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How to start Live Streaming as a Business

Though live TV broadcasts have been around for quite some years now; live streaming has been the technology that has successfully facilitated several individuals become professional broadcasters. And with broadcast providers facilitating their subscribers to live stream almost anything; streaming media has become a craze and has managed to spellbind the whole of the broadcast industry in a very short duration.

I was no escapee from live stream’s spell and being appointed the new chairman to our district’s sports events, the view of the empty stands is not a pleasant sight to see and live streaming all events within the stadium occurred to me as the most effective technique to invite more participants and audience in the forth coming seasons and be providing advertising slots; it proved an easy channel to invite considerable revenue as well. Even with all the advantages, the subscription charges that the broadcasters levied were more which only made it tougher for me to answer the board on the only question that would strike them; “How to start live streaming the events?”

How to start Live Streaming as a Business

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Choices at Hand

I now had two options; to either subscribe to a live stream service broadcaster’s website and create a channel for streaming our events or purchase a live streaming software and become a broadcast service provider on our own. And I soon began laying out the benefits both options provided.

Subscription to a Live Streaming Website

Subscribing to a streaming website provided an opportunity to broadcast the events and all the setup needed were just a computer and a good camera device. The service provided features to stream live events as well as uploading a recorded video of a previously held event. The websites have marketed themselves already and have several fans following which increases the chances of the live feed being viewed by several others than those of our own. And as for the revenue factor, the option to earn revenue providing ad spaces was always open.

Having all the benefits lined up, the only factor that proved a great hurdle to the broadcast dream was the high subscription charge. With U Stream, Live Stream, Vaughn live and few other popular live streaming services, this option proved an easy and effective way but not cost efficient.

Since my ‘How to start live streaming?’ question had another possible option to choose; this just wasn’t the end of the road.

Own Live Streaming software/Business

Starting a live streaming service is not an easy job to carry out. From purchasing the streaming software to having it installed in the server and have it running as a website or an app, there are quite a lot of processes involved and a lot of effort to put in. But on the bright side, having the software does provide the best solution to my broadcast dream as there was no need to depend on other broadcasters to run our live stream. With quite a number of live streaming software that come as website and mobile versions we get a simple and effortless way to be available across all platforms.

The software proves only futile without a suitable streaming server and installing the software in the server, we can not only live stream our events but also provide video streaming services to other event organizers in need.

As for the benefits; we get a live streaming software that can be utilized to run a live streaming business on our own. No more subscription charges to broadcast service providers and depending on them for our broadcast needs. Instead we can be a broadcast service provider ourselves and stream our events all year round at no extra cost as well as charge a small amount for providing broadcasting services for other events.

And any tough hurdle to jump cross? Yes there is, Installation. The software providers do not provide installation services and we will be required to hire experts to install the software in the server and research the market and get the suitable server as well.  Though a little tough, the advantages the option to purchase a software and have a live streaming business proved more effective.

Having given the ‘go’ from the board, it was now time to figure out a plan on ‘How to start Live Streaming as a business?’

I had to research the market and purchase the best live streaming software. And with a plenty of choices, it wasn’t easy to decide on one. Xplisit, Twitch and Live Stream made it tougher to decide on one; there was one software that with its benefits and a surprise package proved the best choice and I decided to go with it – CASTASY.

So what made Castasy stand out from the rest?

The software builders provided the software as three different versions – a web version, a mobile application version for iOS devices and a mobile app version for Android devices. Whenever we would start a video stream, our twitter followers will be notified about the stream and they can instantly watch the live feed from wherever they are. The software generated a unique URL for every video using which, the desktop users can view the video in their browsers. We can also give the desktop users the additional advantage of viewing multiple videos at the same time in their browsers with the unique URLs. The software came with free lifetime upgrades and full source code.

But the best feature that makes this software unique from the rest is the fact that the software comes as a package with a live streaming server. Yes! Purchasing the software, the buyer gets an NGINX-RTMP live streaming server that supports 10,000 simultaneous connections and all major protocols. All this at a cheap rate of just $399. And as the solution to the installation issues; for an additional $199, we could get the experts from Castasy to install the software and have it running in the server. The software comes at a rate of $699 which comes as a total package with installation and a WOWZA streaming server.

Streaming the events has proved efficient and revenue generating just as projected and there can be no better decision any future chairman of the board can make than choosing to live stream the events and start a profitable business of our own as well. To Castasy and its team, ‘Gracias’.

8.9 out of 10
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