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 How to successfully start an ecommerce business for FREE [CaseStudy]

Ecommerce has become the best revenue gaining business and starting an ecommerce site is sure a highlighted point in every entrepreneur’s to-do list. With its secure system and ease of shopping, ecommerce has diverted a great number of customers away from conventional shopping methods.

Ecommerce has favored the customers and the business owners to an extent where shopping every week has become leisure and the last hour purchases during festive seasons are slowly becoming a memory. And for the business owners, ecommerce not only provided an online marketing platform but also a cost efficient opportunity to take their products to the customers.

All the entrepreneurs have to do is own a site and let potential business owners advertise their products in their site. The site owners not only charge for every product advertised but also get a particular commission for every sale made. Providing ad spaces generated extra revenue too. With no manual work and no need for travel, all the entrepreneur has to do is come up with a script for an ecommerce site and maintain it from a computer.

With the competition in the business, an ecommerce site should not only be different from the rest but also simple. Website development companies as well as freelance web developers charge a hefty sum for coming up with a script like that and considering the time for creating a site that; doing it on your own is not something that I would recommend.

ecommerce business for free


EcommerceMix, a website development company provides the best place for software related solutions for any ecommerce softwares. a niche market place for baby products, – an online furniture marketplace and – handcrafted marketplace for artisans are few ecommerce sites based on the scripts from EcommerceMix.

Admire market place:
Admire the marketplace script from Ecommerce Mix with its simple and innovative features fits every entrepreneur’s requirement for starting an ecommerce business. Admire is the social commerce marketplace script where any seller can sell anything to any buyer anywhere across the globe. And the best part is that EcommerceMix now gives out their Admire marketplace script for FREE.

How does it work?

Admire marketplace script works similar to any other ecommerce site but a lot simpler. The site owner/ admin panel simply has to buy the script and install in their server. The admin panel is authorized to add any number of sellers i.e. business owners as well as remove them. A particular percentage is deducted as commission from every sale as fee for the site owner. Sellers looking at having an online platform for their business can register at the site and market their products for a particular fee to the owner. Users or the customers can register at the site either the conventional way or use their social media logins to register at the site. The customers can then browse through the product categories and buy the desired product. The bill amount for each product bought is sent to the admin panel.

As an Entrepreneur/site owner:

Being an entrepreneur has its own benefits and drawbacks. Creating a business is a drawback that could send any entrepreneur’s idea right back to formula. Following a successful business needs you more expertise and features that your ‘already successful’ competitors lack. EcommerceMix provides the best possible solution to both with their Admire marketplace script. An entrepreneur can just buy the script and install it in his/her server.

As the admin, the site owner has complete access to the site’s settings. He/she can acknowledge any number of sellers who have registered at their site as well as reject or delete their registrations. At the back panel, the admin can hire or set sub-admins for various site activities. The sub-admin will have access to only the operations the admin has assigned him/her. The site owner can create any number of categories for products registered by the sellers.

Revenue making ideas:

There are always multiple money making ways with ecommerce sites. And with Admire any money making idea is possible. Here are a few common tips to make money using Admire social commerce marketplace script. The admin can collect a small fee from the business owners or sellers as charge for each product advertised or marketed through the site. The main revenue is the commission the admin receives for every sale made through the site. The admin can earn additional revenue by providing ad banners and spaces for various brands and stores on his/her site.


  • Maintaining a business at home is much cost efficient than running an offline business.
  • The only effort that the site owner has to put in is for marketing the site.
  • With the site keeping track of every sale made and collection received; the owner has no need to maintain separate records.
  • With all the time to spend on leisure, the entrepreneur can conveniently work on another business idea.

As a business owner/seller:

The sellers can make the most from the ecommerce sites. With just a small fee for advertising a product, the business owner gets a cost efficient way of having an online platform for his/her business. Business owners register at the site as sellers and paying the fee set by the site owner, can advertise their products on the site. Whenever a buyer purchases the seller’s product, the seller is notified about the purchase and sends the goods to the buyer’s location. The business owner can also set coupon and promo codes for various products. At the discussion panel, the seller can start a discussion with the buyer and decide on the delivery methods and other terms. The seller can view his earnings, products he has sold, and the commission that has to be paid to the buyer etc., at the earnings column under his/her profile settings.


  • Running and maintaining a website burns a hole in your paycheck and ecommerce sites prevent the need for the same.
  • An easy platform to market and create awareness about your product.

As a user/customer:

Users no longer have to depend on the conventional shopping way for their every day purchase or the last minute festive purchases. The site allows the users to either register the traditional way or by using their social media profiles. Browsing through the categories set by the admin panel, the customer can easily get to the desired product. The site also permits the user to add products to his/her online wish list for future purchase. With a coupon code, the buyer can enter the coupon code or promo code set by the user making him/her eligible for a discount or a gift. As soon as the product is purchased and payment is complete, the buyer gets an invoice for the purchase. The buyer, using the discussion panel, can start a discussion with the seller regarding shipping details, time of delivery etc. The user can also track the product and check whether it is shipped, the estimated time of delivery etc.


  • Purchasing online prevents travel charges.
  • With online shopping having its doors open 24*7, buyers can purchase products day and night eliminating the need to skip work or hurry to the mall after work.

Payment options:

Admire social commerce marketplace script allows both online and offline payment methods. When a customer chooses online payment methods the fee is deducted from the customer’s debit or credit card. The payment is received by the site owner/admin panel from which the commission is deducted and the rest is paid to the seller. At the offline payment method (or) cash on delivery system, the buyer hands over the money to the seller and the latter pays the commission to the site owner.

The site owner can keep track of every product sold, the commission to be received, the amount he/she has to pay out to the seller etc.

Additional features:

Mobile applications: The site also comes as an android application for the users and the buyers are provided with separate iOS applications.

Payment gateways: Paypal is the default payment gateway that comes with the site but can be changed or modified to meet the buyer’s requirement.

Multi language support: The site comes with multi-language support and with customizations; the script can provide an online niche market for any product at any part of the world.

Users and sellers get separate email notifications at each purchase. And with any number of purchases a minute, the script’s powerful automated email management system helps uninterrupted notifications.

The users can review the products and the sellers allowing fellow users choose wisely. And with the built in customizations, the site owner can change the appearance of the site (backgrounds, fonts, themes etc.).

Script modifications:

Apart from being a social commerce marketplace script, Admire can also be customized to be used as an affiliated marketing site where the buyers can refer their friends to purchase goods at the site and earn a particular percentage of commission from the sale. A community based ecommerce site can also be built from the script enabling people from particular communities or groups sell or buy products.

A location based ecommerce site can also be built from the script e.g., an online yard sale business and a business to run errands similar to ‘Taskrabbit’ can also be created.

With customizations, multiple language supports and payment gateways specific to different countries, the script can be modified to any niche market to fit any country.

In addition to the lite version of the Admire social commerce marketplace script coming as free, the script also comes as a Premium version for $999 with a 100% source code, free installation, free future upgrades, lifetime support and free goodies worth $8000 and much more. The script also comes as a special offer pack for $199 where the buyer gets iOS apps for sellers, web scripts, free installation and complete source code.


Admire marketplace script satisfies every entrepreneur’s hunger to create a ecommerce site and with the lite version now coming for free, anyone form a professional to a stay at home mom could start an ecommerce business of their own.

Following are few ecommerce sites that are online already using Admire marketplace script. – handcrafted marketplace for artisans. – A woman entrepreneur who runs a fashion marketplace in Israel (site is in Hebrew language)

A furniture marketplace  and – a niche marketplace for baby products started by a mom from California.

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