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Why Your Businesses Should Integrate Facebook Messenger platform in Your App?

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Just when you thought that Facebook couldn’t get any better, they sure as hell surprise you! This popular social networking site has consistently offered business tools to promote and market their businesses.  Well in their quest to further extend a helping hand to ventures of all magnitude, Facebook earlier today announced at the F8 Developers Conference that it will allow integration of the popular Messenger app with third party apps.  Their strategy is clear: Keep things simple with WhatsApp but add extensive features to Messenger. With a very likely overlap between the massive user base of both these Facebook owned products, it is a smart move that provides something for everyone!

How Will It Help Your Business?
Well this feature will give businesses access to the 600 million user base of the Messenger Platform. Not just that, it also allows its users to create and share content with third-party tools and directly communicate with them. In other words, this feature replaces calling and emailing businesses as it allows users to communicate directly with them. This means, business can now also show off a new Messenger Business platform that will permit them to interact with customers in unique manners and offer shipping notifications through the app.

How Will It Help Your Customers?
For the users, this feature allows potential customers to launch and install your app from the Facebook Messenger app itself. This also helps in adding new exciting features to the experience and also allows users to easily share your app directly from the messenger.

This new platform will be launched with 40 supported apps initially. But do not worry; if your app is not one of the 40 then Facebook will be releasing an SDK today that will let any developer integrate Messenger in their app.
The new Messenger platform comes alongside a new and improved way for users to share content on mobile devices from other apps. Now users will be able to share content across all of Facebook’s services thus allowing users to select specific groups, Messenger, or their News Feed to share content.

How does Integration of Facebook Message In your app Help You?
With basic sharing, your app’s name and logo will be on everything sent from your app, but with optimized sharing, you’ll also be able to drive growth and engagement, right from a conversation using actions like Install (takes the user to the Play Store) and Reply (which brings people directly back to your app, to send more stuff).
You can start adding optimized sharing features after clearing the Facebook check for policy compliance under their App Review program.

Integrate Facebook Messenger platform in Your App

Once your app is approved for optimized sharing, it may also be featured within Messenger. People can discover featured apps that are listed below the apps that are already installed.

Note that this platform does not exist outside Apple’s and Google’s App Store. This is because Messenger will actually send users to the App Store where they can install and download the apps that supports the platform.

Wondering what does the SDK do? Well it allows app developers to make the overall app experience frictionless for the users. When you launch an app from Messenger, you can quickly jump into creating content in the third-party app and easily share and then jump back to Messenger, as highlighted below:


Well having said all of the above, one can conclude that Facebook Messenger Integration in your app is surely going to help you boost your app’s popularity. This is not just because the app gets to interact with the million odd users but also because it gives your customer the comfort of being able to directly interact with your business when needed.

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