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How to promote your eCommerce Marketplace using Live streaming apps

Live streaming apps have become a huge hit since they give the functionality that is required to beam live events from across the world. Live streaming can be used to beam all kinds of events from corporate events, public speaking events, sporting events, entertainment shows, music concerts and many more. Live streaming apps can be used to boost your ecommerce business as well and the following points will show you how to do that:

Conduct Q and A live streaming sessions

A fun Q and A session is a great way to build rapport with your customers and audience and get them to ask you questions about your brand or product. For example, if your company makes gaming consoles, you can have a live streaming session where you answer their questions about the new gaming console you have just launched, the features and attributes of the new product, is it a hand held device or a headset? And many other questions can be answered in the Q and A session. Make sure you echo and connect with your customers via this Q and A session.

In-depth product showcasing

A live streaming session is the perfect way to showcase new products to your customers. If your ecommerce company deals with digital cameras, then have a live streaming session to showcasing all the features of the product, the various angles in which you can take photos, the zoom in and zoom out feature, the processor it contains within, the resolution and contrast that the pictures come along with and many more features can be explained in such a live streaming session. You can also resolve any queries that customers ask about the product or its features.

Show them the essence and core of your ecommerce business

A ‘behind the scenes’ session allows your customers to get an intimate glimpse into the workings of your company and the action that goes on behind closed doors. If your online ecommerce business is in the food industry, then let your customers see how you prepare your food, the ingredients that go into it, how you source the raw materials for your business, a fun interview with your head chef and many more interactive activities will help your customers to bond and develop trust in your brand. Let them know what your morning and evening routine is or the who’s who of your company through the ‘behind the scenes’ session.

Surprise your customers!

Surprise your customers with a one on one session that takes them live through an important process or customize the product for them live during a Periscope session. If your business is into making personalized gifting items, then personalise that mug or blanket live during the session and see the happiness on your customer’s face! If your customer is facing a bug or an issue, then get them to have an interactive live streaming session with you where you solve their problem right in front of them.

You can also use live streaming apps to get real-time feedback from your customers. You can get an amazing amount of insight when you have a live feedback session with your customers. If your ecommerce business deals with making designer wear for women, then get them to tell you what type of dresses they would love to wear, what kind of design or styling they prefer, the textile and material they want these dresses to be made out of etc. The following you will have for such live streaming session will be tremendous and the popularity of your brand will grow in leaps and bounds.

Broadcast live events

Any event that is going to help your customers in some way is sure to help your brand and image. If you ecommerce business deals with Men’s formal wear and suits, then you can have a live streaming session with your customers when you are adding a new line of suits to your existing brands. If you are tying up with a new brand, then the event can be broadcasted live to your customers. Not just events, but even seminars and other corporate events can be hosted live so that your customers can see what is going on in real-time.

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Give away free goodies

You can conduct a couple of fun contests and quizzes online for the general public and test the knowledge they have about your products and their features. One lucky person who gets all the answers right will get surprise gifts or goodies. You can also give them free tickets or passes to live shows and events. This simple live streaming session can broaden the general awareness people have about your brand and products.

Regularly Broadcast ‘How to’ live streaming sessions

You can regularly broadcast ‘How To’ tutorials via your Twitter or Facebook account. For photography zealots, you can broadcast a tutorial educating them about taking beautiful landscape shots if you happen to be an ecommerce business that deals with digital cameras. Teach them to create wonderful panoramic shots and give them step-by-step instructions to create these shots themselves. Regularly telecasting ‘How to’ live streaming tutorials can fetch you a dedicated fan base of followers for your business or brand.

Showcase live customer experiences

If your ecommerce company deals with ice cream and sweet treats, you can invite a few of your most loyal customers and broadcast a live streaming session where they are trying a new flavour of the ice cream or a new recipe of that delicious strawberry cupcake. When other people see them enjoying and loving the new products, they’ll be inspired to try it themselves. If your ecommerce business deals with selling sports equipment, then you can broadcast a customer playing with his new tennis racquet at a local tennis court and giving a positive feedback about his experience with your company’s equipment. Such simple techniques can have a profound impact on your ecommerce business.

Live streaming has been described as the next big thing after social media. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to engage with your customers and show them new dimensions of your business and what goes in to create those magical products that they are interested in buying from you.

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