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5 essential e-books / books for iOS developers

Every developer should develop his library with the best and the best books. It doesn’t matter whether its Java or c+ or any other computer language , if you are a developer you should have all the books to refer when the coding gets complicated.  There is a wide range of books available in the market for iOS development starting from beginners to advanced level.

The collection of the books makes you tricky to select the best kind of books. And now a days, the books have an inverse relationship with the size of the books. The more the size of the book the less the quality matter available. And this reason makes the developers waste their time in search for the best kind of books. Spend days online and in stores in hunt for these books . To avoid this, well, I decided to help them. Here are few recommendations :

  1. Programming in objective-C

By  Stephen G. Kochan


Objective –C has become the standard language for application development. The programming in objective-C book is concise , carefully written tutorial on objective –C. And this is basically for Apple’s iOS and OS X  platform. The book covers of basic language constructs – daya types, string manipulation, other OO basic stuff.

The book Programming in Objective-C offers the new programmer a complete, detailed introduction to the Objective-C language. The book teaches from the basic level which even helps the beginner to understand without any difficulty  and the reader may not necessarily know other programming languages to understand this book. It includes many detailed, practical examples which are very well designed of how to use Objective-C to in your everyday programming needs.

The fifth edition of this book has been updated. It is to cover the new features in Objective-C programming introduced along OS X Mountain Lion (Xcode 4.4) and iOS 6 ( Xcode 4.5) . It also talks about the use of Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) and it provides an introduction to iOS programming.

This book is not for “the dummies” and can teach you the basics of objective –C in one shot.

  1. iOS programming : The big nerd ranch guide

By  Joe Conway, Aaron Hillegass


The book,  iOS programming : The big nerd ranch guide has a really good introduction to the iOS development. The style of this book is “learn by example” which makes it simpler to understand. The book walks you to important concepts, required tools and useful techniques for developing iOS applications. The course offers well-tested materials and methodology to teach iOS concepts and coding. The room for the lengthy code explanations in the book enables to erase the doubts in the reader’s mind.

The book consists of wide range of topics, lots of material for the price and the engaging in writing style is very accurate, to the point form. Every discussed topic gets an explanation in detail. The book is clear to understand as the concepts are introduced when needed which remove the air of confusion. All in all it has maintained an excellent layout. Throughout the book, the authors clearly explain what’s important to know in the large context of the iOS platform. This gives you an insight on how iOS development works, the available features  and when and where to apply what you’ve learned.

  1. iOS game development  cookbook

By Jonathon Manning


If you are planning to build an iOS technology based game applications, then this is the cookbook which helps you to. The book contains a very detailed version of common iOS game developments issues, ranging from 2D to 3D math to game centre integration and openGL performance. You will learn solutions to most of the problems like from tile-matching to racing games.

Once you are done with the layout and structure of your game, you are able to customize menus with UIKit. The ability to detect and respond to the input and teaches you the use of advanced techniques on how to play sound effects and music into the game.  Now, when you are half way done, you can even create 2D graphics using Spritekit. The book has many other features which allows you to add physics into your game, create advanced 3D graphics and work with game controllers and multiple screens.

A detailed book giving all the knowledge about how to create  a gaming app.

  1. Hacking and securing iOS applications

By  Jonathan Zdziarski


First, this is an e-book. Now, you can find a paper book too.

Maybe your account or your company’s account is very vulnerable for an attack. What do you do? Save company from the bad guys just like that? Well, Jonathan Zdziarski got you all a solution to not face this unwelcoming scene in your life.

If you happen to have a strong base in Objective-C, then you should really grab this book and read through it. This book not only teaches you how to secure an account by has all the wicked strategies and tools  that hackers use to hack into an account. You will have the best practice to help and protect your applications and minimize the danger. You will also learn how critical it is to understand and strategize your opposition.

  1. iOS 6 Development Unleashed

By Robert McGovern


As the book says “ developing mobile application for Apple iOS based devices.” this is the premier book which tutors you everything from the basics to advanced level.  It consists of the natural flow of application design, development, testing and deployment. Everything that is essential for building a first-class iOS 6 application.

The book further talks about the most powerful techniques that are most significant in building successful app. Each topic is covered in its own complete chapter. Templates, storyboards, data views, controls, gesture recognizers, core Bluetooth, security foundations, audio units, core audio, quartz,  address book, printing, gamekit, UiKit, MapKit, file sharing and many more.  One book, many items.

All these components in the book allows you to learn to build a successful application on iOS software.

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