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GrubHub Clone: Most Important Features Required Similar to this Food Ordering Script

The burgeoning market for on-demand app solutions can be attributed to a food ordering script. Food delivery clones similar to the GrubHub Clone offer a sigh of relief to those wanting to meet their daily comfort food needs, whether lockdown or not.

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Ordering in food with a couple of taps on your mobile phone is driving more people to download food ordering apps.

Food ordering scripts promise a wide-potential customer base ranging from millennials, families with small kids, and working professionals. GrubHub is a booming business that has claimed around 19.9 million active users and over 1 million affiliated restaurants in Q1 of 2019.

You may wonder how GrubHub manages to do this. The answer to this is their business model and strategy defined by the features of their food ordering script.

A food delivery business is lucrative, provided that you implement the right features in your food delivery script to make it super convenient.

About GrubHub

Grubhub is America’s leading food-ordering marketplace that specializes in online and mobile takeout by partnering with the most comprehensive network of restaurants and the largest active consume base. Dedicated to promoting businesses for restaurants and allowing diners to order in the food they love from their favorite local restaurants hassle-free, the Company’s platforms and services apply innovative restaurant technology to change how food is ordered and delivered.

This business uses the GrubHub app as an easy-to-use platform to order and track food delivery (by customers, restaurants, and delivery partners) to improve the delivery experience.

The Grubhub Clone was launched in 2004 as an alternative to paper menus. Grubhub’s proprietary technology and features allow restaurants and customers to track the estimated delivery time for a meal.

In this blog, we discuss the essential features required in a food ordering script.

You’ll need to consider that there needs to be three modules for your food delivery clone with relevant features. These include:

  • Customer app: To be installed by your customer to view restaurants & menus, place, and track orders. This app should help them compare different restaurants and offers.
  • Restaurant app/Admin Panel: For restaurant owners to control and manage order deliveries on a web-based platform.
  • Delivery driver app: Useful for delivery partners to manage pick-up and drop-off of orders, accept/reject deliveries, navigate to the delivery location, change delivery & payment status, and more.

Key Features Similar to the GrubHub Clone

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  • Search: The customers should be able to search and compare different restaurant menus, offers, & delivery time with the food ordering script. They should be able to search by location, cuisine, ratings, reviews, price, restaurant names, and more based on their preferences.
  • Express Order: Ordering food with food apps must enable customers to add and remove items from the cart with a tap. They should also be able to cancel or reorder from their order history instantly. 
  • Favorites: This feature allows customers to save their favorite menu items and restaurants so that they can complete placing an order in seconds. This makes reordering or ordering items previously out of stock very quick and convenient. 
  • Real-time tracking: A customer must be able to track single or multiple orders on the app using GPS navigation or a tracking system integrated into the app. They must also be able to track the preparation of their order, shipment, delivery, refunds, payments, delays, and more. 
  • Coupons: Most food delivery scripts incorporate this feature to attract and retain a loyal customer base. Customers love discounts on orders and prefer restaurants that offer key discounts or deals. 
  • In-app chat: Customers like to be connected with the customer care department that addresses queries/disputes. When you let customers know you care about them and want to deliver an exceptional customer experience, they will automatically invest in your food delivery app; An in-app chat feature ensures that customers are serviced instantly by your company representatives. 
  • Payment: While developing an online food ordering script like the GrubHub Clone, making payments easy, fast, and secure is paramount. Integrating multiple options through payment gateways like cards, e-wallets, net banking, or COD helps customers purchase without restrictions.

Add-on Features

  • Schedule delivery: This unique feature allows customers to schedule food delivery based on a convenient time. They may order their food in advance for delivery at a later time. 
  • Bulk Orders: This option lets customers order for parties or gatherings in advance with a restaurant. 
  • Pre-order: Allows customers to order up to an x number of hours in advance, and to change their order up until the time they receive their order confirmation on the day of delivery.

We hope these useful tips help you design a nifty food ordering script like the GrubHub Clone. Contact us today to incorporate these essential features in your food delivery app.

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