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GoPuff Clone: Top 3 Features to include in a Digital Convenience & Snack Delivery Script

Delivery of groceries and other essentials from your neighborhood convenience store has grown in importance in a world where social distancing and stay at home orders are the new normal. The technology behind a Snack Delivery Script like GoPuff Clone makes it easy to place orders and organize deliveries in a timely fashion.

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Designing such a platform requires several vital considerations which ultimately affect user experience, adding vendors to the platform, and building site traffic through repeat purchasers.

What is a Snack Delivery Script?

It is an order management system built using PHP or similar languages and uses database management systems such as MySQL or SQL Server. The software can be customized by anyone based on their business model and vendor policies. Installing and creating an online shopfront also doesn’t require any special software skills for the vendors.

This app is available on all major platforms such as Apple AppStore or Google Play Store and works on screens of all sizes. It also is compatible with the convenience store’s POS or billing system. Some of the standard features of a Snack Delivery Script include End-User App, Rider App, Administrator controls, Analytics reports, Customer Feedback, and Returns/Reverse Logistics management.

The GoPuff Clone Script

GoPuff is a leading hyperlocal & digital groceries & essentials delivery platform that works with local convenience stores looking to expand their business through online orders and marketing support. They offer a Snack Delivery Script so that other entrepreneurs can build their business without having to purchase the software or independently build it.

GoPuff Clone Script
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In this blog, we outline the top three features required in your Snack Delivery Script, just like GoPuff.

Product Catalogue

An online Snack Delivery Script allows you to create an easy selection list of available products. It includes important details such as product information, price, packed weight, photographs, etc. This makes it easier for the customer to choose the product they are looking for or find suitable alternatives based on their choices. It also helps the shops understand which of their products are fast-moving and maintain an optimum product mix on the online shop front and inventory.

The GoPuff Clone allows vendors to create and modify the catalog easily, offer promotions and special discounts on certain products. These features help in identifying customer buying patterns and tempt them with attractive offers based on their usage. This is beneficial when it comes to building a loyal customer base and grow network traffic organically.

Payment Systems Gateway

Payment System Gateways typically accept all major cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, etc. They usually charge a percentage of the total transaction amount as the processing fee. They also provide APIs for easy integration.

Most reputed Payment Gateways use SSL encryption and have robust anti-fraud systems. This enables payments to be collected securely, and the amount is credited to the bank account in a few days.

It also informs the customer promptly of the payment status and processes refunds if necessary just like in the case of the GoPuff Clone.

Logistics and Tracking

This system feature informs the customer of the current status of the order and its delivery and allows them to track progress in real-time. In the GoPuff clone, this feature notifies the customer when the order is ready, has been picked up, current delivery status, and in exceptional circumstances, if the order has been returned or has been canceled. This real-time tracking also helps the customer know the exact location of their order and approximate time of arrival for the delivery.

It also provides Email and SMS updates on the order’s progress, which helps build customer trust, retention, and repeat orders.

Since the GoPuff Clone’s value proposition is fast deliveries and ease of use, the items must be delivered quickly and safely. In the Snack Delivery Script, the manager can keep track of the deliveries done by the delivery associates using their GPS enabled phones. They also can handle any issues which may arise due to accidents or vendor errors. 

The managers also receive detailed reports on their business performance and, accordingly, make decisions on routes, vendors, marketing, and sales opportunities.


Snack Delivery Scripts help streamline order management systems, scheduling, product catalog updates, provide support, and track deliveries.

It provides a valuable service to the local community, especially in times of reduced mobility and other restrictions. 

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