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‘Shuriken’ approach to increase App installs

Being growth hackers for the past 10 years, we have created and implemented many ingenious traffic techniques that have benefited many online businesses & Startups. Off-late our combined interest has been on creating a technique or instrument that can break all barriers and bring in an avalanche of high quality visitors that can lead to high percentage of conversions ( ie. Mobile app installations, Sales conversions etc. )

Marketing Automation

The aim was to create a fail-proof traffic machine … which is dead simple to implement!

What followed was a six-month odyssey of research and investigation as we traced through all the growth hacks employed by leading dot-com companies, incorporating almost every mechanism, fine tuning the outcomes, making it simpler, blending it with traditional marketing techniques, mind mapping it with user behavior etc., Each result led to a new experiment, which again led us to another finding. These tireless months of experimentation & our persistent pursuit finally started showing some promising results & one day we nailed it. We were finally convinced that we have hit upon something marvelous…& immediately we began to put into practice the formula… and it worked! It just kept working perfectly again & again 🙂 ….it was cracked!

Here are a few apps on which we tested the instrument:

OLA , WAG , ToxFox , Smule , Super Cat Tales

This discovery, we call the “Shuriken” approach to increase target visitors to your App & website.

This powerful yet simple growth hack instrument that I’m going to reveal, will do these for you:

  • Find your target audience on the web & Get them to come to your website / App in huge chunks …( like moths drawn to light )
  • Will get your users to open your app at-least once daily.
  • … & Over the months this instrument by itself will become a powerful revenue channel for your business.

There are 2 ways in which this instrument can be created & implemented:

  • The Compass approach.
  • The Pyramid approach.

In this post lets discuss the Compass approach ( as its easier to understand & implement )

Am going to explain this instrument in a way that is most simple to understand. So please read till the end to see how all the dots finally get connected.

Step 1: Under what category does your App / Website fall?

This is the most crucial step towards creating the perfect instrument for your business. You would need to be 100% sure under which category or Niche your app falls under. Even better if you know exactly the micro-niche -or- the Sub-Category it falls under.

Ex: Productivity, Fitness, Travel, Women shopping, Movies etc.

Step 2: Who are your target audience?

You would need to define this accurately for the instrument to deliver accurately. Please write down who your target audience are. It can also be a combination of interests.

Ex: If you are running a Doctor Appointment booking app like ZocDoc, your target audience can be: People who like Health Tips, People interested in diets, Fitness enthusiasts, Who like reading about Diabetics, People who are cautious about food habits etc.

Step 3: Keyword Research.

If you are a Webmaster, you might be familiar with this term. Keyword research is using online tools like Google Keyword planner & finding the different types of search terms your target audience use online for the category your app comes under. The research tells you the following:

  • What search terms your target audience are using?
  • How many searches happen per month for each of the terms?
  • From where do these searches happen?
  • Gender, the device used for searching etc.

To start with, research & keep ready at-least 30 such Keywords ( if you need help in this area, shoot a mail to: [email protected] )

Now lets look into the creation of the Instrument.

Step 4: Setup a WordPress Blog

Here we presume you have a landing page / website for your Mobile app already. If you dont have one yet, get one for free HERE or HERE

Download a copy of WordPress and install it in your website eg:

Setup a Decent & minimalist theme for the blog. Install Social share buttons ( you can use a free plugin from Add This ). See that the Blog is super-responsive ( as a lot many visitors will come via Mobile phones )

Step 5: Install a Browser subscription plugin for the blog

A browser subscription plugin enables your site visitors to subscribe to notifications on your website. These notifications are like Push notifications that will alert the user on their Desktop & Mobile phone when a new article is posted.

We have a lot of FREE browser subscription plugins for WordPress. Here are a few: Push Crew , One Signal etc.

Step 6: Getting the distribution channels ready

The distribution channels are nothing but web assets for your announcements to flow out. You would need to create a Facebook page, Twitter account, Youtube Channel etc., for your blog.

Note: If you already have the above accounts for your business / App, you can use them.

Also open accounts in other channels like Stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinterest etc.

Invite your friends to join your Facebook page & follow you on Twitter.

Step 7: Getting started

Take the first keyword ( which you have ready ) and write a 600+ words engaging article Ex: “Top 10 Healthy Snacks that can keep you Young”.

  • Make the Title very intuitive & the content engaging, so people share it. Use interesting pictures.
  • If possible also make a small video based on the content.

Once you have completed the article, do this:

  • Proof read it once & see if it is interesting enough. If not make the required changes to make it interesting.
  • Mail the article personally to your friends.
  • Share it on Whatsapp groups you are part of.
  • Post it on your social accounts ie. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Post it on Social sharing sites like Stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinterest etc.
  • Post the video to Youtube & other video sites.

Keep writing one new keyword based article everyday & keep doing the above activities for each article. If done regularly, this is what will start to happen:

  • If you notice, the keyword we chose has an average of 1 million+ searches every month. Slowly and steadily your article will start to rank in search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ask etc., for related, long tail keywords, thus bringing in your target customers to the page.
  • The articles posted on Social media assets like Facebook, Twitter etc., will be shared and interested people will click & come to your page to read the article & share it again.
  • Random traffic will start getting generated from sites like Stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinterest etc.
  • People will start subscribing to your website via the subscription plugin installed on your site. Upon receiving notifications on Mobile and Desktop, they will become regular readers of your articles over time.

Promotion of your App

Now since you started getting in your target audience to your articles, you can subtly start promoting your app via promotional text or Banners.

  • Users will be happy to check out the app, because they are your target audience & yes they will have a need for your app.

Important: Tag your blog RSS feed to your app’s Push notification, so going forward for each new article, a PUSH notification is sent via your app. When the user clicks the notification, he reads your article via the feeds section on your app.

If you need help getting this setup, shoot a mail to: [email protected]

Though the entire process seems dead simple to implement ( which was the primary aim of the entire experiment ), there are certain things that needs to be followed religiously for the instrument to work.

Note: The Top 3 essentials to get this instrument working are:

  • Consistency: The primary factor to attain the desired success via this process is consistency. The above process needs to be done regularly. Believe in it. We have seen it work again & again & again.
  • Give it time: Though your visitors will start coming in from the 2nd month, to see the avalanche of visitors it would take 4–6 months.
  • Tuning: Any instrument needs tuning. Keep measuring things on a daily basis & fine tune your research, operations etc.

Key benefits you obtain via this fantastic instrument:

  • Ever-flowing visitors: This instrument you have created, brings in organic visitors continually. Since these are targeted visitors for a particular category, you can use the traffic to grow your business -or- increase your app installations.
  • New Revenue Stream: This instrument is an asset by itself. As the traffic increases you can also populate it with Ads, Affiliate links that can bring in a separate revenue by itself.
  • An Asset: This instrument by itself is a big asset. You can always choose to Sell / Flip this alone & it can fetch you a real good sum. See how this person flipped his instrument for $205,000 USD ( click HERE )

Hope you learnt the Compass approach to make this incredible instrument. Please do let me know of any questions you have.

If you are interested to learn the Pyramid approach of building this instrument ( used by leading apps in the market ). Please shoot a mail to: [email protected]

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