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How to Create a Live Streaming Website?

For starters before you learn How to Create a Live Streaming Website? Know that there’s an easier route. It’s much quicker to deploy a ready-made solution that you can set up instantly.

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You could even, use the base product to customize the entire script according to your business model. The Live streaming website script is completely customizable. What’s also important is that the amount of time and money it saves to just get started right away. If you’re interested, you can ASK FOR A DEMO HERE

What does it take to Create a Live Stream Software? 

Creating a live streaming website would primarily require a live video streaming software and a video streaming server.

Streaming Server

You’ll have to choose the right streaming server that supports the most popular streaming formats and is affordable. A streaming server that supports HLS is often preferred as it works across all browsers and mobile apps.

Technology Stack

Choosing the right technology stack plays an important role in how accessible your site is and how smoothly the content can be streamed. Modern technology stacks like AngularJS, MeteorJS, PHP7, and Nodejs are some of the popular choices for developers to build their products. Your developer needs to know how to build the product using these tech stacks and their dependant frameworks.

Server & CDN Infrastructure

Investing in a good CDN and server infrastructure can significantly improve the video deliverability and a near lag-free experience. You could choose from Amazon, Stackpath, etc to deliver static and video content.

How to Create Live Streaming Website?

What are some of the MUST HAVE features of a Live Streaming software?

  • Seamless streaming capability – That’s the first and foremost feature that is required.
  • Supports Web and Mobile: It should be available across all operating platforms. Being flexible and easy to use from any device has been one of the main reasons live streaming has gained such fame and your software should have the feature to available across all operating platforms and be compatible with any device – a desktop computer, a tablet computer, or a smartphone.
  • Social Auto-invite feature that invites users across different social media platforms like Facebook pages, twitter whenever there’s a new stream. This feature would be enable on an opt-in basis.
  • Content streaming analytics enables the live streamer to know how his content has performed for each stream and overall performance would give him insights on how his platform performed.
  • Unique Content URL enables each stream to have an individual URL that people can access easily.
  • Channel Page: Each channel should have a dedicated page that fans can follow. This motivates the user to keep posting on the platform regularly.

What should you look for while choosing a Live Streaming server ?

The most important part of ‘How to create a live streaming website’ is choosing the right server, mentioned below are some of the points to consider.

  • It should use very little memory and should also support all major protocols.
  • Support multiple simultaneous connections and also have a fault tolerance mechanism.
  • And the best feature – should provide ultra-fast video streaming.
  • And again – the pricing. It should be effective but also fit in the budget.

The live streaming software Castasy comes with all the requirements mentioned above. The software is compatible with all devices (iOS and android) and also for desktop computers and provides an auto-invite feature where a streamer’s followers are notified about the stream in their twitter accounts and can choose to watch the video instantly. Streamers can also limit or deny anyone access to the video feed.

Each streaming video comes with a unique URL and the desktop users can simply paste the URL in their browsers and view the videos. They have an additional advantage of viewing multiple videos at the same time in different browsers. The software allows users to comment on the live video and also share the video on their Facebook page and Twitter accounts. The script comes with a custom licensed streaming server that uses HLS protocol for videos.

HLS is supported by Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and other popular browsers.

Still wondering ‘How to create a live streaming website?’ Get Castasy. Just purchase the software and create your live streaming website instantly.

How to Create a Live Streaming Website?
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How to Create a Live Streaming Website?
For starters before you learn How to Create a Live Streaming Website? Know that there's an easier route. It's much quicker to deploy a ready-made solution that you can set up instantly.
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