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10 Niche eCommerce business ideas for 2017

The end of 2016 is here and 2017 is just around the corner. This certainly means new opportunities, new ideas and new start-ups. If the start up bug hasn’t already bit you, here’s something that will nibble on that idea that you’ve been working on and finally setting it afloat into the market. E-commerce related business has become the current trend that gives rise to your aspirations and certainly gives rise to newer and better opportunities.Presenting to you 10 niche eCommerce business ideas for 2017 that you can also start with.

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  1. Wedding Shopping Store:

If you’ve decided that you’re finally ready for marriage and you’re stuck up with what you’re going to wear (girls can surely relate with this J) here’s something that might help.

Wedding shopping can be really tiresome and while you’re at it, you may consider shopping online. Websites like are easing the tension of shoppers by offering various designs for brides and grooms. If you’re looking for lehengas or sherwanis, you can simply check them out online, order them, try them out and choose the one for you. Designs are plenty, but that special design for that special day in your life comes with plenty of choices at your doorstep. What’s more exciting is that certain websites are one-stop solutions and offer a huge variety of accessories too. Some of them include; Necklace, Earrings, Mangalsutra, pendants, rings, chains, anklets and more. Grooms can also choose their mojaris and other necessary accessories. This can be one of the best niche eCommerce business ideas for you in 2017.

eCommerce business ideas for 2017

  1. Luxury good stores:

Wouldn’t you just love it when your favorite luxury brands offer discounts and more so, offer free delivery to your residence?

As online shopping is becoming a trend, luxury brands are getting their fair-share of attention. There are a couple of genuine luxury good re-sellers online that import goods directly from the manufacturers and deliver them to your doorstep.

eCommerce business ideas for 2017

However, you’ve got to be careful where you choose to spend your money. Some stores have been selling knock-off products. Make yourself really comfortable with the site you’ve chosen to purchase with and then choose your products.


eCommerce business ideas in 2017

For instance: is an Indian online luxury goods re-seller that belongs to Aditya Birla Group. While buying luxury branded t-shirts, shirts, jeans or jackets you can be rest assured that you’re getting the real-deal.

Luxury goods stores have picked up pace world over and buyers don’t mind spending a little more on their favorite luxury brand & it is one of the most unique eCommerce business ideas for you in 2017.

  1. Online Travel goods and accessories stores:

Traveling has gone to newer heights and people who love traveling would certainly appreciate the idea of a one-stop shop that deals with all travel related accessories and such. With a rapid increase of travelers, the demand for travel related goods are on a up rise.

eCommerce business ideas 2017

Websites like offer various travel related products such as Travel gear, Guidebooks, Merchandise, Maps, Gift cards and even DVDs. You can get the best deals by ordering online and avail great discounts.

  1. Vegan store:

Going green has become a way of life and people take this quite seriously. There are websites that offer pure vegan groceries that contains no meat and no alternatives. You can simply check out cookies, healthy foods, soups, sauces or even energy bars as per your convenience and order them. Although the reach of these online stores are slowly picking up pace, the year 2017 should be fruitful for vegans.

eCommerce business ideas 2017

There are websites like, that offer a wide variety of vegan items.

  1. Pet sores:

Why shop only for yourselves and not those cute fur-balls that make your day blissful. People have taken a keen liking towards pet grooming and what had been prevailing in the west has its impact here as well.

Its not just pet food, leashes and toys for your pets these days, online stores sell an array of products that’s going to make you cringe.

eCommerce business ideas for 2017

Webistes such as, offer a huge variety of products such as:

Dog Balnkets, Puppy dens, Dog foods based on the breed, Toys, Cat food, Cat medicine, Nail clippers, Fish food as well as bird and other small pet essentials. You can simply order the products and receive them at your doorstep. A niche pets store is one of the most workable eCommerce business ideas for 2017.

  1. Medicines online:

What seemed to be a rather uncommon idea is currently getting response in the market. Online Medical stores are offering services like cash on delivery, free home delivery for those patients who find it difficult to get a few medications with the local pharmacist.

eCommerce business ideas.

Websites like, are gaining more popularity these days. They offer great deals on medicines and provide discounts as well.

  1. Men’s grooming store:

Why should girls have all the fun? Men’s grooming was an untapped market (at least in India) until websites like,, have created a niche for men’s grooming products. Who would have thought that beard oils, beard wash, beard softener and beard wax would ever be a thing? It’s possible now and it’s selling like hot cakes. The No shave November is also closely affiliated to this trend and the forthcoming year is going to increase the demand for the growing men’s grooming segment. Again this is one the unique eCommerce business ideas for 2017.

eCommerce business ideas for 2017

  1. Luxury watches online:

Who doesn’t like a classy looking timepiece? None that I know of, the trend of wearing designer clothes can only be complemented with designer watches. A watch doesn’t just tell you the time; it does a lot more than that. Most of the watches being sold are considered fake. Hence, it’s imperative to do your homework before investing in a luxury watch. There are dedicated websites like, that deal with watches ranging from a couple of thousand to watches worth crores.

eCommerce business ideas for 2017

  1. Tailor services:

Taking tailoring services a notch ahead, there are online services that offer tailoring services. Simply book a tailor, schedule the pickup time or fix up an appointment with the tailor and get your custom made suits stitched to perfection.

eCommerce business ideas for 2017

These services don’t come cheap but they’re worth it if you’re all into customized clothing.

"Tailor service online"

Websites like, offer tailoring services for men and women. This is one of the unique eCommerce business ideas for 2017, that can act like a service and also has the benefits of an online shopping store.

  1. Jewelry Online:

If you can buy seafood online then why not jewelry? Jewelry sector is one of the most rapidly increasing sectors that has its footing online too. With options like customizing your own design to choosing the metal of your choice to picking your favorite gems, it has it all. Some of the famous websites such as, are some of the prominent players.

Online eCommerce business ideas.

The authenticity of the gems and jewelry sold by them comes with certificates of trust and genuineness. This holds the first place in our list of eCommerce business ideas for 2017.

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