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Tips to Choose the Best HTML5 Video Player

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Videos on the internet have traditionally depended on Adobe’s Flash technology for several years now. However, there is a transition in progress from Flash to the new standard defined by HTML5. As such, more and more people are now looking for HTML5 video players, to be in touch with the updated trend. Choosing the best HTML5 video player involves finding a player which offers the best features of HTML5 video, and which acts as a one-stop solution to play HTML5 videos.

Before going ahead and looking at tips to choose the best HTML5 video player, let us quickly take a look at what HTML5 video actually means. Currently, HTML5 video standards refer to three formats – MP4, WebM and Ogv. Modern mobile devices and browsers are fast adapting to the HTML5 standard, with Flash technology slowly being phased out.

The best HTML5 video player will be able to support all three video formats, and all modern mobile devices including phones and tablets. Offered in this article are some quick tips to select the best HTML5 video player that has all the features that you’re looking for. Also included is a list of well-known HTML5 players compared together for your convenience, so that you can choose the best HTML5 video player of your choice and get it immediately.


The first tip is to identify whether the video player supports all three major HTML5 standard video formats. This point is being repeated for a second time to emphasize the importance of support for these formats. The best HTML5 video player should be able to handle whatever format you throw at it, without coughing up an error message.

The next tip is to check the amount of control these players offer. You need to be able to control the speed, size and look of the video on the player. The best HTML5 video player will offer you a lot of playback controls in the interface.

The next tip is to check cross-browser and cross-device support. All major browsers usually have at least one video format that they cannot support, and hence the best HTML5 video player will have to be able to convert between these incompatible formats and support playing videos on all major browsers. Similarly, the best HTML5 video player should be able to operate on all major devices running iOS, Android and Windows.

Now let us take a look at the top 10 best HTML5 video players available, and compare their features to help you make a pick.

  • Kaltura

The Kaltura player is a popular HTML5 player that comes loaded with a lot of useful features. It runs on all major platforms, has a touch interface, and supports flash fallback. This is certainly fit to be called as the best HTML5 video player since it can deal with just about any video that you throw at it. It even has subtitle support, which is quite useful if you are playing any foreign videos. The interface is pleasant to look at, and is quite user friendly. There is very little wrong with the Kaltura video player that threatens its claim to be the best HTML5 video player.

  • Projekktor

This is another popular player that is an open-source project. It claims to solve the most frequent cross-browser compatibility issues by playing videos in their best form possible. It has a lot of features that make it an ideal candidate to be the best HTML5 video player. Some of the more interesting features of the player include True Fullscreen support, flash fallback, a themeable interfact, VLC Web Plugin support, a unified Javascript API and the ability to build playlists and stream channels. With so many features to boot, Projekktor certainly looks like the best HTML5 video player that most people wish for.


  • FlareVideo

FlareVideo is an open-source HTML5 video player that offers simple and useful features to the user while playing videos on the web. While it does qualify to be the best HTML5 video player, it loses out on some of the features as compared to the other players on this list. For example, it does not offer subtitle support and is not available on major mobile platforms.  It does have flash fallback that is useful in several cases. So choose FlareVideo if you are looking for a simplistic player, but do remember it does not have all the features that the other players on this list do.

  • Video.js

Video.js offers a consistent JavaScript API for interfacing with video. This makes it one of the more reliable video players on this list. The best HTML5 video player ensures that the visitor does not have to search for alternative ways to watch a video, and Video.js does just that. With all the standard features built right in, it offers a simple solution to play HTML5 videos on the web. Since it is quite lightweight, it will not take up too many resources as well, which is quite impressive.

  • OIPlayer

Speaking of lightweight, OIPlayer is yet another lightweight player that offers a decent set of features. Since the best HTML5 video player has to deal with multiple formats and issues while playing video, OIPlayer gives a lot of controls for playing the video. As for formats, it supports all the HTML5 formats. OIPlayer does feature flash fallback, and has a consistent look between browsers. It can support multiple players on the same page, and one useful feature is that it offers play statistics on screen to give users interesting information and statistics about the video being played.

  • Open Video Player

This is a good candidate to be called best HTML5 video player, with its list of intelligent features. The player automatically selects the right technology to play the video, depending on the browser and the device. This intelligent selection saves the user from having to choose multiple options for multiple devices/browsers. The player features a customizable interface using CSS and has flash fallback compatibility. Another useful feature is that it displays mRSS feed based playlists with a native UI control. Looking at these features, it certainly looks like Open Video Player is an intelligentand best HTML5 video player to choose for your project.

  • Mediaelement.js

This is a well-known HTML5 video player that has been used by several popular websites. One of the more well-known features of this player is that it has custom flash and Silverlight players that enables older browsers to play HTML5 video. This is an important feature since there are still millions of people on older browsers, especially Internet Explorer 6 and below. Apart from this, the player also supports other standard features which make it an ideal entry in our list. This is one true best HTML5 video player that is quite impressive in all aspects.

  • SublimeVideo

This is yet another popular HTML5 video player which claims to be so easy to implement that all you need to do to integrate it in your website is to add a single line of code. This does not mean it is too simplistic to have any good features. In fact it has a long list of features that would put the other players on this list to shame. It supports three player designs, has a responsive layout, an integrated lightbox, subtitle support, keyboard control, an advanced player API and supports all major browsers and modern devices. It has a focus on rendering HD videos beautifully as well. Can you ask anything more from the best HTML5 video player?

  • LeanBack

LeanBack competes with SublimeVideon on the number of features it offers, and it does seem as if the list is longer for LeanBack. But lists and numbers put aside, this is truly a well-built HTML5 video player that supports all major browsers and mobile devices. Among its many features it supports a keyboard interface, a 100% skinnable CSS interface, a full screen mode and flash fallback. Best of all, it is an open-source project, which means you can customize it to your heart’s content, that is if you’re not already satisfied with the number of features offered.

  • Mooplay

Our search for the best HTML5 video player comes to a close with the last entry on our list, Mooplay. This neatly built video player offers all the basic features that you can expect from our list.  It offers easy customization to the interface so that you can add your own controls. The default controls offered should actually be enough for most purposes. With the player offering subtitle and flash fallback support, you can be rest assured that your visitors will not miss out on any of your videos.

These ten HTML5 video players are packed to the brim with useful features, and can support any HTML5-standard video with ease. So your search for the best HTML5 video player will definitely come to an end if you choose one of these HTML5 video players for your regular use. Choosing the best HTML5 video player will ensure that all of your visitors enjoy the videos on your website without any hindrance.


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