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5 Best Etsy clone scripts with Android and iOS apps

Why are Etsy clone scripts so popular?

Etsy back when it was launched was a unique concept that sold custom-made products that are limited, exclusively made by artisans and independent product manufacturers. What gave Etsy the edge was that it was strongly backed by the community of artisans who were mostly first time sellers of products online.

Taking a page from Etsy’s playbook, this Etsy clone script will help them launch their own Etsy-like online marketplace. In order to help you decide which Etsy clone script to buy, we have listed some well-known scripts for you to pick from.

Zass (Check Here)

Zass is a multi-vendor shopping cart software. The product is designed and built by expert developers who prioritize design and functionality equally. It’s an SEO friendly theme that comes with search filters and can help your customers find what they’re looking for easily. Each seller can customize this store according to his needs and requirements and add his own personal touch. It comes along with discussion boards and communities making it the perfect Etsy clone.

Principal features include a Vendor login for every store owner, PayPal integration, SEO Optimizations, multi-language support, revenue view, location-based shop finder which locates the shop from where you want to buy the items or products and many more.

Shopkeeper (Check Here)

Shopkeeper Etsy clone script has a well-designed e-commerce layout that makes the buying experience on the platform intuitive. The script is SEO optimized and can be fully customized. With the help of developers, you can even modify the script and add-in new features.

The script has some pre-built set of payment gateways that offer great security while the customer transacts on your platform. If you want more, you can add them through various plugins that are available.

The Etsy clone script comes with all the regular Etsy features including individual Buyer and Seller accounts, a separate store for every seller capable of selling products under any category, Paypal payment gateway, live newsfeed with all the trending items and products, an in-built messaging system to contact other members of the community and many more. Further, the development team offers great technical support all year round and even offers an installation service for a fee. The user will have the full support of the development team for any customizations or alterations to the script.

MartFury Multi-vendor e-commerce script (Check Here)

The Martfury Etsy clone script is feature-packed and yet costs a fraction as to what most marketplaces would charge. It allows the admin to have multiple departments and sub-departments within his marketplace script. It comes with both paid and free accounts for users. The clone script is SEO friendly and the buyer ends up saving money spent on marketing and other SEO related tasks. It comes with lifetime support and maintenance from Martfury’s side so that users can get to enjoy their online marketplace. Etsy clone script from Martfury comes with both ready-made script and custom development solutions. The ready-made platform comes with all the standard features and is very robust and scalable. The custom development solution is required in order to offer something unique to the customers and get ahead of all the other competitors in the market. Martfury can add the features you want or alter the ones that are already present.

Other important features include email verification, password retrieval, feedback form, direct access to the latest products and featured products and many more.

etsy clone script

Kuteshop Multi-vendor eCommerce script (Check Here)

Kuteshop Etsy clone script allows you to run a bespoke marketplace for electronic, fashion etc. Your customers can signup using their social media account or use their email to create a new account instead. Once the user creates his account, he can browse through the products from different shops, brands and people who have listed their goods. As a user, he can add items to the wishlist for buying it later. Buyers can see all the popular trending items, list them and even buy them from specific shops. The store management attribute allows the seller to manage all activities related to his store.

New features include a beautiful interactive design that seamlessly fits on any smartphone or tablet. The theme is SEO optimized and will help you rank better on Google search. There’s even a 2 Factor authentication measure that users can enable to protect their account. It also comes with PayPal integration to support online and mobile payments.

Market Magento powered eCommerce Script (Check Here)

Simply called ‘The Market’ Etsy clone script has been designed for the Magento platform, Magento is one of the solid e-commerce CMS that has security features and powerful e-commerce capabilities built into it. The product can be set up to run an eCommerce marketplace for any vertical.

As a seller, you can even add multiple variations for a product easily through the vendor panel. If you have a store elsewhere, using the mass importer feature sellers can set up their shops in your online marketplace within minutes with just a few clicks. The sellers are only required to authenticate all the details before they start selling their products on your online marketplace. Many other unique features like Daily deal, Admin handpicked sellers, Admin favorite products, etc.

Etsy became popular because it caters to a niche segment of the e-commerce space which was largely ignored by the other dominant e-commerce platforms. The above list summarizes some of the Etsy clone scripts available in the market.

5 Best Etsy clone scripts with Android and iOS apps
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5 Best Etsy clone scripts with Android and iOS apps
Why are Etsy clone scripts so popular? Etsy is a phenomenal concept that is unique. It sells custom-made products that are limited, exclusively made by artisans and independent product manufacturers. These products are not usually found anywhere else. Etsy has empowered a lot of entrepreneurs around the world.
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