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eMavens eCommerce Development Company Review

eMavens is an eCommerce development company where innovation, hunger for creativity, quality of the work, and promptness are what drives them crazy. This Delhi based company offers web development, eCommerce solutions, mobile app development and online marketing and is pioneers in their field and had been catering to global clientele needs since last thirteen years. As mentioned din their website, they are best known for their consistency while handling each project and for their professional approach whether it’s with the client interaction or at work.

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Their comprehensive eCommerce package of services makes it possible to develop eCommerce websites that are not only rich in feature but also encompasses all the basic to advanced functionality.

They follow a stringent process during the eCommerce software development which is as below:
UI/UX —> Customization & Development —> Payment Gateway Integration —> SSL Integration —> Deployment

They start with understanding the client’s business and his requirements, proceed step-by-step, starting with interface development, that is, UI/UX development. Usually the companies have some ready-made code available, which they have developed before and they now need to work on the customization part. This involves integrating features pertinent to business and also what the client wants, and then goes the development part. To run an eCommerce store, it is important to include the payment gateways and the customers usually expect wide choice for making the payments. Once the eCommerce store is ready and the payment integration is done, the next phase is the SSL integration to avoid the website being hacked and security of course, is the most important concern for any user and even the admin. Now, by this time, the website has been tested thoroughly and is ready to be deployed on the client’s server so that he can start running his business.
During the entire process, eMavens takes care of every important aspect of the eCommerce website design and development.

eCommerce development company

eMavens Review

Most positive review

Abhishek Prasher
Regional Marketing Head
Action Udyog
“We were in need of a professional, interactive and functional website for our company ( We approached EMAVENS and the whole website was well conceptualized and developed with pleasing graphical look. We found emaven’s very creative and cooperative. The website is well appreciated by our clients and partners. I am in full praise for this team for their excellent solution”

Most negative review

Barista, Delhi
Third class. and 1 star says’hated it’, that’s exactly what I do of them. I went there to renovate my website and these guys promised to fulfill all my requirements for 30 k with small extra add on things free of cost afterwards. Let alone free stuff and all my requirements, they ironically coded my website with whatever little they did so erroneously(bad coding) that now my current developer wants to bash this guy who worked on my website in E-Mavens for intentionally doing wrong stuff to my website. They also over charged, only delivered 20% of what they promised during time of discussion initially, refused to give any payment acknowledgements receipt and their seniors have BIG “egos”. I am thinking of filing a complaint in Govt Consumer forum for the kind of conduct they delivered and also the fact that they are not following the norms of a pvt. company according to Indian laws.

Never ever go to them. they are a bunch of notorious people. The guy who lured me into the deal was Rahul Saini’full of ego’ and proudly introduces himself as’Marketing Head of the Company’ and the techie who worked on my project was Mohit. Sab mile hue hai. junior don’t have the right to say anything on their own due to seniors pressure. I found the whole working environment very dubious and unhealthy. I had a terrible experience. if you want to make project through them, sure enough go to Rahul, who will lure you into the deal but then, see the consequences for yourselves going forward. Now, I am with another developer company in Delhi and I am working with them on the same project since the past 4 months, never ever had any problem and really a DAMN friendly owner. After seeing the quality of their service, I came to conclusion how bad E-Mavens are.

The Pros

  • They say that they apply robust and customized eCommerce strategy and best consulting in the world
  • They state that they are good in building User Interface Design (UID) that boosts online sales, establishes brand loyalty and attracts the consumer as well
  • They claim to offer shopping cart or eCommerce solutions that are very affordable
  • Their online marketing services addresses every concern related to internet marketing

The Cons

Technical Specs

Price: No details available
Intended users: Someone looking to advertise their products online through their online store (Single vendor) big businesses looking for a multi-vendor type of eCommerce platform
Devices supported: Web and iOS/Android
Support options: Customer care
Domain age: 2003-10-18
Social popularity: Some social media presence is there for this eCommerce development company
Technology: Zen Cart, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Magento, MySQL & PHP

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