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GotoMeeting Clone: Top Four Similar Webinar Software Applications of 2020

Webinars apps like the GotoMeeting Clone are great anytime, anywhere web conferencing and marketing automation tools. They offer one of the most effective and engaging ways to communicate and collaborate with your leads and offshore teams. 

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Technical, logistical, and communication glitches can stand in the way of a smooth webinar session. A poor internet connection, forgetting to click that Record Meeting button, or randomly getting signed out of a meeting are some of the bad experiences everyone wants to avoid in a webinar. 

The GotoMeeting Clone is a great collaboration platform for corporate teams to interact, plan, and even seal the deal owing to some of its great features.

About GoToMeeting

Developed and marketed by LogMeIn, the GotoMeeting Clone is a web-hosted service that facilitates real-time online meetings, desktop sharing, and video conferencing. 

The transmission of data is protected using end-to-end encryption and an explicit session password set by the host. This program can host up to 100 attendees at a time and is supported on Android and iOS mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

In this blog, we look at some of the other top web conferencing software applications for any type of business on the web.


This is one of the best overall webinar platforms. This is a user-friendly platform even for people with little or no technical knowledge of web conferencing tools. Webinars can be conducted in an automated manner with a large audience (about 100+) similar to the GotoMeeting Clone. The top features of this software include:

  • Secure, password-protected meeting with invitees 
  • Direct streaming to a YouTube page and social media integrations
  • Marketing pop-ups during the webinar session for notifications or actions
  • Advanced Live Chat that offers excellent 1:1 video communication 
  • Creation of a universal signal using the Broadcast Distribution Technology
  • Multi-browser and multi-device compatibility
  • HD video and customer-facing interfaces
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Multi-presenter option
  • Automatic recording of sessions and training videos on how to use the platform
  • Quick set up process – About a minute to get up and running
  • Supports polls and surveys during the webinar
  • Built-in auto-responder

Based on the plethora of features, ease of use, support, and training, WEBNARJAM is an excellent web conferencing software. WEBINARJAM offers a 14-day trial for just $1.


DEMIO is a blessing for marketing teams with one of the best in-built video conferencing tools. It offers automatic webinar recording in the cloud for later reference. 

With exceptional visual aesthetics, it delivers real-time, HD streaming, and eye-catching platform design. This platform, similar to the GotoMeeting clone, supports standard features like advanced webinar setup, unlimited webinars, storage for 100 recordings, 24/7 chat and email support, robust analytics, and more.

GotoMeeting Clone
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The key features include:

  • Recorded sessions can be accessed and downloaded at any time by the user.
  • Allows extensive customization options to the marketer
  • Has in-built support for analytics
  • It can be easily integrated with any survey or marketing tool.
  • It offers powerful tracking options to see gauge the effectiveness of a marketing strategy.
  • It provides extensive automation of functionalities

The best part is that DEMIO offers a 14-day free trial that allows users to test out all its features and then go for a paid plan.


This platform is just as useful as the GotoMeeting Clone and is a great tool for online training and learning. Marketers or project managers recommend CLICKMEETING to demonstrate a product, project, or process to a broad audience.

The impressive and user-friendly interface is excellent for sales and marketing. The platform is well-integrated, intuitive, and provides automation options for webinars and customized invites. This platform can be set up in minutes without the need for any technical knowledge.

The key features include:

  • Key analytics regarding the past webinars and the audience of the upcoming webinar
  • Offers polls and surveys for feedback
  • Instant chat and interaction options
  • YouTube and social media integration
  • Easy upload/download of sessions in the cloud
  • HD video presentation by multiple presenters

In addition to fixed packages, CLCIKMEETING offers custom-pricing that is best suited for enterprises with different needs.


Larger enterprises root for this platform, which is similar in many aspects to the GotoMeeting Clone. This application helps you reach out to many growing businesses without the clutter of organizing a webinar.

All the host needs to do is, pick the date to host your webinar, and it takes care of everything from flexible scheduling to the complete event management process. The useful features include:

  • Many built-in webinar templates for an apt business environment setting
  • Automated Email Reminders
  • Customizable invitations
  • Registration page for high conversions
  • In-built polls and surveys
  • Automatic webinar recordings
  • Robust Analytics
  • Integrations with the GotoMeeting Clone
  • Seamless integration with Zapier, Salesforce, & Unbounce
  • Channel source tracking for visibility on webinar signups
  • HD video quality 

This web conferencing tool offers a free trial with up to 100 people but is on the higher side of pricing compared to the other tools.


Many of these tools have gained prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic because of the social distancing norms and the work from home culture today.

Let us know which webinar tool is helpful for your business in the comment section below.

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