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You an Entrepreneur ?? … Do these 5 things before its too late !

One can’t deny the fact that Entrepreneurship is a real long and tiring journey. And yes, It is also one of those most un-predictable journey’s of life ( You never know what awaits at the end of the tunnel : Light or just more of the tunnel ). Through out this long and exciting roller-coaster ride there is bound to be many Ups, downs & bumps , many Wow moments and depressing moments, many many lessons learnt and thought. So, once you decide to take this giant leap in life – the life that once seemed be a slow & boring bicycle ride is goanna turn into a super fast, thrilling F1 race through time at 1000 Kmph ! ….., ….. When you have decided to live life at this speed there are certain important factors that you need to give attention to – so you can pursue your race even more effectively with confidence, hope & safety . Lets take a look at some of these factors :

– Health insurance :

You can predict any expenditure in life and do a budget forecast to it . The only thing that you can never ever predict is medical expenditure. You may predict every expense for the next year, but God forbid you get I’ll or meet with some accident…..the hospital and medical bills are gonna surge past all your financial predictions and drain out every penny !
So while you are safe and sound , analyse and subscribe to a couple of good medical and health insurances . This will be a very good investment and will give you a safe and secure future. While you are at it get the best health insurance for you and your family members.

Note : See that you subscribe to health insurances that can cover you and your family for upto atleast $40,000+ ( as hospital and medical bills can really cost high )

Medical bill emotion

– Get married at the right age : 

Its an un-written rule that you will need to go through hell to pluck that flower of success. The word “many” by itself can be a different number for many . For some the flower of success may reach their hands after a lot many tiring years . So deciding to marry only after reaching success can sometimes be a foolish decision as the Shelf height of success will be reset every year, sometimes making it look like a mirage ( the first year $10k might sound good, but by the time you reach that target, $10k will seem so small – only $50k will sound big – and this cycle will continue) .

You will for sure one day hold this flower of success but then there is a high possibility you may loose your youth in this fruitful chase – sad but TRUE ! …. Getting to marry then will only be a namesake marriage…. So its better to to take time and get married while your at the right age and keep running your race ( as anyday you will – so choose to when there is still juice in it )

And yes, many a times your better half will also prove to be the most accelerating force for you to reach your destination quickly .

Entrepreneur marriage

Exercise daily :

Its understood that every single hour in a day is required for your business but maintaining a sound health is very important to keep good phase in your super fast entrepreneurship journey . There is an old saying in India ” Suvar irunthal thaan Sithiram varaya mudiyum ” ie. You need a solid wall first- to paint upon …. So you need good health and physic to attain and enjoy success .

Investing an hours time everyday in the gym can really prove to be one of your wisest investments ( come on you don’t wanna look like a over sized pumpkin when you are successful!) . If you analyse how you spend your time everyday, for sure there will be atleast 5 hours that you are totally un-productive… so decide on spending atleast 1 hour from that …. as health is WEALTH !

Go on, get a bicycle and ride to office… it can burn near 500 calories on you each day !

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Network a day :

Successful people will tell you that networking is the shortcut to success – and there is no question on that . Working on a startup or running a business, we are prone to have so much focus and dedication to it that we never leave office or home ( except for client meetings and stuff ) . The important thing we are missing here is gaining new contacts and influential networks. Its a must that every entrepreneur should spend a day in a week exclusively for networking and getting to know new people and friends – as this will prove magic for you in the long run ( and often you get customers as well & many get to know your brand )

There are many events and networking sessions happening in your city and you can get to know them from related Facebook groups and sites , LinkedIn etc.

So make it a must that you get out atleast weekly once and network and in no time you will see surplus goodies coming your way in various forms.

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Get Away at-least once in 2 months :

This super fast express journey of Entrepreneurship can really be exhausting. Your everyday routine will for sure pile up layers & layers of stress in your head. If you are gonna continue this through out the year – its gonna hit you hard and make you weak, both mentally and physically. So make it a practice to GET AWAY at-least once in 2 months. Get un-plugged for atleast 4 days in a row with friends and family. Plan on going to some remote place filled with nature in its most exotic form around you ( It needn’t be a costly Swiss tour – but you can plan one in your budget to a near by hill station or forest )

This practice will get you re-born every 2 months once & make you come back to work as live as a dancing bear !… and yes most important of all, you get to spend quality time with friends & loved one’s at-least once in a while.

So just Get Away …get away from the Internet, Phone, Mobile, Traffic, Tension, Responsibility, Pollution, News…. get away from everything & live life ad-mist nature .

Entrepreneur vacation

Special Thanks :  We only remember those very few successful entrepreneurs who have made it BIG… but there are many many entrepreneurs who have tried hard all their life to cross the tunnel – but never saw light all their life :- This post is dedicated to all those entrepreneurs and their souls that have gone un-noticed and been haunted with ideas all their life ….

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