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How to Create a Live Streaming Website?

Live streaming – the technique that created quite a trend has now become the go-to technique for telecasting events. And with live streaming not just big name channels even a five year old kid can stream an event or a game with just a smartphone and internet.

Here’s how. With a live streaming website. Subscribing to a video streaming service provider, any individual can stream an event either a live one or a recorded video of the event from anywhere to anyplace in the world, be it next door or a country all across the globe.

Live streaming websites offer their viewers uninterrupted and instant footage and with the facility to stream any event, the websites have now acquired several clients. From corporate offices turning to live stream for their conferences and discussions to religious institutions to stream their retreats and masses, live streaming websites have quite a number of clients and have managed to make considerable amount of money every week.

It’s not tough to subscribe to a live streaming website nor is difficult to start one on your own. So how to create a live streaming website in your budget? And run it successfully? But before answering the ‘how’ we do need the answer to the ‘What?’ – The requirements to create a live streaming website.


Creating a live streaming website would primarily require a live video streaming software and a video streaming server. And with several live streaming software and servers available in the market it might come as a great confusion to choose the best one or the one that would suit your business.

Live Streaming software – Requirements

  • The software should be able to provide for the very first significance of the live streaming technique – fast streaming
  • Should be available across all operating platforms. Being flexible and easy to use from any device has been one of the main reasons live streaming has gained such fame and your software should have the feature to available across all operating platforms and be compatible with any device – a desktop computer, a tablet computer or a smartphone.
  • Auto invite: Being a broadcaster and broadcasting several streams every week, it is not really painless to invite viewers to the stream every time. And a software that wouls auto invite viewers to the live stream will not only favor the service provider but also the subscriber to a great extent.
  • Social media integration – Getting more viewers to the stream is one of the most important desires of any broadcaster and social media would serve as the perfect platform for gaining viewers and hence the viewers should have the feature to share the video on all social media websites especially twitter and facebook.
  • Having an upgrade in the operating systems of computers and smartphones is not uncommon which would definitely lead to the need of an upgrade of the live streaming software as well every time. The software should provide low cost or free upgrades, for all updates on operating systems.
  • The pricing: Though live streaming business is at its peak the huge competition the business suffers does make it a little tough to bank on. But with a software in your budget the risk would be decreased considerably making the benefits from the business stand out.

Live Streaming server – Requirements

The next part of the ‘How to create a live streaming website’ question directs to having a live streaming server.

  • It should use very less memory and should also support all major protocols.
  • Support multiple simultaneous connections and also have a great fault tolerance.
  • And the best feature – should provide ultra fast video streaming.
  • And again – the pricing. Should be effective but also fit in the budget.

The live streaming software Castasy comes with all the requirements mentioned above. The software is compatible in all devices (iOS and android) and also for desktop computers and provides auto invite feature where a streamers followers are notified about the stream in their twitter accounts and can choose to watch the video instantly at just a click. Streamers can also limit or deny anyone access to video feed.

Each streamed video comes with a separate URL and the desktop users can simply paste the URL in their browsers and view the videos. They have an additional advantage of viewing multiple videos at the same time in different browsers. The software allows users to comment on the live video and also share the video at their facebook and twitter accounts. Offering full source code and lifetime free upgrades, the software comes as a package with a live streaming server as well.

For just $598, broadcasters can now get a live streaming software and all versions of it plus free upgrades and free support for three months and the NGINX-RTMP live streaming server and for no additional charge, buyers get expert installation as well. As another package coming at $699, the software comes with all the mentioned features and a WOWZA streaming server and expert installation.

Still wondering ‘How to create a live streaming website?’ Get Castasy. Just purchase the software and create your live streaming website instantly.


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