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Top 10 factors to look into when choosing an EventBrite clone script

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Running an events ticketing site like Eventbrite is one of the most lucrative online business models. It is one of those models that is tangible and also can become a viral hit instantly. Once an Events ticketing site is set properly it has the power to run with minimal effort. Entrepreneurs interested in starting an online events ticketing website like Eventbrite for a niche or a particular location can make use of turn-key scripts ( or clone scripts ) that are available ready made by various vendors on the web and get into business instantly. But one should be very careful when choosing theEventBrite clone script they are planning to employ for their business. They should look in to a lot of factors to choose the best script available in the market. Lets take a look at the top 10 factors that one should consider when evaluating a good Eventbrite clone script for their business.

– Code architecture : Any ticketing site can soon expect sudden surges and spikes in traffic ( as if you gonna promote some interesting event , you can expect many signing in and yes – sharing your site as well ) . So owning a event based ticketing business your site should always be ready to with stand any sudden rush in traffic. For your event site to handle such sudden spikes , the base architecture in which your site is built on is very important. Always ask your Eventbrite clonesoftware vendor if the turn key script was built on a solid and established architecture.

– Payment gateways : The main life line of any events ticketing site is the number of payment gateway choices the site provides to its users . You are promoting a hot event and have spent good money and time on the promotion – make sure that all visitors who come to your site somehow pay ! Or atleast see that no one coming to your site should leave for the reason that they were not able to pay . To achieve this you should have a variety of payment gateway options available on your site ( just having Paypal as an option won’t help ). So make it a must that the EventBrite clone script you plan on using has as many Payment Gateways as possible already setup inside.

Multi-lingual support : Running an event ticketing site you can expect a lot of people from various countries trying to promote their events . So the Eventbrite clone script you are planning on employing should have multi language support ( or atleast it should have the capability to add any language effortlessly – the base architecture of the platform should be so robust) . This can make your site look very lucrative to the eyes of many customers worldwide.

Responsive layout : An Eventbrite clone script that is built on a responsive layout can really make your events and ticketing website look very mature and promising. It will open up seamlessly on any mobile and handheld devices and look elegant ( also it builds a lot more trust factor and confidence among the visitors who are gonna take out their credit card and pay on your site )

Mobile app : Admit it – its a mobile driven world out there . From shopping to booking tickets online people are very comfortable and love doing it on the mobile – on the go ! So its like near to mandatory that your site would require a presence in the app store as a mobile app . Also you will reap the benefits of millions of people searching for mobile apps inside the app store. Moreover having a mobile app by itself brings more monetization channels for you ( paid downloads & mobile ads ) . So search for an Eventbrite clone script vendor who also supplies a mobile app along with the web script.

Powerful admin panel : Running an Eventbrite like site will require you to manage and moderate the site extensively. So it is very important that the ready made Eventbrite clone script you are gonna buy comes with a very good and solid admin panel via. which you can manage the entire site end to end .

Newsletter modules : As you keep adding new events in your ticketing site or as your users keep adding new events it is very important that you take the word to the masses or atleast to your subscribers – so you get more registrations,payments and more revenue. To achieve this you would require a sophisticated email newsletter system inside the Eventbrite clone script you are planning on purchasing.

– First class support : You are soon to become super busy managing your Eventbrite like site. Wile you are running your business in full throttle you can’t afford to get stuck in technical glitches . So before choosing your Eventbrite clone script vendor make sure those folks give the best support .Look to see if they have many other turnkey products, as this means that they have been in this business for long and will surely have a process setup for good support.

– Refund system : As with any financial transaction on the web, some of the users who purchase tickets in your Events ticketing site would occasionally require to cancel the tickets and get a refund. Check to see that the EventBrite clone script you plan on using has such systems built inside to make the process of refunds smooth. If this part is taken care effectively, your users will also get high trust on your service and willingly use your site purchase tickets next time.

– Commission split system : An events ticketing business runs on the commissions you make for each ticket purchased for events. As your user base increases, you will need to take care of the Payouts after taking your commission in an effective and smooth manner. So check the Eventbrite clone script you have planned to use & see how they have built this system and how much automated they have made it.

Also see if the EventBrite clone you have planned to employing has provisions for other revenue systems like Banners, Script Ads etc. It would be good if the system also has options for premium and sponsored listings as many of your customers would like to pay you a premium to promote their events. The search feature present in your Eventbrite clone script also needs to be given a good look into as it should be intelligent enough to pull out the desired results your site visitors need based on proximity, time and location.

All-in-all when planning to start an EventBrite like site, just give an eye to the above details and try to get a script that has the best mix-and-match of the above factors.


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