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Get your own multi-vendor shopping cart with Ecommercemix!

Online shopping has never been so addictive with multi vendor shopping carts making their way into the e-Commerce platform. This is definitely good news to all those shopaholics who look forward to buying their favourite products online.

What is a multi vendor shopping cart?

A multi vendor shopping cart is an ecommerce platform where multiple vendors have separate shops within the same platform. Users can benefit from this kind of shopping experience since it allows them to choose from various brands and sellers. The platform owner has to power to add multiple vendors to his e-commerce website and give them separate login IDS. In short it is an amalgamation of many different shopping vendors in one ecommerce website. It is the responsibility of the platform owner to take care of the order processing, order tracking and payments.

What are the advantages of a multi-vendor shopping cart?

The advantages of such a shopping system are great indeed:

Wide range of products: Customers have more options when it comes to shopping as they get to choose from different brands. They do not have to look for then products in different websites as everything is in one website making it convenient for them.

More convenience for the vendors:

Everything is taken care of from logistics, inventories, product additions & upgrades, pricing and various other details since each individual store owner has to take care of his store while the other stores are taken care of by their owners. So, this makes multivendor shopping cart a win-win business equation for all the vendors involved.



More cost effective:

Since every vendor has to think about maintaining his own individual store, the website maintenance cost is cut down. You don’t have to hire someone to do it. You and your team can focus on expanding your business and other marketing efforts.

Automated software makes things easier: Many processes are automated like order processing, order tracking, payment etc making it easy for the vendors to manage their individual stores within the platform.

Increased traffic:

Since many shopping stores exist within one platform, traffic increases many times over as more people visit your website to know about the products that they want.

Suitable for profit-minded vendors:

Sellers who are more profit oriented than creating a brand will find this sort of arrangement very beneficial.

How can Ecommerce mix help you to start your own multi-vendor shopping cart?

Admire is an amazing turnkey multi vendor shopping cart software from Ecommerce Mix that can get you  a niche Buy and Sell marketplace up and running instantly! It comes with amazing features that will flood your marketplace with traffic to boost conversions and sales. Architected by a team of experts and guided by experienced growth hackers this cutting edge multi-vendor shopping cart software comes with amazing features and exhibits sheer elegance.

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