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Top 10 iOS ecommerce app templates

Apple has been dominating the world of mobile and smartphones ever since Steve Jobs created the revolutionary iPhones. They are heavy on the pocket but that single factor has not deterred people from buying them. And the growth of iPhones has been phenomenal for the past few years. The statistics have also revealed that the market for iPhone users has been bigger than what most Hollywood movies are earning at the box office. And that should be enough to show you the power of iPhones. In this post lets look at the list of top 10 iOS ecommerce app templates.

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The best iOS ecommerce app template of 2017: eCommercemix

Suffice it to say that if the revenue of iPhones is beating that of Hollywood movies, then we don’t even have to talk about the revenue gap between iPhones and androids. In the year 2014 itself, sale of iPhones drew in more than $10 billion and that number has increased exponentially in the past two years.

Reason for iPhone’s sale success

There can be plenty of reasons which have been put forward by analytics. But, one cannot deny the spectacular functionality and design which Apple offers. It offers everything you need to keep your work life organized and much more than that. Most people buy iPhones just for the sake of showing off. It surely has become a status symbol but those who do know all the features offered by Apple in its small handset are the ones who are actually putting their money to the right use.

Apple was the first one to launch meaningful mobile app business, back in 2008. When it unveiled its first product, they went on to release an iOS software which is exclusive to the Apple company. This is where the androids and iOS phones differ. iOS manufactures and develops everything on its own while Android phones share the same operating system and play store.


iPhones have their own play store called the App Store while every other android phone has Google play store. It has iTune which gives you every kind of music right on your phone. It has its own personalized messages called iMessage which you can use to send free messages to people who are using an apple product. If you are still unaware of the plethora of features offered by iPhone, then check out its website.

As we already told you that iPhone has its own app store, you must have guessed one thing by now. It has its own set of apps. When you see a notification or link to download a website’s app on your phone, you will always see two different links – one to Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

So, when it comes to creating apps for iPhone users, company’s who want to launch their own apps on iPhone, will have to be a little more cautious. Creating android apps and iOS apps are completely two different things.

Before you embark on your journey to create an iOS app for your company, you should know which apps matter the most. Ecommerce apps are creating all the buzz in the app market because they are highly used. The wide gap between the iOS apps and android apps is further proof of why you should be focusing more on launching your ecommerce website on the App Store as soon as possible.

The growth of apps is directly proportional to the use of that specific phone and it is no surprise that people prefer iPhones more today, if they can afford any.

iOS ecommerce app templates

For the people who are keen on trying PrimeFusion, there are a plethora of features which you shall be able to leverage when you use this amazing ecommerce marketplace solution. It is perfect for creating a native iOS app. Needless to say, ecommerce apps are their speciality. It is not just any ecommerce marketplace, but a multi vendor and Node JS ecommerce marketplace which can get your app running within few minutes.

The apps you create with this are properly secured and created with expertise of highly skilled developers. It is obviously responsive and comes with multiple payment gateways for your ecommerce site. It has a responsive admin panel which gives you an understanding of what is happening with your ecommerce app. The codes are clean and the back-end framework is easy to understand.

The other approach is pretty easy and customizable as well. Browse the internet to find some of the greatest iOS ecommerce app templates and if you don’t have any idea where to start, then read on to learn more about the best templates that will be perfect for creating any ecommerce app store you want.

  1. Glam

Glamorous and stunning is what you desire for your ecommerce iOS app, then Glam is the perfect template to start with. It is not only beautifully designed but it is loaded with spectacular features that give you a fully functional ecommerce app. The UI of the template is built in a way which ensures that the beauty of your products does not go unnoticed. The UI is made to give your users an efficient and easy browsing technique.

One of the main USP of this template is its native iOS Swift code. The entire template comes with slick animations and sliding features. These features are strong because they are backed with efficient and clean codes. It also comes with original layered Adobe Photoshop psd files which can be edited according to your needs.

Other features of this iOS ecommerce app template include the custom slide menu, explore view that gives you custom animation, detailed checkout view, settings table view and scroll animations as well.

  1. Infinite

The landing page of your ecommerce iOS app matters the most. Why, you ask? Well, that is the first thing people notice when they visit your ecommerce store. And this is what makes infinite the best template that you can use to create a stellar landing page. It comes with 2 PSD files, 12 column grids to categorize all the products of your ecommerce store properly. You get plenty of free icons and google webfont as well.

The template will not disappoint you when it comes to the powerful performance of your entire app as it is BootStrap backed. The template’s single page layout is perfect ecommerce stores that are going to focus on a small number of products only. The entire ecommerce template is built on professional standards and has extremely clean and modern codes. You can even convert the grid system of the template to other ecommerce marketplace to suit your app’s needs. Just customize the entire template the way you want and you are good to go.

  1. Appify

Everything about an iOS ecommerce app is presentable and if your app isn’t visually appealing, then it would fail to make an impact on the visitors. This is why Appify will be your best option. It is quality checked by Envato and with a proper license purchase; you get future updates for free. It has a BootStrap 1170 grid system which makes it highly responsive. The entire template is designed to take care of all the features which are needed for creating an iOS ecommerce app. It is properly documented and pretty easy to customize as well. The landing page of this template is built with CSS3, HTML5 and Less.

If you are a start up and want a template that caters to your company’s needs, then Appify is just right for you.

  1. Agile

This ecommerce iOS template comes with flat and bold design. To give your ecommerce app store powerful performance, it has 7 custom post types. There are various colour schemes which can be used to design your ecommerce iOS app. It also has parallax/ video sections and unlimited header styles. With Woocommerce behind its back end development, you will never fall short of plugins for your ecommerce app.

Agile is one of the few iOS ecommerce app template that is not only responsive but also multipurpose which makes it completely versatile and perfect for any kind of ecommerce store.

  1. Bones

The template is exclusive to the design of iOS ecommerce apps. It has been made with highly skilled professionals who have taken care of everything when it comes to an iOS app. This is why, you get 120 fully editable screens which come in 10 categories and 3 file formats. These formats include Sketch, Illustrator and PhotoShop. The entire structure of the template is easy to understand and use. This will give you the freedom to place the elements of your ecommerce store at any place you want. It is retina ready and comes with free fonts and plenty of categories to get your ecommerce app up and running. Bones holds the 5th position in our list of best iOS ecommerce app templates.

  1. Vibrant

Vibrant has been made up of PSD files which are ready to be customized. You will be impressed with the versatile design and coding base of this ecommerce app template. It comes with pre-built set of icons which are perfect for an iOS app. The template also has sharing icons which are perfect to link your ecommerce website to the official pages of your website on various social media like Facebook and Twitter. Just download this template from Envato and get started with your customization.

  1. Brochure

As the name suggests, the template is easy and comes in the format of cover letters. It has been designed in a similar manner but it doesn’t restrict anyone from creating an ecommerce app they want. It comes with free fonts and multiple page layouts. The parallax header on the landing page will allow you to showcase your top product which will definitely attract more customers. It also has 6/10 content column grid which allows you to organize everything in one place. This holds the 7th position in our list of top iOS ecommerce app templates.

  1. Elementy

This one is a PSD template that comes with 7 homepage screen options which make it such a huge hit among the iOS app developers. Every page on this template is made with different stylic option which give you more than enough room for being creative. It comes with a clean design which will give you a clear understanding of the codes that you will have to tackle. There are also 3 header options, 6 footer options and 7 slider options available for your iOS ecommerce app store.

  1. LandBox

Created by Joomla, this is one of the highly responsive iOS ecommerce app templates available on Envato. Suited for any type of business or ecommerce store, it is super flexible and comes with a clean and professional design. Built on the framework of CSS3, HTML5 and LESS, you won’t be disappointed with its amazing functionality. It comes with 5 pre-made homepage designs which allow you to be versatile.

Instead of running the same redundant ecommerce iOS app, you can easily get a different design by just a little tweak when you work on this ecommerce app template.

  1. Volt

Volt is another multipurpose iOS ecommerce app template which you can purchase from Enavto. It not only has the features of an ecommerce app store but also comes with various other features which includes infographic elements, chart graphs and others. It is highly creative and responsive. And when you get 120 unique page layouts for your ecommerce app store, you will lots of option to choose from when creating your own unique app for the App Store.


Creating an ecommerce app is not an easy task but that doesn’t mean you should not do it. Instead of running behind expensive application developers, it is better to use these templates of PrimeFusion and get your own ecommerce app within a few hours. You will not only be in charge of it but the entire process will either be free or come at a cost-effective price.

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