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Top 10 Internet Business Ideas to start instantly

The internet has completely changed the world for the better. Millions of people have improved their lives thanks to the opportunities brought forth by the internet. This explains why a large number of people are now searching for internet business ideas, to seek improvement in their own lives. Internet business ideas are not very hard to come by. In fact there have been several internet business ideas in a very short period of time. But when internet business ideas are not of a good nature, they crash. An example of this is how several internet business ideas flopped when the tech bubble popped in 2000.

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Proper internet business ideas never look for short term gains. Proper internet business ideas are more focused on the long term benefits of any idea. If you’re looking for internet business ideas of your own, then you need to pick some promising internet business ideas. This article lists ten such promising and excellent internet business ideas.

Uber for Mechanics ( click HERE to get the script )

Your goal to choosing internet business ideas is off to a good start with Uber for Mechanics. This is an amazing example of internet business ideas that capitalize on the trend of on-demand services. This app will help stranded car owners to get their cars fixed on-demand from a mechanic nearby. Internet business ideas need to be sturdy, and this app is just that. If you pick such internet business ideas and set up your business you will be all set for a steady growth. So think about picking out such internet business ideas and offer a valuable service to stranded people in the community.


Uber for Courier Service ( click HERE to get the script )

Courier companies provide a very useful service to the community. However, finding them at the right time can be surprisingly tough. So turn this into an opportunity for internet business ideas by getting the Uber for Courier Service script. Such internet business ideas provide you with fully functional mobile apps that allow users to find the best courier service near their location. Using such internet business ideas, you can get your business off to a bright start, as people are constantly looking to send stuff through couriers. After you have picked such internet business ideas for your business you can scale them up as fast as you want to.

Uber for Iphone Repair ( click HERE to get the script )

The iphone was the original smartphone which gave rise to several mobile internet business ideas. The stunning sales of the phone each year only contribute to the growth of mobile internet business ideas. You can get in on this market too with your own mobile internet business ideas, related to iphone repair. The Uber for iphone repair script is a turnkey solution that provides a well-designed app, using which users can search for nearby iphone repair specialists, on-demand. This is a superb instance of internet business ideas for tapping into a proven market.

Uber for Laundry ( click HERE to get the script )

This is another fine example of internet business ideas that drive your business forward by tapping into a well-known market. Uber for Laundry is an elegant app powered by a simple foundation of internet business ideas that makes use of the users’ locations. Such internet business ideas offer users the option to get their laundry picked up, cleaned and returned to them on-demand. These internet business ideas require minimal set up and zero technical knowledge, thus making them an excellent source of internet business ideas for non-technical entrepreneurs.

 Uber for Movie Rentals ( click HERE to get the script )

When internet business ideas combine common world interests with the internet, it gives rise to very powerful internet business ideas. An example of that is Uber for Movie Rentals. Such internet business ideas allow users to rent movies from a nearby store, merely by using their smartphone. As you can observe, this isn’t a set of complex internet business ideas. It can be implemented quite easily. These internet business ideas work in every area, since watching movies is a common pastime. So if you don’t want to risk entering niche markets, you can play it safe by taking up such internet business ideas that targets a very common market.


Rumblr – A Tumblr Clone ( click HERE to get the script )

Before social networks took over the internet, the biggest internet business ideas were to start blogging networks. Now after social networks have become old, the blogging networks are once again great internet business ideas! You can be part of this new trend by getting your own internet business ideas in the form of a tumblr clone. These exciting new internet business ideas can be yours in the matter of minutes. All you need to do is to set up these internet business ideas with the help of a skilled support team, and then expand on the internet business ideas to bring in new users. Rumblr can be an excellent source of internet business ideas if you put in some time to expand the idea. ( click HERE to get the script )

Viral videos are the next big internet business ideas. This can be an opportunity to identify exciting new internet business ideas. And that comes in the form of, a clone of the popular Such internet business ideas can help you set up a viral video website in no time. And as several such websites have proven in the past, these are excellent internet business ideas that have huge monetization potential. So utilize such internet business ideas to give your business a viral boost!

Shopsy ( click HERE to get the script )

This is a powerful instance of internet business ideas since it uses the popular niche of e-commerce, which virtually spells business! So setting up internet business ideas in the field of e-commerce can be very lucrative from the beginning. Such internet business ideas to set up a full-fledged shopping website allow you to take advantage of the social commerce phenomenon, and build yourself an e-commerce empire.

Online Yard Sale ( click HERE to get the script )

Another example of internet business ideas that take benefit of the social commerce feature. The Online Yard Sale script sets up well-designed apps to conduct virtual yard sales in a community. Such internet business ideas are targeted towards a social approach, which has a long term (positive) effect on your business.

MoGram – An Instagram Clone ( click HERE to get the script )

Internet business ideas to set up an Instagram clone in themselves sound exciting. What makes MoGram more exciting is that it has built-in support to serve ads, that opens up opportunities for monetization. On top of that such internet business ideas are bound to work well with photography enthusiasts. So take advantage of such exciting internet business ideas today!

These internet business ideas are all focused on building on the next big platform – mobile. Internet business ideas are now increasingly being focused on the mobile side of things. That said, internet business ideas will continue offering support for traditional desktop platforms along with mobile platforms. When you look for internet business ideas you need to decide where your focus is going to be. If your internet business ideas are not mobile-focused you will miss out on the future, and if your internet business ideas are not desktop-oriented you might potentially lose millions of desktop users. So choose your internet business ideas well and decide on what platform(s) your internet business ideas will focus on. Taking this decision early will help you shape your internet business ideas well for the future.

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