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Get an Etsy-like website with Shopsy from Ecommerce Mix!

You love making hand-made earrings and jewellery. It’s been your favourite hobby for some time now and you have decided to transform your hobby into a profitable business and let others get a taste of your creativity and talent.

This is where Etsy comes into the picture.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make and sell unique creative handmade products, vintage products and craft supplies that are not found anywhere else.

What are the benefits of Etsy?

Etsy is a boon for all artists and crafters. Etsy allows you to buy and sell handmade products.
This helps the website to sell unique products which are usually not available on other online e-commerce websites like eBay.
Etsy gives a very cost-effective selling experience to sellers. It has a very targeted audience and a community feel to it which gives a good selling experience to artists and crafters.
Etsy allows you to list your favourite shops under Favourite. This allows them to see new items in their activity feed when sellers add them.
Etsy is a great marketplace for creative entrepreneurs and for buyers to find products which are not found in other places. Etsy also lets the buyers know about shops, exhibitions and flea markets where customers can find the products of their favourite artists and crafters offline.
Etsy allows merchants to customize their own online stores. This online market place has built in discussion boards, teams and communities etc.
You can open a shop in Etsy with just $0.20! Once you open your shop, you can grow and expand your business and reach out to customers all over the world.
Now you can get your own Etsy-like shopping website with the Etsy clone script, Shopsy from Ecommerce Mix! Unlike other marketplace scripts, Shopsy has a powerful set of social and community features.

etsy vs shopify

With this incredible Etsy like Buy-Sell marketplace architected by a team of experts and guided by experienced growth hackers, this incredible multi store shopping cart software comes with an amazing set of features and has a very aesthetic appeal to it.

How does Shopsy work?

There are three major people involved in Shopsy. Users, sellers and Admin. A user can be either a seller or a buyer. Admin manages the whole site.

The user logs in and browses through products. He has the option of contacting the seller regarding the product. He adds the product to the cart, purchases it. An email notification will be sent to the buyer for purchase, seller for the new order and also for the admin notifying him about the new order placed. All the cash that the buyer pays will go directly to the Admin account. Admin will alter split the amount- takes his commission and then pays the balance to the seller.

Once the order is placed, seller will pack the product and start shipping. He will change the status of the product to processed, shipped etc. Buyer tracks the order and once he receives the product, he will change the status of the product to recieved. If buyer is not happy with the product he can raise a dispute and start a conversation with the seller. Admin can also take part in the dispute in order to settle it quickly. All processes are streamlined and efficient and the entire process is very smooth and organised.

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