to get started with creating one.

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The best ecommerce app template of 2017 is eCommercemix

When it comes to creating an ecommerce website, there are plenty of ways and the two popular ways which are easier and ensure that you have an authentic site is to create an ecommerce store through a template or an ecommerce marketplace solution.

However, there is more to launching your ecommerce store online. Most of my customers are asking me whether it is okay to just have an online ecommerce website and the answer to this question is NO. We live in an era where technology has evolved to an extent where you don’t have an option anymore when it comes to going with it. If you want to stay at the top of your field and garner accolades and attract more traffic for your site, you have to go for what is working right now.

That winning formula today is a mobile ecommerce store app. The growth of mobile apps has been tremendous and there will be better additions in the future. But, today it is paramount to your company’s brand image and success, that you have a mobile app for your ecommerce store.

eCommerce app templates

Why mobile ecommerce store app?

Well, for starters, consider the fact that the entire sales that is happening through these mobile ecommerce apps has gone to a whopping $32 billion and will only grow in the coming years. Every online ecommerce company is devising methods to make shopping a little more convenient and easier for their customers. The obvious reason behind this hike in the sale through an app is the sales of tablets and phones. Every common man has a smartphone today, even if it is the most basic version. Thus, the growth in the revenue from an online ecommerce store app is directly proportional to the increase in the sales of smartphones and tablets.

What do the customers like better? For the ease and functionality which you get through an online ecommerce mobile app, customers obviously prefer an app. Not only this, but when a customer is shopping through a mobile ecommerce app, there is a sense of personalization and communication to the executives in case the customer needs any help.

Among many other factors, the choice of your mobile store app would depend on your products and budget. And if you want everything in one place, then nothing beats the help you get from the most popular ecommerce marketplace solution – PrimeFusion.

It offers you multiple payment gateways and a personalized admin panel to handle everything. Right from the basic level of customization to the minute technical details you have to deal with when creating an ecommerce mobile app, everything is taken care of by PrimeFusion. It is licensed and comes with easy codes to help you understand the back-end development of your ecommerce store. When it comes to creating a mobile store app, the work increases and PrimeFusion takes care of that as well. You can create highly competent ecommerce app stores for a small price. Your entire store will be highly responsive.

For the others who want to take another course of action, ecommerce app templates are always there. All the ecommerce app templates that have been mentioned below come from reliable source, including Envato or Theme Forest. Go ahead and choose the one that will suit your company’s needs and do justice to its brand name.

  1. Strips

When it comes to creating an ecommerce app store, you cannot take a risk. For this reason, Strips is a great choice as it comes with a quality check from Envato. When you purchase the license of this ecommerce template, you not only get plenty of amazing features for your ecommerce app store but future updates as well (and that too, for free).

The template gives you the option to choose from its 90+ page layouts and you get 2 skins as well. It also comes with the unique CSS3 curtain menu effect which will ensure that your products are displayed properly. The graphics come in HiDPI and are always retina ready. Since, the entire ecommerce store is to be designed keeping in mind the phones on which it will be used, you won’t be disappointed with the features of sliders and CSS3. This holds the first position in our list of eCommerce app templates.

  1. Fusion

You know that you will have the best ecommerce store app when you go for a template that has been created by HTML and Bootstrap and Fusion gives you the satisfaction and features of both. The landing page of your mobile ecommerce app will not only be designed to perfection but also come with great responsive features. The template is highly responsive and comes with features of JQueries and CSS3 platform.

To get a hang of the coding of the template, there is a documentation folder as well. So, you get everything organized and customization of this amazing ecommerce app is also very easy. If you still need something more, then it comes with 2 page layouts for your home sections and 4 layouts for an additional blog (if you want one).

  1. Ketty

Talk about stellar graphics and pictures that fill the entire screen and you have got yourself a winner in Ketty. If you are planning to take your ecommerce store to the small screen, then Ketty comes with fluid, proportion based grids for easy transformation. Moreover, the flexible images and CSS3 media queries will add to easy customization of the products on your ecommerce store.

While, the template is suitable for any kind of ecommerce app, it is highly recommended for sites that are planning on selling high end fashion clothes or accessories. In order to make your ecommerce store even more attractive and appealing, there is the option to add a video in the background. This will give you the opportunity to showcase the best product in your new arrivals or other products that will definitely draw in the visitors. Ketty holds the 3rd position in our list of best eCommerce app templates.

  1. Unify

One of the most popular ecommerce app template which is easily available on Theme Forest and comes with everything that you need to create a strong presence on the mobile phones of your users. Applications are easier and when you choose this template to design your company’s ecommerce store app, you get an intuitive design as well as features that make your ecommerce store multipurpose. To enhance the functionality of your ecommerce app, there are 24 PSD files for easy customization and efficiency.

Moreover, this template is also backed by Twitter Bootstrap to create an ecommerce app that is strong and delivers a powerful website without any glitches. The features that you get with the template are google fonts and pixel perfect screen resolution. Backed with 24*7 support from the developers of this template, you will not have to worry about a thing when creating your very own ecommerce store app.

  1. Astro

One feature that cannot be ignored is the speed of your ecommerce store. If you don’t have an ecommerce app store that loads in seconds, then the visitors (who are also the potential customer) will start looking for another ecommerce store. Astro is one such template that looks after this need. It is highly responsive and customizable. But, with its clean codes and amazing design, the entire layout of the template allows you to create an ecommerce store that comes at blazing speed. It is powered by jQuery and comes with image filter and lightbox gallery among other features. If you want to add some more effects on your homepage, then you have the option of the parallax header. With this template, you not only get the best ecommerce store but also other important features which give you the power to easily customize and manage your online ecommerce store.

  1. Milness

When it comes to simplicity and modernization, nothing beats the specs and features of milness. It is one of the top rated ecommerce app templates that comes with strong coding and is backed by HTML framework. The idea behind the development of this template was to enhance the complete look and aesthetic of your ecommerce app store so that users don’t think twice before opening the links. It comes with easy animation and is a highly responsive template. Along with 7 colour schemes and 21 page layouts, you would never run out options to create a stellar ecommerce app store for your company.

If you are still looking for more, then this template comes with 10 home page designs as well and uses parallax to give you the landing page of your dreams.

  1. Mock Up

Ecommerce store apps are not only about selling products online. There are services which are needed and these come under ecommerce as well. Services like travel and tour packages and air tickets. And if you have an ecommerce website that deals with everything related to travel, then Mock Up is the perfect ecommerce app template to get you started with your own ecommerce store for a mobile phone. It comes with a plethora of features which will get the job done for you in no time. Mock up has 13 screens to suit all your needs.

Also, the UI of the entire app that you will have at the end will be clean and highly customizable. It comes with Google fonts and any error can be easily edited out. The entire app will be retina ready and with the perfect pixels, you will have an amazing ecommerce app store for your company.

  1. Styler

Styler not only gives you template to make your job of transitioning from the big screen to the small screen easier, but it is specifically designed to create an ecommerce app for mobile phones. It comes with CSS3 queries and flexible images. But, the one feature which makes it better than the other templates is the multilingual ecommerce template. If you are ultimately focusing on a global audience, then having a template that can showcase your ecommerce app store in multiple languages will be an added bonus. It also comes with great colour schemes which ensure that the palette of your ecommerce app is never dull and redundant. Customize every little detail and plugin according to your whims. The template also has AJAX search and an option to add a blog if you want to put up some articles and personal anecdotes. Styler holds the 8th position in our list of top eCommerce app templates.

  1. Sceena 3D

Another ecommerce app template that comes with the quality check of Envato so you can be assured of its authenticity. And you don’t have to worry about the future updates as well. What makes this template different from all the others? The menu option of this template is amazing as it is comes in a perspective 3D format. Along with this, you get swipe galleries and sliders which enhance the functionality of your ecommerce store to a better extent.

The entire ecommerce store will be retina ready with HiDPI graphics and the template offers you the option to choose from 90+ page layouts and 2 skins.

  1. Decorma

One of the best ecommerce apps that you will find on the play store will always be retina ready and decorma is no different. This feature has become increasingly important in the past couple of years because people are spending a lot of time on the various mobile apps.

Everything on this ecommerce app is flexible including the content and the images. The content of the app is backed by HTML and gives you powerful specs.

Additional features that shall enhance the development of your mobile ecommerce app include the parallax viewer on the home page along with the option to display products in the mosaic gallery. You get to add your own version of mega menu. Also, the product quick view is another feature which has been recently added to the features of this ecommerce app template.

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