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How Internet of Things Helps to Take Charge of Your Pet’s Health

Internet of Things, as discussed before is simply a control system where people use the internet to transfer data from a device to another thereby controlling the latter or just monitoring it. Good-bye to the decades old system where the use of a computer becomes mandatory in controlling devices. Now you can control just about anything that has an IP address from anywhere. You can now command your lawn mower to take a turn or simply just rest, from a completely different time zone or even another country.
The world is not new to the Internet of Things (IOT) it’s just that it has found a wide range of new applications for IOT. From monitoring the condition or the health of buildings or bridges and detecting the health of your automobile to controlling street lighting and indications of free parking spaces and suggesting alternate congestion less routes; IOT can be used in any field where a machine can be controlled. In simple words; if a machine can be controlled remotely, it can be monitored and controlled with IOT more effectively.

internet on pets health
So can IOT be used only to monitor machines? No. IOT can be used to monitor any machine. It is just that it can be used to control machines only. This comes in handy in monitoring a patient’s health; where an IOT device can gather all information and run a diagnosis on its own and can then provide a complete report to the doctors or the guardian at another location. Thereby completely eliminating the need of in-person monitoring at all times.
And having found it’s applications in monitoring human healthcare, the opportunity for using Internet of Things for Pets now shines bright. Yes, IOT can be employed in monitoring your pet’s health as well. From simply having a report about your pets’ health to even feeding them as per their schedule from your workplace; there are wide range of applications where Internet of Things for pets can provide pet owners as the perfect cost efficient pet care professional they were craving for.
With the idea of Internet of Things for Pets set clear; here is how exactly Internet of Things can benefit pet care services.
But before we get to the How; let us get an idea of Why? And here’s why;
With households having it almost mandatory to have pets and every person in the household with a job, the only time they get to spend with their pets are the weekends which might be even more tiring with kids. And amidst all this, caring about the pet and visiting the vet once a while might become a greater pain in the neck. And when was the last time you had to pay someone to feed your pet at the right time or left a bag of kibbles open so your cat could have a mouthful whenever he wishes?
How cool would it be to have an automated system that would feed your pet the right quantity at the right time and also monitors his health from time to time and sends you detailed reports which you can help you decide whether or not to visit the vet or better send the reports directly to your vet who can then suggest a proper diet or ask you to bring the pet to the clinic.
And with Internet of Things for Pets you get exactly that and in addition to keeping your pet’s health in check, you can control or limit their outdoor activities as well.

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