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Stop! Read before you buy a Gojek clone script ( or you’ll lose Money )

In this article Am going to give you some very valuable tips on How to choose the best GoJek clone script in the market. Read them carefully, so you DONT REGRET making a wrong choice and loose valuable time & money.

Is there an Open GoJek Clone App Demo?

Most brownie points to the company that has a Public demo of their GoJek clone ( that you can readily check without asking them ). This shows confidence in their product. It shows they are not afraid of showing what they have. Well, what is there to hide?

Tip: Many development companies, just put up a sales page asking you to contact them for the demo. This is just an age old tactic to get your lead. Once they get the lead, you will get continues calls and email convincing you to do that software with them from start.

Is it Business Ready?

What does this mean? Believe me there is a lot of difference between a product being Business ready and just Technology ready. Every App Demo that works when testing it does not necessarily work when you run it as a business. When you check a live Demo, its just a single person testing it. But when you deploy the solution online and run a business there are many who are going to simultaneously open the app or website. 95% of the Gojek Clone Demo’s that work perfectly, fail when you run it as a business. Only when a Gojek clone script is ready for use in a real-time market, it is Business ready!

Tip: Ask your GoJek clone developer on how many parallel users can the app handle before becoming too slow. It is considered a good solution if it can handle atleast 100 simultaneous users ie. if hundred people are using it at ay point of time.

How many versions has come out?

Ok, we all know that the original Gojek app is a heavily funded company and has atleast 200+ skilled engineers working on it 24/7.  They have been in the market for the past 7+ years. The app should have gone through hundreds of versions before the one you are seeing now. The point Am trying to make is, an App or script is only as good as the number of versions it has come through. When choosing the Gojek clone app development company, make sure to ask them how many versions of their clone software has been launched.

Tip: You can easily check how many versions the app has gone through in the App store or Play store. Also make it a point to ask the developers the ‘change log’. Infact, best is the company that has their GoJek clone code for review on GitHub.

Gojek Clone Script Software

Quality stands before quantity

The real Gojek app has around 20+ services integrated inside it. From salt to software, everything you can get in GoJek. A quick review shows it has bike taxi, car taxi, food delivery, send anything, movie ticket booking, logistics, courier, medicine delivery, payment, cleaner service, deals, massage etc. All these features are by itself a separate business. And all of them were developed over many years by many skilled highly paid engineers. When choosing the GoJek Clone script, make sure that even if it has just 2 service built in…. those 2 work perfectly. As its impossible to actually build a GoJek like app with all the services even in 1 year time. Most probably a readymade GoJek software that has more than 4 services inside will be prone to many bugs ( that you have not noticed, because you did not spend time testing it inside-out ).

Tip: Start your GoJek like business with just one or two services and keep adding more as you grow. You will have more control and your software will be more stable and solid as you move in this agile approach. Not to mention, the original Gojek platform started with limited services and kept adding more as they grew.

Fake customer reviews are dime a dozen!

Obviously the first smart thing we tend to do is look at the customer reviews of the company. Did you know that you can get as many reviews you want on Fiverr? Well, if you are choosing your GoJek Clone app script based on the number positive & negative reviews a company has online – you may be making a big mistake. Not to mention, these days even competitor companies are into the game of leaving a fake negative review on a good product. Many a times, customers are mislead by fake negative reviews and fall prey to the real scam company! SO, what is the best way? I would say, go with the GoJek clone script company that offers the phone numbers of its previous customers to speak with.

Are the mobile applications native apps?

For those who understand the above question: There are 2 ways in which you can develop mobile apps. Using native technologies ( recommended always), Using hybrid technologies. Since a Gojek Clone App is highly location dependent, you must make sure that the Android apps are done using Native Android Java and the IOS apps are done using Swift programming language. As other hybrid technologies like React Native, Phonegap etc. have had problems with location , Camera related features.

Tip: Ask your Gojek clone script provider on what technology the mobile apps are built on and if they are Native apps.

Dont ignore a web presence…

Yes you read that right! I know its a world of Mobile apps. But remember that a huge percentage of population out there intentionally or un-intentionally use the web for searching such on-demand services. Did you know? a majority of Food ordering also happens over the web portals. So, make it a point that you also have a plan to have a web portal for your Gojek clone App script. This web front should have all the capabilities to enable your customer to easily book services over the web as well. All the more good, if your web front is well connected with your GoJek mobile app and works perfectly in sync.

Tip: One of the biggest advantages of having a web presence is your business getting massive search traffic. Thousands of people in your locality will search online for your services. If you have pages for each food item, service, vendor etc. on your web portal > you can reap all this amazing visitors. Having the link to your GoJek like Mobile apps on every page of your web portal will also easily boost your App installs.

Looks speak a lot!

If all the above points are met by some GoJek clone script vendors, here is yet another important point to validate against. How good is ‘attention to detail’ in the software? You need to remember setting up an On-demand services software is just step 1. Beyond that you have a big burden of making your customers like your app. Lot many important things impact this. A goJek like app script should have a dashing Splash screen. The App launch icon plays a pivotal role. Even the sound of each notification and how creative it is structured matters a lot. How neat and crisp is the mobile app front end layout? Go with a GoJek Clone app script that stands out in all these fronts.

Tip: Most of the UI and UX elements are available on online marketplaces like Theme Forrest etc. Ask your Gojek development company if their apps are engineered flexible enough to add the templates from these marketplaces quickly. A software that is architected to easily integrate with these open source add-ons is considered a good one!

Gojek is the talk of the town. This incredible super app has a plethora of services integrated. With proliferation in the number of apps for each different service, Go-Jek is a boon for its users. With one app in your mobile, you can order and get a myriad of services to your doorstep. Not just your doorstep, it gets delivered anywhere you are. There are many entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe that would want to develop an app like GoJek. But obviously developing such a super app from start would involve a lot of time and money. This is where a ready-made GoJek clone script would be very handy.

We hope you enjoyed reading our report. We will be adding more useful points to this post. So, bookmark this page and check it out occasionally.

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Eye Opening! Glad I read this before buying a GoJek clone software

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Facts that no Software developer will reveal Most of the people who buy a readymade Gojek clone script are non-technical people. They cant believe their eyes when they see that a turn-key Gojek clone software available at such a low cost and ready to use. What they fail to understand is: "Something that is too good to be true - is not true" This article dives deep into what it really takes to make a GoJek Clone app script. And what are all the things to check in such a script before deciding to purchase it. Need more information in a more understandable manner Though there are some splendid points discussed in the post, it is just not enough. When people are planning on starting their dream business using a software, they need more information. As it can be a life changer. More information will be eventually updated As the post reads in the conclusion statement, more information will be added ono the go. You will need to bookmark this article and check back to see more useful points appended.
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