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5 Social Marketing Tools for Ecommerce Marketplace Websites

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A couple of days ago, I happened to read a humorous post about Social Media.

It read, “Facebook is like a jail. You sit around, waste time, have a profile picture, write on walls and get poked by guys you don’t really know.” Well, let me complement this with another one. Here is an interaction between a random ecommerce seller and a customer,

Customer: “So what made you start ecommerce business?
Seller: “It had something to do with my boss.”
Customer: “Really! So, what did he say?
Seller: “You are fired”

Hopefully, I must have brought some smiles on your face. That being said, it is important to emphasize that social sharing tools have become indispensable. Here are a few must have tools:

Janrain Social Login: Janrain social login plugin basically functions as a user management platform and consists of the following three core features and several user engagement extensions :

Janrain Engage: This feature encompasses a host of several sub- features such as Social Login, Social Sharing, Account Mapping and Friend Invite capabilities. As of now, Janrain supports seamless social login for as many as 22 providers which includes popular names such as Foursquare, Yelp etc. Janrain is presently looking with a wave of optimism to support several International social networks across the globe. As far as the issue of offering custom APIs is concerned, Janrain avows to customize social login widgets via its dashboard feature.

Janrain Federate: Janrain Federate is a single sign-on solution that allows multiple brands and websites to seamlessly move users between multiple web-partner sites. As a consequence, brands can always selectively pass users’ profiles information to partners.

Janrain Capture: This is a service offered in three distinct flavors- Express, Standard and Premium. There are a plethora of services coming under the ambit of Janrain Capture. Here are a few:

  • Social Data storage
  • Complete service registration system
  • Registration screens with data validation

Janrain offering and provisioning APIs are available for both web and mobile platforms. Also, flexible offerings are always on the menu. This social login tool is available as a plugin for platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, X-Cart, vBulletin etc. Janrain mentions on its website that its stand-out features include Loyalty, Rewards and Game Mechanics. You can visit the official website here.


ShareThis brands itself as an all-in-one widget. Founded by David E.Goldberg, ShareThis lets its users share any content on the web via numerous avenues such as e-mail, text message and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). In addition, ShareThis maintains an account of personal contacts as well. And yes, ShareThis is also available as a toolbar version or as an add-on for popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla Application Suite etc. ShareThis promises excellent social activity, increase in page views and enhanced user control. To put in simple words, users can delete, share and re-share. Kurt Abrahamson, CEO of ShareThis said, “We have always been all about giving people the flexibility to share the content that moves them, whoever and however they want.” To wrap it up, here is what ShareThis provides:

  • Ease of implementation
  • Brand visibility
  • Brand awareness
  • Seamless Content Management
  • High level user control
  • Well, give this a shot and let us know your reviews.

You can download this widget here.


If you are looking for a refer-a-friend program with automated tracking and fulfillment options, ReferralCandy feature is for you. This software was released into the market in the year 2009 and within two years since its inception, ReferralCandy became the most sought-after social software for its ability to advocate numerous invitation options such as newsletters, bulk invite options etc.

Known for its robust security and authentication features, ReferralCandy obviates any cyber-attack. You can manage your coupon codes as well. Needless to say, fraud protection and advanced analytics are always on the menu. Known for its effortless integration with popular ecommerce marketplace platforms such as Admire, BigCommerce, Shopify, Shopsy, Amazon WebStore etc., ReferralCandy offers referral marketing program that is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

By the way, social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail are all inherently integrated. To strike a chord with its intended audiences, ReferralCandy runs a blog and offers some referral marketing tips.


This is yet another referral marketing software that helps ecommerce companies acquire new customers and increase sales. Talkable offers the following features:

Build: Build customizable Refer a Friend programs. The Talkable platform is completely flexible in terms of who the campaign targets, how it looks, who is rewarded, and how they are rewarded.

Track: Track every site purchase and customer share to reward advocates and friends only when they meet your defined campaign criteria.

Test: Test offers to maximize referral program performance. Brands must find the perfect balance between size of offer and number of sales generated. The platform also allows you to A/B test design, copy, and user slows.

Analyze: Analyze every step of the funnel; from shares to clicks to site visits to purchases. Talkable provides referral data that you can trust.

Social Annex:

The moment you visit its website, there is an un-missable line that reads “Implement Customer Loyalty and Social Commerce solutions into your marketing strategies to acquire highly qualified customers.” Social Annex social tool aids you in the following three aspects:

Acquisition- Acquire new customers
Conversion- Convert casual viewers into loyal customers
Retention- Retain the entire customer base

Its clients include various mid-size companies and the top 1000 internet brands. To express in a nut shell, Social Annex offers the following services:

  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Login Services
  • Sharing and Referral Programs
  • User Generated Content
  • Visual Commerce
  • Contests

The Bottom-line

Social sharing tools have become consequential. All the tools mentioned in this article are feature-rich and excellent. Try all the tools and settle for the best one that suits your requirements. Let us know your views as well.

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